Double Chocolate Silk Cream Pie {a.k.a. the pie that got me married!}

Double Chocolate Silk Cream Pie is like fudge in an oreo shell – super chocolaty, rich, decadent, and sooooooooo yummy. Unapologetically addicting.


Updated 02/13/15, then updated again 02/23/17

I decided to bring this old pie recipe back from the dark ages of my blog, reshoot it with step-by-step photos and share it with you just in time for Valentine’s day BECAUSE this is the pie I made for my husband when I was crushing on him hard back in our college days. This is the very first thing I made for him that he tried and lemmetellyou, that was a good decision. At that very early stage in our relationship, I didn’t know how much of a chocoholic he was, but I’m almost positive it sealed my fate as his wife. Now, 8 years later {holy smokes!} we still are very much in love with each other…and this pie.

So below, you will read my original entry about our relationship from 2011! And then below that, you’ll find all the new step by step photos that I shot last week in my kitchen. If this doesn’t make you crave chocolate, then I don’t know what will. It’s like a truffle in a buttery oreo crust. So dreamy and delicious!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, friends! Hug someone you love today.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of this beloved holiday, I thought I would post a recipe that is near and dear to my heart: double chocolate silk cream pie. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it. And did you know that this simple little pie has a history between Gordon and I?! I like to think it sealed the deal and made him realize that I was the girl for him. This pie has a tendency to do that. All you single girls, take note!! This pie is like fudge in an oreo shell – super chocolaty, rich, decadent, and sooooooooo yummy. My husband said it best when he stated “these pictures do not do this pie justice. No one can make this pie look as good as it tastes!” and I would have to agree with him. You have to try it to believe that it has magical powers. Seriously.

Let me explain…

In 2004, I met my wonderful husband in a college english class. He was one of the cutest boys I had ever seen. I could not take my eyes off of him and he made it hard to focus. The first day of class, I saw him across the room and I knew that I needed to get to know him. I didn’t know that years later I’d end up marrying the guy, but I knew I wanted to at that very moment. Thankfully, the professor of the class wanted to learn our names and organized us in alphabetical order. For some reason, it worked out that we sat front and center beside each other {I swear there was a higher power working on my behalf because L & G aren’t close in the alphabet at all!} So we became quick friends throughout the semester. I never had the courage to ask him out but I really really wanted to. He was cute, nice to everyone, soft spoken and had big muscles. I’m getting weak just typing that! {I liked him so much that I wrote about him in my journal and even signed my name Lauren Brennan at the end! HA! I was such a typical dumb girl!}

Anyways, about half way through the semester  he got himself a girlfriend! *GASP* I was shocked and heart broken. Completely heart broken. So after we finished that class, that was it and we lost contact! {At that time, there was no facebook that we had heard of, so how was I supposed to stalk him keep track of him?}

Fast forward 3 years, I was a senior in college, getting ready to finish up my degree, traveling with my roommates, having a great time etc. etc. On a whim, I remember the boy named Gordon Brennan and try to find him on facebook. Eureka! He has a facebook account and {here’s the real shocker!} he was listed as single! Ding ding ding! We become friends and start messaging each other. A few weeks later, he comes into town to try and find housing for the next semester and we plan to meet up for a lunch date. I bring my roommate and she practically falls in love with him herself because, after all, what girl can resist big muscles. We go back to my apartment and talk and talk. He has to leave, but I invite him back for pie that evening. He tries the pie, and the rest is history! Turns out he was a chocoholic and couldn’t resist this treat! My roommates at the time tried it too and were amazed that something could taste THAT good. It’s seriously delicious. If you’re going to make any treat for Valentine’s Day this would be my choice for you.  We love love love this pie and I have to limit myself from making it as often as I want to because it’s pure cream and chocolate.

I truly wish I came up with this pie on my own, but it’s a recipe that my Mom’s friend found in an old Homemaker’s magazine. It uses lots of common ingredients and comes together relatively quickly. You will need to let this set on the counter and then in the fridge, but once the waiting is over, you will be shocked at how good it is. Do not be deceived by the simple look that this pie has. You will have monumental results if used in the correct fashion. It worked wonders for me! So, here is my beloved pie recipe. Find someone you love to enjoy this with!

