The Best Tuna Fish Salad Sandwich

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I asked on Facebook a few weeks ago the following question: “Tuna Fish Sandwich: Love it or Hate it?” I was so surprised how many of you LOVE it! I definitely hated it growing up, but have turned over a new leaf and now love the stuff. Love it on bread, love it by itself, love with with crackers. Just love it. And, it never gets old either! Lucky for me my two family members love it just as much as I do! Seriously lucked out on that one!

So, if you hate it, I apologize. {But you might want to consider trying my version just once to rule it out for sure! Just sayin’!}

If you love it, then enjoy! It’s tasty stuff!

Here’s how I made mine:

First things first- take a breath and open up some tuna. I promise this is the right thing to do.

Next comes a little chopping. I like a big crunch to tuna ratio, so I go a little overboard with the onions, celery and pickles. Pickles are VERY important. DO NOT forget the pickles. And they must be dill. Sweet pickles=gross. The end.

Next up? The MAYO. A few important pointers: miracle whip is NOT mayonnaise and is forbidden in this recipe. Low fat versions are also not permitted. Use the real, full fat, mighty tasty mayo. Trust the Lauren. And don’t worry. My recipe doesn’t really call for a lot. So relax….go to it! {Name that movie!}

Sprinkle in good ol’ S & P. They always like to come to my parties.

Now stir that baby up.

And take a minute to enjoy. And cry. And savor the moment that is beautiful tuna salad. We’re almost done!

Now take one of these beauties!

And give ‘er a slice. {*if you want to ever elevate a sandwich/get people to like it- make it on a croissant. AMAZING.}

Now, spoon on that yummy tuna. And lettuce if you like.

Take another minute to step back and enjoy the bliss.

Ok, add the tomatoes {and cucumbers if you like}….

AND finally some of these pretty little things. Mild pepper rings. My darn older sister got me hooked on these. I visited her a few months ago in Idaho and we had some hefty burgers with these little buggers on top. Holy delicious batman. So, now I add them to everything. They add a nice pop and vinegary zing. They are optional, but you really should put them on your sandwich because I said so.

Hello lover!

Now add the top and dig in. YUM.

Hope you like tuna! I’m definitely making this for lunch today!

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The Best Tuna Fish Sandwich

Who ever thinks tuna sandwiches are gross has clearly never tried this version! 🙂

Yield: 4 sandwiches

Prep Time:

Total Time:


  • 2 - 7 oz. cans tuna packed in water, drained well
  • 3 green onions, sliced {white and green parts}
  • 1/4 cup chopped dill pickles
  • 1 large celery stalk, chopped
  • 1/3 cup real mayonnaise
  • salt & pepper, to taste
  • 4 croissants
  • toppings-
  • tomato slices
  • cucumber slices
  • lettuce
  • pickles
  • mild pepper rings


  1. In a large bowl, combine the tuna with the onions, pickles, celery, mayo, salt and pepper. Mix well. Scoop onto croissants and top with any desired toppings. Serve cold.



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  1. WE are HUGE tuna salad fans in this house – our recipe is nearly similar. I never thought to use green onions. I’ll try that next time. (And, I do use reduced fat mayo, but that’s so I can eat more of it and not feel so bad….) 🙂

  2. i. am. going. to. freak. out. at. the. glory.

  3. Awesome. I now know what I’m having for lunch tomorrow. 🙂

  4. “Holy delicious Batman” . . . . . . . hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I love the Lauren. <3

  5. That seriously looks like the BEST tuna sandwich ever … and I am a HUGE tuna sandwich fan. I love that you use pickles and banana peppers. YUM. Also, my favourite line in this post:

    “Trust the Lauren.”

    Hehe, I like that. I trust you, and have just added croissants to our grocery list.

    • Haha! Yay for Croissants!

  6. i haven’t had tuna salad on a croissant in forever! maybe it’s time 🙂 this looks so good!

  7. I do trust the Lauren…..

  8. This looks amazing!! Seriously, has a tuna sandwich ever looked so damn good? YUM!

  9. I LOVE sweet pickles with tunafish. You are really missing out.

    • I would have to disagree.

