Frozen Lemonade Slushies


YOU GUYS. Guess what! My husband called me last night!!! He’s been away doing Army stuff at Fort Lewis the last 2 weeks and he was able to call last Friday {but I effing missed it!!!!} so I was more than pleasantly surprised to get another ring-a-ling from him. Good grief, I love that guy.


1. MRE’s are seriously gross.

2. I’m super glad I’m not in the Army.

3. Gord’s voice is amazing. Like buttuh….music to my ears.

4. He really loves me. Like REALLY loves me. Oh and misses me too 🙂 Cue the “aww”‘s….

5. BUT, I’m 108% sure I love him more than he loves me. It was a sweet relief to talk with him. I’ve been wondering how he’s been doing, but mostly been worrying my brains out. I wanted him to be successful and have been stressing out about ‘what happens if this happens’ or ‘what happens if that happens’. {The volcanoes on my face prove this point.} Anyways, he’s doing well and he’s officially going to become an officer on Friday. Woot! This has been a long time coming and the both of us are so so glad it’s finally here and everything went well! Now if only he’d come home sooner than Saturday. I know I’m supposed to enjoy every day and savor every moment, but seriously. I just want to fast forward the next few days and get my husband back.

So, that’s the biggest news ’round these parts. And I can’t really think of anything else I want to talk about other than him so this next bit might be a little rough and choppy to read. Just accept it and move on.

This recipe is stupid easy. Like, take a beverage, throw it into an ice cream maker and voila! Insta-slushie.


We tried slushies with the following soda flavors, but the best one {and most refreshing one!} was the lemonade.

Word to the wise: don’t try this with diet soda. It will freeze solid on you! No bueno!



After about 10 minutes of rolling around in your ice cream machine, you will magically have a slushie!

OR, is it slushy? I’m so confused!!


If you’re dying of heat {like me!!} give this easy peasy recipe a whirl.

Have a great day!


Frozen Lemonade Slushies

Yield: 4 small servings

Prep Time:

Cook Time:

Total Time:


  • 3 cups cold store-bought lemonade, such as Minute Maid brand


  1. Assemble ice cream maker and turn on. Pour cold lemonade into machine and churn 7-10 minutes or until frozen. Spoon into cups and serve.

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  1. These look delicious! Can you share what type/brand of ice cream maker you have?? Thanks so much 🙂

  2. I give you so, so much credit for being without your hubby! Mine goes away for days – a week at a time and it’s so hard, but I can usually talk to him everyday. I seriously don’t know how you do it. 🙂

    Also, this slushy is such a great idea. What a great way to use an ice cream maker 🙂 I can’t wait to try it out!

  3. Thanks — for mentioning every detail (including the brand used)… My kids love creating drinks (especially slushies). Would of never imagined ice cream maker

  4. Awesome! I wish I had room in the freezer for the ice cream maker.

  5. So happy that you were finally able to talk with your hubby and not miss him. These slushies are great and I’ve never made one in my ice cream mixer.

  6. This is such a nice summery treat! Thanks for all your sharing! Hope your hubby has a safe and quick return home!

    Happy Thoughts. 🙂

  7. How can you make it if you don’t have a ice cream machine? It looks really good!!! any thoughts?

    • Maybe freeze the lemonade into ice cube trays and then pop them into a blender?!

  8. Have you seen the Zoku slushy maker? It is basically the same thing but makes individual portions. My favorite summer treat maker with any beverage!

  9. Congrats to your husband! I hope he’s home soon.

  10. I just read about doing this in my issue of Food Network magazine last night! Looks like it really works. 🙂 My ice cream maker is in the freezer but I don’t see me making ice cream before we move in 7 days. No sense wasting it! A root beer slush WILL be happening!
    Also, congratulations to your husband!

  11. This is such a fun way to make a slushie. I’m definitely needing to pick up an ice cream maker just for this…and of course ice cream 🙂

  12. Congratulations on your husband’s pending commission! I remember when my husband received his commission… I was so proud of him.
    I had to laugh because we just had a discussion about which MRE’s are our favorites… yes we truly are a military family. 🙂 (hubby AF 26 years, #1 son Army just over a year in stationed at Ft Lewis, #2 son Army boot camp, and #3 son still at home.. thankfully!)
    We just sold our ice cream freezer but i do have a vitamix… lemonade slushie here I come!! Thank you for the inspiration!!

  13. My kids will love the lemonade slushies! We’ve made them with Coca-Cola a time or two, perfect for summer! Congrats to your husband and hope he gets home safely!

  14. I made these last night and totally scored fun mom points 🙂 Thanks for the great idea!

  15. Congrats to your husband and you for supporting him! This looks so refreshing!

  16. Thank you to your husband & you too for serving our country. I know it’s a joint affair! Also thanks for the great recipes you have. Love trying them!

  17. Look SO good and refreshing – did you ever add alcohol or will in not freeze?

  18. You may have recreated a Rhode Island favorite: Del’s Lemonade. It’s frozen lemonade and a state staple. You can even buy powdered mix is grocery stores here, although I’m not sure what the instructions are. We are quite quirky here in RI 🙂

  19. I was excited that I could make this recipe, because it had simple ingredients, but when I saw that I needed an ice cream maker, I was very bummed! I don’t have one, and ice cream makers are expensive! 🙁