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Another week in the books! I feel like I’m getting used to the crazy life I currently lead. I don’t really like it, but I only need to make it ’til June! I can do it, right? Technically its 46 days. Totally do-able, right? Riiiight?

Still feeling overwhelmed with the idea of selling the house, selling all our stuff in the house, packing the rest and moving in those 46 days, but I can do hard things. Half the time I don’t believe it, but if I keep saying to over and over again, then maybe I’ll believe it?



Here’s what’s been happening this week:

Eddie is starting to stand up in the middle of the floor and just stand there for extended periods of time
(10+ seconds). He hasn’t started taking any steps and absolutely refuses when we try to get him to practice, but this is a baby who has always been on his own timeline with everything. Whatever kid. Please just walk by the time you get to 18 months so the pediatrician doesn’t have anything to worry about.

Eddie has also started waking up in the night 3+ times in the night. Last night he was dazed and confused FOUR times sporadically through the 6 hours I was trying to sleep, trying to find his pacifier. I might start attaching his binky to his pajamas because I am over this no-sleeping thing.

I cut Blake’s hair on Saturday and was super temped to cut Eddie’s hair too. I just can’t bring myself to do it! Plus, he won’t sit still. I’m so torn! It’s so wild and crazy, but I don’t want to cut it and have the curls go away. The majority of the time he looks like a hot mess though.

Decisions, decisions.

Brooke had her first volleyball game this last week and she loved it! She scored 5 points herself for her team! Even though her team ended up losing, Brooke came out of the game saying “I don’t even care that we lost, I had so much fun!” So, I’m super happy with her and her attitude towards this sport. I love watching her play.

Of course, we had Easter this past weekend and we were able to go to church and then get together with some other families from church who also don’t have family close by to celebrate with. I made this, this and this, but in sheet cake form. It was glorious. Once we hit 6:45pm, Eddie started fading fast, so I had to zip home with him and Blake while Brooke stayed an extra few minutes to play with her friends.

We dropped the price of our home last week and will probably drop it again this week because we just want to get on with the next chapter of our lives in NYC. Plus, I don’t want to have to pay a mortgage in Idaho and rent in the city. NO THANKS. Selling the house is my biggest hurdle, so if we can sell it, my sanity level should come back down to functioning levels. HAHA! Wish I was kidding.

I was able to snag an evening away from the kids and got these glorious pants (so comfy) and ordered this cute baseball t-shirt dress online. I’m so excited to get it!

Talking to Gordon throughout the 5 weeks that he’s been gone so far has been fun. The kids love their Dad and FaceTime is a glorious blessing!! Though, it sort of makes me miss him more. Watching him talk about his training and seeing him light up makes this separation worth it though….well, mostly worth it. I’m so glad he got this job, even though it super sucks for me right now. I’m trying to gain a little perspective and again keep saying to myself “Just make it to June! I can do this! I can do hard things!”

Coming up this week

More volleyball for Brooke!

Blake’s birthday is next week already, so I need to start looking for small presents that I won’t want to throw out once I start packing.

I’m starting to sell all.the.things this week! Everything MUST GO! Did that sound like I was going out of business? 😉

Hopefully, I’ll sell the house this week. That would be awesome.


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  1. So sorry for the house stress! As someone who sold a house long-distance, I can 100% say that it’s best to avoid this if at all possible.

    One thing we did is actually pull the house off the market for a brief time then re-list at a lower price. Our agent told us that newer listings tend to get more hits. It helped us, not sure if it’d do that for you. Have you had an open house? That should help too, if only to help you get feedback on what is perhaps keeping the house from selling.

    Best of luck to you!

    • Interesting…maybe I’ll try that. Thanks!!