Here’s how to make it:


Start by making the crust. Place some oreos in a food processor and pulse to create crumbs.


You can always buy oreo cookie crumbs if you don’t want to make them yourself or just buy the store-bought crust, though homemade tastes 2 million times better. Just sayin’.


Mix 2 cups of crumbs with melted butter and press into a pie plate.


Like this! Refrigerate while we make the filling.


Grab a double boiler or a pyrex bowl on top of a pot of water and start heating up some heavy cream.


After 10-ish minutes, it should start to scald and separate a bit. That’s your cue to stir in some sugar and salt to dissolve it into the cream.


Now, grab some egg yolks and stir them up to break them apart. Temper these with the heavy cream.


Pour the tempered egg yolks back into the bowl and cook for another 10 minutes or so to thicken.


You’ll feel the mixture get thicker as you stir as time goes on. Once it’s done, it should coat the back of a spoon.


The last thing to add in are some chocolate chips and vanilla. Stir stir stir to melt the chocolate right into the mix. It might take a minute or two, but it will all come together.


Hello perfectly gorgeous filling! Someone pass me a spoon.


Pour this into your prepared pie crust, smooth the top and then let it cool to room temperature.


Once it’s cooled to room temp, cover the whole thing with plastic wrap–be sure to press it directly onto the filling! Refrigerate to set, at least 4 hours or overnight.


You’ll know it’s set when the plastic wrap peels off completely clean.


Slice it up and serve!


Of course I added whipped cream on top. Do you not know me at all? 


As you can probably tell by these photos, this pie is really decadent and rich which makes it *THE* perfect pie for Valentine’s Day. Print this one out and make it again and again. You won’t be sorry!


Double Chocolate Silk Cream Pie

Double Chocolate Silk Cream Pie is like fudge in an oreo shell - super chocolaty, rich, decadent, and sooooooooo yummy. Unapologetically addicting.

Yield: 8-10 pieces

Prep Time:

Cook Time:

Total Time:


  • for the crust-
  • 2 cups OREO cookie crumbs
  • 6 tablespoons melted butter
  • for the filling-
  • 5 large egg yolks
  • 1 1/2 cups heavy cream
  • 3 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 1/8 teaspoons salt
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 10 oz. semi sweet chocolate chips {almost an entire regular sized package}
  • whipped cream for garnish, if desired


  1. Mix oreo crumbs and melted butter together until moist. Press into 9-inch pie plate. Refrigerate while making filling.
  2. Separate eggs. Lightly stir yolks and set aside.
  3. Heat cream in a double boiler over simmering water until scalded. Stir in sugar and salt until dissolved, about 2 minutes. Stream some hot cream into yolks to temper. Stir tempered egg yolks into double boiler with remaining cream. Cook over double boiler, whisking occasionally until it starts to thicken and coat spoon, about 8 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla and chocolate chips. Pour into prepared shell and cool to room temperature. Cover with plastic wrap directly on filling and refrigerate 4-6 hours to overnight until plastic wrap comes off clean and pie is completely set and chilled. Cut into pieces and serve with whipped cream.
  4. Recipe TIPS:
  5. Your pie will NOT set if you do not thicken the cream and egg mixture long enough. If you are unsure whether or not the mixture is thick enough, continue cooking for another 5 minutes ensuring the water in your double boiler is at a simmer. This should continue to thicken the mixture. {Even if your pie doesn't set, it's still ridiculously delicious!}

*Taken from Homemaker's Magazine

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  1. What a cute story! thanks for sharing. Happy Valentine’s Day! The pie looks divine!

  2. This pie looks freaking awesome!

  3. What a great story Lauren! Thanks for sharing. The pie looks really really good and I bet the taste is out of this world.

    Have a great Valentines day and a great week ahead.

  4. You left out the part between the those three lost years – when we would go “ring shopping,” and you would tell the jewler that you were picking out an engagement ring for your “finance,” Gordon Brennen, to give you. If we had only known . . . 🙂

    • I can’t believe you spelled Brennan wrong in this comment! C’mon Amy!