  10. I love tuna sammies. . .and I totally agree sweet pickles are gross, in tuna or deviled eggs.
    I love adding chopped boiled eggs to my tuna salad, I go a little light on the onion and celery though.

  11. I made this for my lunch tomorrow – totally delicious. My “recipe” before was just the tuna mixed with mayo and a little spicy brown mustard. The crunch in this was fantastic. My hubby had to make me put it in the fridge so I didn’t eat it all with a spoon!

  12. What a beautiful sandwich! I love tuna salad sandwich on a croissant!

  13. Love it! Tuna sandwich is my go to. I like to use sweet gherkins and sometimes a peppadew for a little kick. If you can get your hands or mouth on a pretzel croissant-it makes the best tuna sandwich with a little salt from the pretzel half of the baked deliciousness.

    The Dinner Belle for

  14. I made this last night and yummazing!! Thank you for sharing. I am also now addicted to pepper rings. MMMmmmm…

  15. Sounds delicious recipe! Tuna Fish Salad Sandwich is my favorite meal. Your recipe some ingredients are different. I will try to make it in your method.

  16. add a boiled egg and that the same tuna salad I grew up on…….love it!!!! Hey and I’m 61….LOL

  17. That tuna salad mix looks mighty tasty, I’ll have to try it next time I have tuna for lunch (read: tomorrow)

    Never heard of using a croissant as a sandwich base before! Is that an American thing or is this just one ignorant Brit? 😀 I bow to your wisdom of course, but I can’t help thinking the croissant would taste weirdly sweet with the tuna? Enlighten me! 😀

  18. I do almost the same thing except I add chow chow instead of chopped pickles. Also the type of tuna you use is important. At Whole Foods they have their own brand of skip jack tuna which is suppose to be smaller fish and not so much if any mercury in them. Also imported italian tuna is great. After you taste them, you won’t go back to the popular brands, the taste is that much better.

  19. Love your page! Great recipes, and this one is spot-on for tuna lovers! c:

  20. Thanks for the recipe! It is so good. My family loved it too 🙂

  21. You are the bomb diggity girl! Anyone that is not afraid to speak out against salad dressing is ok in my book but you took it a step further when you added not to use low fat mayo!! LOL Real Mayo is King!! If I eat a healthy sandwich I feel like I deserve some real mayo and how much to we really put on a bun, I mean really? Live a little people, slap some real mayo on it and enjoy! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Susan

  22. Glad I stumbled across your blog. Well-done pics, and I like your writing.
    In unrelated news, Miracle Whip rocks.

    • MW Rocks the GARBAGE!!!! THAT MESS IS THE WORST!!!!!

  23. The sweet pickles work great if you also put in some mustard. Salsa is really good too.

  24. My recipe is: Can a tuna, 2 tbsp mayo, 2 tbsp mustard, tbsp salsa and generous helping of sweet dill rounds on toast. Super quick and delicious!

  25. Thanks!! I will be eating this in a few seconds. I love me some tuna sandwiches 🙂

  26. Since I became a bachelor 15 years ago, I have been trying various recipes for different foods. Some turn out pretty good, but the tuna sandwich recipes seem to be greatly overloaded with ingredients. Some of the stuff in these recipes I haven’t heard of or imagined to be in a tuna sandwich.

    Thank for your recipe for The Best Tuna Fish Sandwich. It has just the right amount of ingredients, and a new one for me, in the optional listing, mild pepper rings. I will have to give buy some of these this one a try in the next batch of tune sandwich mixing.

    As a bachelor, I don’t live on Hot Pockets, frozen pizza, and sandwiches, and try to vary what I eat to keep from getting bored, so the recipes in your “Some other recipes you might like” listing sound pretty inviting, so I will keep them on my list of new things to try.

    Thanks again for making food preparations more interesting.
    David E.

