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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake

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This Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake is a soft-tender-chocolaty-pumpkiny treat that is quick and easy to make. Perfect for Fall baking!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake is a pretty simple 1-bowl dessert that tastes awesome and is ready for the oven in a cinch! I usually have all these ingredients on hand and NOTHING these days beats pumpkin and chocolate. No sir! Well, these Ooey Gooey Caramel Pumpkin Blondies might beat just plain ol’ pumpkin and chocolate. But that’s because that recipe is more or less this recipe, but on crack. I speak the truth. Click the link and you shall behold the insanity.

Bite out of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake

Ingredients for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake

Gather up these ingredients to get started on this Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake!

  • Butter and Brown Sugar – the recipe starts out by creaming butter and brown sugar together! Brown sugar helps keep this cake soft.
  • Egg – this is used for structure.
  • Vanilla and Pumpkin Puree – both are used as flavoring for the cake. I can’t get enough of pumpkin!!!
  • Flour – just regular all-purpose flour here, nothing fancy. This fills out the rest of the cake.
  • Cinnamon and Nutmeg – both are great seasonings to go with pumpkin.
  • Baking Soda and Salt – baking soda is used for leavening and the salt balances flavors.
  • Mini Chocolate Chips – I used the minis because I had them on hand, but feel free to use the regular sized ones.


Feel free to add in nuts or different kinds of chips to change these up. Even adding frosting would make these even better! Or chocolate ganache! Mmmm…..

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake batter in a glass pan

How to Make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake

Now, let’s make this cake! For full details on how to make this pumpkin chocolate chip cake, see the recipe card down below.

  1. Start by creaming your butter and brown sugar together. I forgot about my butter softening in the microwave and melted it. Don’t be like me. To the butter and sugar, add in an egg, some vanilla, and some pumpkin.
  2. Once all the wet ingredients are well incorporated, measure out and stir in all the dry ingredients. Stir until JUST combined.
  3. The last thing to do is throw in a mountain of chocolate chips.
  4. Spread this out into a square dish and bake. After about 15 minutes, you should have this soft-tender-chocolatey-pumpkiny treat. I waited approximately 14 seconds before shoveling these into my mouth. I prefer a lot of my treats warm as opposed to room temp, but you can do whatever you want.

Bite out of pumpkin chocolate chip cake

Can I double this recipe?

You absolutely can double this recipe! Simply use a 9×13 glass baking sheet and bake until a toothpick comes out clean.

More Pumpkin Bar Recipes to Try!

I really hope you try out this Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake, it is SO worth it!

The printable recipe card is below!

5 from 9 votes

Pumpkin Blondies

These Pumpkin Blondies are a soft, tender, chocolatey, and pumpkin-y treat that is quick and easy to make. Perfect for Fall baking!
servings 9 large bars
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 17 mins
Total Time 32 mins



  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray 8x8 square dish with nonstick cooking spray and set aside.
  • In a large bowl, cream butter and sugar together. Stir in egg, vanilla and pumpkin. Pour in all dry ingredients and stir until just combined. Stir in chocolate chips.
  • Spread dough evenly into prepared baking dish. Bake 15-20 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean after being inserted. {My oven is hotter than the sun, so mine was done at 15 minutes. Keep an eye on yours!} Remove from oven, cool 5-10 minutes, cut into bars and serve warm. Or wait and serve at room temperature. But of course I can never wait.


Calories: 221kcal | Carbohydrates: 29g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 11g | Saturated Fat: 6g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 2g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 40mg | Sodium: 178mg | Potassium: 68mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 19g | Vitamin A: 2401IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 33mg | Iron: 1mg
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: pumpkin blondies, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars


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27 Responses
  1. Recipes Around the Internet: Baking Edition - Baking and Other Important Matters

    […] Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Blondie Bars from Lauren’s Latest. Pumpkin baking is usually reserved for fall, I know, but these are too good to make for only one season out of the year. They are a little healthy, a little indulgent, and totally delicious. I’m usually heavy handed when measuring the pumpkin for this recipe and they always turn out great. If you enjoy pumpkin bread, muffins, etcetera definitely give these a try! […]

  2. Lauren

    5 stars
    These were very good…especially warm! They were cake-like but the flavor was very tasty. Love chocolate & love pumpkin! No complaints : )

  3. Erin Holt

    5 stars
    Hi Lauren, I made these this weekend and I found that the consistency was very soft, fluffy, cakey. I assumed blondies were to be more dense and fudgy. Can you offer some alternate ingredients or different measurements of ingredients or different timing on baking these to change the consistency??