    • Oh my gosh, this is tooooo funny!

  5. What a lovely pie and picture of you and your husband! My hubby’s birthday is coming up soon and in honor of the day (also “Pi Day” 3.14 – I know, super geeky) I wanted to make him something just like this. I’ll be saving this recipe to try soon and am going to explore more of your yummy recipes! Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂 – Georgia

    • Hope you and your husband like it, Georgia!

  6. I’m so gald you made the pie! You are such a darling couple!

    • that’s glad. . . sorry . . .

  7. This looks amazing. Beautiful story too, you are a great looking couple!

  8. I found your blog from TK and I think it is so cute! That is such a sweet story about how you met your husband. Isn’t it funny how we remember so many details in our lives by food? I wonder if guys do the same thing.

  9. Good descriptive words: shocker, beloved. Not only can a picture never look as good as this tastes, but words can’t describe it either. “Chocolate Silk” pretty much does it.

  10. Awwww. Such a cute story – I have a similar one involving vegetarian chili and cornmeal muffins. I am found of telling people who ask how my sweetie and I met “I fed him and he followed me home”….that was nearly eleven years ago. I think for our anniversary this year he gets your pie!

  11. Your story is as sweet as pie !!! The pie looks absolutely delicious. Thanks for a great recipe.

  12. I could eat chocolate pie everyday and never get tired of it. Yours looks divine and I love your story, thanks for sharing.

  13. Did it, and ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!:D

    Thanks for sharing!!!:)

    Best to all of you!:)

  14. making this tonight!! But I didn’t have oreos, so I made a graham cracker crust, hopefully it’s a good combo!

  15. Hey Lauren,

    I love your blog! I came across it yesterday and have already bookmarked loads of recipes – now I have you to thank for hours I’ll spend baking (and eating!!) 🙂 This pie looks amazing!! Considering I love chocolate, it was an instant ‘bookmark’!

    Love the story of you and your husband and I’ll remember to make this pie when I meet the guy I want to marry (Fingers crossed he has a sweet tooth!!)

  16. Hi Lauren,
    I made this and it was amazing! an absolute new favourite for sure!
    I put it up on my blog (
    If you have a problem with me posting the recipe, please let me know! Also, I noticed one of my pictures is similar to yours (no-where near as nice, but my husband said it looked similar and that I should tell you) so if that is a problem, let me know as well 🙂
    I am still figuring out the rules and etiquette of the blogging world haha 🙂
    Thank you again for the amazing recipe! it was delicious!

  17. Hi Lauren! I came across your blog a few months ago through your brother Matt 🙂
    Just wanted to let you know that I decided to make this pie for a dinner with my in-laws and it was AWESOME! I was a bit nervous to bring a dessert I had never made before, but it turned out really well and everybody loved it. Thanks so much!! ~Pam

  18. Hi Lauren! How fun to find your blog today…I follow “The Novice Chef” on twitter and I believe she re-tweeted one of your recipes and ta-dah…I am officially hooked on your site now and also follow you on twitter. That you’re in OR was a plus (my son is serving an LDS mission in the Portland area right now so am enjoying anything from Oregon…Tillamook ice cream has made it’s way to UT ~ YAY!!) and then the recipes are wonderful (I will be including some of them in a handout I am putting together for some young wives in our area, giving full credit to you and your site of course)…then the pictures of your cute family just sealed the deal…no brain-er, had to follow you! You’re adorable 🙂 ~~Michelle

  19. love the story! very cute and sweet!

  20. Some chocolate pies are so disappointing. This is not one of them. Excellent texture, excellent flavor – just an awesome pie. Thanks for the recipe!

  21. Why not use those egg whites and make a meringue to top the pie? What else are you doing with the egg whites?

    • Whip those egg whites until stiff and mix with icing sugar , and work them up until you can make little balls with them .Take a plate and put 4 balls far apart on it .
      put in micro wave until you have nice meringue (just a few minutes ) repeat until all egg whites are done .Sugar them and serve them with fresh fruit and whip cream .

  22. This looks amazing, quick question though! Did you just crush up actual Oreo cookies with the filling left in the middle or buy plain Oreo crumbs?
    Thank you!