  27. I have been putting chopped up “Dill” Pickles, chopped onions and celery salt in my tuna since I was 13 years old. I never realized it was an unusual thing to do 🙂

  28. Nothing like taking something that is reasonable good for you (Tuna) and turning into a “heart attack on a plate”.

  29. Oh my goodness!! What a delicious tuna sandwiche. I made this today for lunch, yummy!
    Lauren, thanks for the recipe. Beautiful blog by the way.

  30. thank you for great recipes~

  31. I love this recipe because it has so many different ingredients and textures so that it’s not just gooey tuna. I used cucumber instead of celery and put tiny bit of mustard in it. Soooooo good!

  32. Let me make a suggestion – add a diced hard-boiled egg … you won’t be disappointed!

  33. This looks amazing! I always add chopped up hard boiled eggs to mine, too. It’s delicious 🙂

  34. Ever since I tried your Tuna Pasta Salad with Peas and Dill, (I make it all the time now) I add a little lemon juice and dill weed to my regular tuna salad and it really kicks it up a notch. Anything on a croissant really makes it special.

  35. Sweet pickle relish in my house and gotta put in hard boiled egg!

  36. So has anyone named that movie? From the quote in your recipe:)

  37. .. Hard boiled egg, chopped green pepper… And all the above is such a winning combo!

  38. Hi Lauren!!

    Thank you for the recipe of “best tuna salad recipe” I am going to hand out to my tuna customers at Columbia City Farmers Market and see what they say.
    We sell albacore that is “troll” caught sustainable, low mercury, high fat and canned in Bellingham in BPA free cans.
    We will try this and let you know. Joyce

  39. I like to make it with fresh off-the-cob sweet corn when they’re selling it off the pickup trucks that come to town along with a little coarse chopped vidalia onion, celery and jalapeno rings, a slice of a creamy cheese (not cream cheese!) toasted on ciabatta.

    For my kids I make it with celery, corn and peas to trick them into eating veggies.

  40. Yum! Thank you.

  41. May I just say that I’ve always loved tuna. Even forked up from the can over lettuce in college when trying to lose a few lbs. So, doctoring it up like so many do with tons of other ingredients and spices never sat well with me.

    May I say that, Imho, anyone who puts sweet pickle relish, raisins or Miracle Whip into ANY sandwich, should be shot – no blindfold permitted. Other stuff, like lettuce, tomatoes, onions or celery, is understandable, and anything tastes amazing on a croissant.

    My favorite way to eat a tuna sandwich, purist that I am, is to start with a firm, white, solid, fancy albacore. I prefer in water, but oil is fine. Mix with either Hellmann’s or Duke’s mayo, chopped celery and, either a tiny bit of grated, minced onion, or a dash of onion powder – or none if you don’t have it. Add to a crunchy, but fresh round roll – you can’t seem to get these in the south, which seems to love all their bread soft, with the consistency of a hot dog roll, even their “Italian” bread – but are everywhere in the northeast. Top with a few thinly sliced cucumbers and fresh pepper, and voila! You actually know you’re eating tuna. You don’t have to hunt through eight other ingredients.

    • I think you and I would be good friends just based on this comment. Lol!!!

  42. Ha! Probably.

    I just am bewildered by the necessity of taking fish – that you’ve just heaped mayonnaise into, as well as stuff like salt and onion, and then why so many feel the need to then throw in something sweet. What would possess someone to look at a great tuna recipe, like this one, for instance, and think that some fat raisins, sweet relish or chopped gherkins would be just the thing? Ew.

    And its tuna salad, not egg salad. I know I sound like a picky perfectionist (well…), but I just don’t get putting stuff in there that essentially covers up the taste of a great tuna sandwich. Enhancing the taste with celery, onions, thinly sliced firm and ripe tomato and a great mayo on incredible bread, sure. But, I even read where someone threw in some cranberries. Wha…?

    If you don’t like the taste of tuna, don’t eat it. Or eat a better quality than dark, stinky chunk tuna. Blech. But throwing in sweet pickles, cranberries and dumping Miracle Whip may make it a sandwich, but what kind I can’t say. Maybe if you slosh it around your tongue before swallowing, like wine, you’ll taste the tuna. ?

  43. What’s the best dill pickles you like to use? Do you like albacore or regular tuna?



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