    Thanks! Erin

  4. leslie

    These were really yummy, but the consistency was nothing like a blondie. They were very muffin like. Don’t get me wrong, they were delicious and my kids loved them, but I was looking forward to a pumpkin flavored blonde brownie. I will have to keep looking to see if that exists out there somewhere. Maybe the addition of pumpkin puree just makes them too soft to be a blondie.

  5. Diana

    Wow, these are so good. They’re really moist, so they’re more like a pumpkin cake than a blondie. I loved them and will definitely be making them again this fall!

  6. Pumpkin, Spice and Dark Chocolate Chip Blondies | Better with Cake

    […] This recipe is one I found on one of my daily stalkings visits over at Lauren’s Latest. Have you guys met Lauren? If not you totally need to. Girlfriend is ah-mazing.  Incredible recipes – yes. Entertaining – yes. Wonderful photography – oh yes […]

  7. chocolate chip pumpkin bars | katie baked

    […] to get back on track for baking festive things, I wanted to bake pumpkin bars from a recipe I came across a few days ago. It’s for chocolate chip pumpkin blondies, but I wanted to […]

  8. Angela

    5 stars
    So yummy and warn straight out of the oven! I’m in pumpkin heaven. My oven must be hot as the sun too because 15 minutes was perfect. Definitely a keeper, thanks Lauren 🙂

  9. Stephanie

    5 stars
    So i am on batch number two…finish off the first batch by myself thank you very much! These are so good and takes every ounce of strength to share. Thank you so much for sharing this and all your recipes. oh and my 2yo is half naked or only wearing boots most of the time…congrats on the half mark!

  10. Erin @ Dinners, Dishes and Desserts

    I obsessed with pumpkin right now. Doing all I can to not be in the kitchen baking with it right now!

    I tried Insanity one time (with my brother). I am in relatively ok shape – can run 3-5 miles 3 times a week. I couldn’t walk for almost a week. My calves were so sore! Good luck!

  11. Carlas Confections

    Pumpkin and chocolate really are amazing! Love it, and these blondies look like they are the best kind of crack there is! Ill take it 😀

  12. Amy

    Hi Lauren! I plan on making these very soon! Also, you can try a very short Insanity workout from Dr. Oz’s website. Shaun T was on there a few months back and they did a mini Insanity workout. It gives you a little taste of what you are in for! See if this link works. I have done this a few times when I have been short on time to work out , and for just 15 minutes, it’s pretty great! 🙂 Have fun!!! 🙂

  13. Loretta E

    From what I remember, I liked Insanity better than P90X because it required less equipment. Don’t quote me on that though. It’s been a while.

    I just roasted up a big pumpkin yesterday and have about 5 cups of puree. I’m having baking ADD though and can’t settle on what to use it for!

  14. kelaynes

    This recipe sounds DIVINE! I made your pumpkin cheesecake brownies last weekend and let me just say….YUM. That’s all, YUM!
    Check out Jillian Micheals DVD’s- Ripped in 30. Good workouts, 30 minutes long. Great for days when you don’t have much time due to children, baking, and eating!! :))

  15. Katie @ Blonde Ambition

    5 stars
    Yum!! I usually steer clear of blondies, cause they tend to be too dry for my liking…but the pumpkin + chocolate chips in these solves that!!

  16. Cristina

    Delicious recipe and also very easy to d though i cannot buy canned punpkin in Spain ! By the way, it”s great fun to read you!
    Greetings from Spain!

  17. Linda | The Urban Mrs

    I’m so into pumpkin lately, though I haven’t tried them yet. But this looks sooo good. Pumpkin and chocolate make endless results.

  18. Shawna

    Now im regretting not picking up some pumpkin last week when I thought about it. I had a desire to make something pumpkin-ey but no good recipe to go from. This is right up my alley, and pumpkin is on the list!

  19. Adrianne

    Hi Lauren! I absolutely love your recipes. I have made a ton of them (my favorite is the fresh 9 layer dip, yum!). I had a quick question regarding this pumpkin bar recipe: I would like to replace the butter with coconut oil. Do you know if the measurements change?

  20. Emma

    Oh how I can not wait to try these!

    We don’t get canned pumpkin here in Australia and I may (<— read totally, absolutely did) just pay almost $10 for one can(!!) totally worth it.

    Thank's for yet another ah-mazing recipe.

    PS – My 3yo has also progressed to the half naked stage and considers bottoms optional . . . always . . .