Uruguayan Barbeque {Asado}

Uruguayan BBQ final {Enter to win $100 worth of goodies from Jif! Check it out here!}

Well hello, lovers. How was your weekend? Mine was alright. It started off fantastic but then I went to Costco and things have been going downhill FAST.

Truth be told, I bought a 4 pound bag of trail mix and haven’t been able to put it down. I initially bought it for my husband as a snack to take with him on a National Guard 2 week training thingy {ya know, so he doesn’t die out in the wilderness….} except I opened the bag and can’t keep my dirty little hands out of it. And, it’s not like I’m eating the healthy stuff out of it either. I just go for the nuts and M&M’s…

Ok FINE. Just the M&M’s with the occasional cashew. You guys!

{I clearly like my thunder thighs healthy and thriving. —->false. I have no self control.}

So besides THAT, things have been peachy.

Anyways, this week is the season FINALE of Around the World in 80 Plates. Have you been following along? Well, this last episode {airing this Wednesday 9/10C on Bravo} is taking the contestants to Uruguay….aka the land of milk and honey.

Just kidding.

I don’t know what’s in Uruguay. However, my brother-in-law spent some quality time there and came back raving about the asado AKA Uruguayan BBQ. {Hi John! How are you?} What is Uruguayan BBQ? Meat cooked over a wood fire.

Do I have a wood fire? No. But I did what I could to simulate one on my charcoal grill and got some seriously tasty results. Meat is delish on it’s own, but grilling it on the old bee-bee-cue with a little hickory thrown into the mix made my taste buds sing praises. Kinda like this except not so awkward. HIL.AR.IOUS.

Making this meat is pretty speedy and super yummy! Here’s how you do it:

Uruguayan BBQ 7The magic starts with these beauties. Hickory wood chips. Throw these onto your hot charcoal and let ’em burn down a few minutes before grilling.

Uruguayan BBQ 1While the grill is getting hot, brush some skirt steak with some canola oil. Both sides please.

Uruguayan BBQ 2Sprinkle on some pepper and if you’re feeling spicy, throw on a little oregano.

Uruguayan BBQ 3Place your meat over your hot grill and cook 3-5 minutes per side….BUT

Uruguayan BBQ 5after about 2 minutes, sprinkle with as much salt as you’d like. Salt dries food out, so we only salt it on the grill. That’s something pretty Uruguayan…

Uruguayan BBQ 4Once your steak is cooked to how you like, flip it over and salt again. Does this not look juicy and amazing? I mean forreals. Mmmm…..

Uruguayan BBQ 6Once your meat is done, remove it from the grill and cover with foil. Rest 10-15 minutes and then slice as thin as you can.

Uruguayan BBQ final 1I didn’t do a very good job at this….probably because I was starving for something other than trail mix. Also, I like meat cooked to medium rare-ish. Traditional Uruguayan meat is cooked to well done but cook how you like. Obvs.  Enjoy 🙂

Here’s the printable:


Uruguayan BBQ Carne Asado

Yield: 4 servings


  • 1.5-2 lbs skirt steak
  • 2 tablespoons canola oil
  • salt & pepper, to taste
  • oregano, if desired
  • garlic, if desired


  1. Take meat out of fridge and set on counter to come up to room temp. Brush with canola oil and top with pepper and oregano, if desired. You may also rub the meat with a cut clove of garlic.
  2. Light charcoal in grill. Once outsides turn white, spread into an even layer and add 2 good handfuls of hickory wood chips. Let the wood chips burn down so the flames aren't huge, then add your meat to the grill. Sprinkle with as much salt as desired. Cook 3-5 minutes then flip. Sprinkle with more salt. Cook until meat is cooked to your liking. Remove from heat and cover with foil to rest 10-15 minutes. Cut across the grain into very thin strips and serve.

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  1. Mmmm…love carne asada! This looks super delicious. And I love the simple ingredients!!!

    And the M&Ms are DEFINITELY the best… 🙂

  2. I love how simple this is – I want some right now!!

  3. Trail mix with chocolate in it is dangerous!

    This looks like a great grilling recipe. Can’t wait to try it later this summer. Thanks!

  4. I can NEVER stop munching on that trail mix Lauren! I made granola over the weekend and brought it to the lake with my boyfriend. a HUGE bag and I ate practically all of it! Those munchy snacks, I can never stop eating! My bf loves carne asado… something I can make for him over a grill this summer.

  5. Sounds pretty easy; must do it.

  6. i love you! you are so funny! i really enjoy reading your blog! love the sense of humor. i get you!

  7. I understand the problem with the trail mix. I’ve currently got an issue with a bag of Kettle Korn in my pantry (and a few that came before it). There’s just something about the sweet/salty thing.

    This beef looks totally and completely fabulous!

  8. looks very good

  9. This is not Uruguayan, This is Argentinian Asado! Like Empanadas, also from here.



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