    • I use the entire cookie!

  23. Oh my goodness!! This is fantastic! I saw your recipe this last weekend, while we were snowed in and didn’t have enough eggs! I have been thinking about making this pie since then and just made it tonight. Definitely a keeper!! The only thing I changed was the crust. It was too much butter for me so I ended up adding an extra cup of crumbs. Everything else was absolutely perfect! I think I’m going to make mini cupcake size bites of this for a baby shower next month. Thanks for the recipe!

  24. This looks too deliciouss!!! .. I am a little confused though..
    Do we let it cool at room temprature and then refrigerate it or do we wrap it n fit in the refigerator right away? And the only chocolate used here is chocolate chips(except for oreo crumbs)? ..
    Thanks so muchh for the recipeee :)))

    • Let it cool to room temperature on the counter, then add the plastic wrap directly to the filling and refrigerate until completely set.

  25. Yum! I will absolutely try this very soon. I am going to open up a summer café outside my little shop in Glommen, on the west coast of Sweden. This will be perfect there!


  26. Omg omg .. This must b a drugg, but can i make it using half the amounts for all ingredients (as in make a half-sized pie)? Will that work fine, lauren? And can i use cooking chocolate in place of choco chips?? xx

    • Yes, that should work just fine, just be sure to use a small pie plate. And do you mean baking chocolate squares? Cause those would work just fine in place of the chocolate chips.

      • Yup.. Baking chocolate i meant.. Thanks a lott for ur reply, that is very sweet of you 🙂

  27. My, this looks SO good. Thanks for sharing! I also loved that you brought in a little anecdote. I love recipes that have stories behind them. I can’t wait to try this out!

  28. This is a dumb question but I’m just dumb, I guess. I accidentally bought milk chocolate chips instead of semis-sweet. Will that be still alright or would you recommend that I send my husband to the store to exchange the chocolate chips?

  29. Oh come to momma!!! Heaven on earth is anything chocolate!!
    If your pie doesn’t set, give it a slight stir, and create ice cream topping!!
    Nobody will ever know the difference!!

    Lauren, thank you for the daily smiles! (Now if I could only button my jeans!!)

  30. Welcome to St. Louis!

  31. So glad you are getting away. You need it. Plus you need to see your hubby.

    I really want to make this pie but my oldest son “doesn’t like chocolate”…… Hmmm, we have vanilla ice cream (his favorite) I could just give him that ! Settled, I’m making this tomorrow.

    Enjoy your time together.

  32. OMG!!!
    I’m in love with your blog (4 years to late…). Actually, i’m making this pie (for an easter’s diner) right now (the cream is on with the eggs)… and it’s look great and yummy.
    Thanks for all your stories and all your recipes! 🙂

    (a french-canadian so happy to discover this ali baba cave) 🙂

  33. I also made this for Easter. I loved it!!!! will make this again.

  34. Taste and Tell Blog shared this recipe of yours for Valentine’s Day this year. Mine is chilling now. I did make a few minor changes. Since I refuse to buy anything that contains HFCS (Oreos does, as well as all the other chocolate sandwich cookies I could find locally), I bought and used Chocolate Teddy Grahams for the crust. I also found that I had no semi-sweet chocolate chips (pretty sure this has NEVER happened before), so I used bittersweet chips but cut down to about 8 oz. since my husband doesn’t care for dark, dark chocolate. We’re going out to dinner, but I thought it would be nice to have dessert later at home, once dinner has settled a bit, so this is for Valentine’s Day dessert and I wanted him to like it too! Just tasted the filling and it’s outstandingly delicious! Can hardly wait to eat the chilled pie!

  35. I made this pie for the first time at Thanksgiving and my chocolate lovers went NUTS!! I am making it again for Christmas!

  36. This pie would be my downfall…no question

  37. Hi Lauren,
    Beautiful story and a wonderful recipe! Very impressive. Planning to try this recipe sometime this week for a guest. A small doubt. I would like to have the pie set a little more. Would adding a teaspoon of agar-agar help? is it ok to add it? What do you suggest?

    Thanks a ton for the wonderful recipe!

    Priya From India



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