Crockpot Sweet Corn and Sausage Chowder

IMG_0493Who do I need to talk to to make Monday the third day of the weekend? Seriously, where is that person and what is the sum I need to pay? I’m sure there are a few of you out there willing to chip in too, right? C’mon guys. You know you want to!!

This past weekend zoomed right by. I’ve come to the end of it in a daze wondering “what the blank just happened?”

Thankfully, I’ve been using my crockpot nonstop to save me time. I do a little prep in the day for a huge pay off come dinner time. Another crockpot bonus: a lot less dishes. There is a God and he does love me. Hallelujah.

Anyways with corn being at the tail end of its season and being particularly sweet, I thought I would make a corn chowder. With a little sausage for good measure. And cream cause, you know. Why not?  *Also, it’s ME. Obvs, I’m using cream.

For 10 minutes or active cooking time this came out RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. Creamy broth, sweet, crunchy corn with a little sausage action….perfection! Add a little biscuit or hasselback garlic cheesy bread to the mix and I have died and gone to heaven. YOU GUYS. Make this!! It’s really good. Just make sure your corn is sweet.

Here’s how you make it:IMG_0466Start by browning some onions, garlic and sausage in a skillet. I do this to get that yummy flavor from browning food. Mmm….brown food. Dump this stuff into your crockpot. IMG_0469Next, you’ll want to cut all the kernels off your cobs of corn and get those into the crockpot too.IMG_0473Stir everything up with a little chicken stock, tarragon, thyme, salt and pepper and cook on high for 4-6 hours.IMG_0483When you’re ready to thicken your soup, simply stir in a slurry mixture of heavy cream and flour. Leave it be for a little while longer and you should have a creamy and delicious CHOWDAH! IMG_0497I love throwing a few oyster crackers on the whole thing and ended up adding a little parsley too. A great comforting meal that is suuuuper yummy 🙂 Here’s the printable. Enjoy your day friends!


Crockpot Sweet Corn and Sausage Chowder

Fall is upon us and nothing is quite as comforting {or as easy!} as warm, creamy chowder from your slow cooker.

Yield: 4 servings

Prep Time:

Cook Time:

Total Time:


  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 medium onion, diced
  • 1 large clove garlic, minced
  • 3 bratwurst links, casings removed
  • 4 ears corn, kernels removed and scraped*
  • 6 cups chicken broth
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • 1/8 teaspoon dried thyme leaves
  • 1/4 teaspoon dried tarragon
  • 1/4 cup all purpose flour
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • Oyster crackers and parsley, for garnish


  1. Turn crockpot onto high to start getting warm.
  2. In a large skillet, saute onions and garlic in butter over medium heat until tender and brown. Pour into warm crockpot. Place skillet back on the heat and cook sausage completely breaking it apart as it cooks. Drain off any excess grease and add to crockpot with onions. Stir in corn, chicken broth and spices. Cover and cook in crockpot on high for 4-4 1/2 hours.
  3. Whisk heavy cream and flour together until smooth. {I just threw it into my blender.} Pour this into crockpot mixture to help thicken the chowder. Cook another 30 minutes to 1 hour. Serve hot with oyster crackers and parsley.
  4. *For the corn: I usually cut all the kernels off the cob, then use the back of my knife to scrape out the insides + the milk.

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  1. Do u use a particular bratwurst as there are many different flavors in our commissary

    • I used the Johnsonville brand–just plain Brats.

  2. YUM! I love a good crockpot dinner! I will be making this asap!

  3. This looks delicious! Would it be OK to use frozen corn? I am only asking because I have a bag of frozen corn that needs to get used up! Otherwise, I would definitely be using fresh corn!

    • I’m not sure if you’d get quite the same result. I’d actually try frozen corn + a can of creamed corn to make up for not having cobs to scrape the milk out of.

  4. How long should I cook this on low in my crockpot?

  5. I’m on the same mission with you! Been looking for someone who can make 4-working days and longer weekend…and this chowdah is absolutely awesome! I love the combination of sweet corn and sausage, yum!

  6. Any idea for a substitution in place of the sausage to make it vegetarian but still have more consistency and flavor to it?? Looks yummy I just don’t eat meat! Thanks!!!


    • I would try a vegetarian sausage or diced portobello mushrooms.

  7. I can’t wait to give this a try. Looks amazing and it will be perfect for our approaching Fall-like weather.

  8. I have some in my slow cooker right now! I did add some diced potatoes, as I thought that is what “chowder” meant. Yum!

  9. Sounds like a perfect end of summer soup!!

  10. I would chip in for sure!

    Your soup looks wonderful. I love the combo of the sausage and sweet corn – yum!

  11. Do you think this would freeze well? I’d love to make a batch and freeze some for later.

  12. I’ve been saying for EVER that I need to buy a crockpot. This recipe is just further motivation! It looks heavenly and I am in love with the idea of having a steaming bowl of chowder waiting for me after a long day.
    PS. I’ve followed you on Instagram for a while, but I’m not sure what took me so long to find you over here. I’m so glad I did!

  13. As silly as this is, you had me at the oyster crackers. Getting ready to cook this for dinner with some buttermilk biscuits. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Would this freeze well? Thanks!

  15. Oh Miss Lauren!! This chowder is INCREDIBLE! ! I am already making a second pot as the first did not last long!! I did add some diced potatoes in the mix to hearty it up a bit more! Delicious!! Thank you!

  16. I used 18 sheets of paper and lots of ink to get your sweet corn & sausage chowder recipe why all the coments .?? Don’t need pictures to cook. A good cook just needs a recipe unless there is a print tap at top I will pass up all of your recipes

  17. Another trick to try when making this soup is to add the trimmed cobs to the soup pot. You gain all that wonderful corn flavor, then just toss the cobs before serving the soup. Extra flavor and no messy scrapping of the cobs.

  18. To Howard Canada – try copy and paste to get only the parts of a recipe you want. Perhaps the print key in the recipe box will save you some paper and ink.



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