Sweet Potato Fudge

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner! It totally just snuck up on me! Here I was just having a grand ol’ time celebrating our wedding anniversary and preparing for our trip to Canada for Christmas that I sort of forgot about turkey day! I guess I technically didn’t forget, but for a few days it may have slipped my mind. Weird! Who forgets Thanksgiving? It’s one of my favorite holidays!

So, here is a semi-related Thanksgiving recipe that is untraditional yet would make a great little snack, dessert, or gift around the holidays. That’s right. You heard me. Today, my recipe is Sweet Potato Fudge! Sounds strange and a little unconventional, but let me stop you right there and tell you that this stuff is tasty! It almost doesn’t even taste like sweet potatoes are an ingredient because there are so many other delicious things imparting their flavors like cinnamon, white chocolate, vanilla, sweetened condensed milk and pecans. I love the crunch of nuts in anything! And, the white chocolate and cinnamon flavors are pretty darn delicious too!

This recipe takes at most 15 minutes to whip up and calls for really common ingredients. Just the kind of recipe we need to make our lives a little bit easier around this busy time of year! You basically melt the butter, white chocolate and sweetened condensed milk together until it’s smooth and then whip it up with the rest of the ingredients. I poured mine into an 8×8 square dish to make some extra thick fudge, but go ahead and spread it out into a 9×13 for some thinner pieces if that is your preference. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with the spices! I simply used cinnamon, but give nutmeg, cloves or pumpkin pie spice a whirl. I encourage you all to make this recipe your own.

And, get this! It freezes well! So, you could make this today, cut it into pieces and freeze it all until Thanksgiving day! Then, that morning just take the fudge pieces out, arrange them on a platter and let them thaw! Talk about a time saver! One of the many things I love about this recipe! Give this one a try, guys! It’s sweet, spicy, crunchy and yummy! Promise!

Sweet Potato Fudge
yield: 24 servings
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3/4 cup pureed sweet potato
1 cup white chocolate chips
1- 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk
1/4 cup butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon salt
8 cups powdered sugar
1 cup chopped & toasted pecans

Line a 8×8 glass dish with waxed paper and set aside, if desired. In a large bowl, melt white chocolate, butter and sweetened condensed milk together until smooth in consistency. (I do this in 15 second increments in the microwave.) Once melted, pour into the bowl of a stand mixer and stir in sweet potato, vanilla, cinnamon, salt and half of the powdered sugar. Scrape the sides and mix again. With the machine on, add in remaining powdered sugar by the 1/2 cup until all is incorporated. Fudge should look very thick but still sticky. Pour in nuts and stir them in by hand. Pour into prepared pan and smooth the top. Refrigerate until fudge has hardened, about 2 hours. Remove fudge from refrigerator and using the waxed paper edges, remove entire block of fudge. Using a sharp knife, cut into small squares. Serve.

Recipe Notes:
– Feel free to add in any other spices you’d like. Nutmeg and/or cloves would be a nice addition.
-I like a thick fudge, but if you would prefer a thinner piece, pour fudge into a 9×13 pan.
-I LOVE nuts in fudge and regret only adding in 1 cup. I would recommend adding in 2 cups of pecans.


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  1. Love this recipe! So creative and delicious!

  2. Silly me, but how do you puree sweet potato? Raw?

    • You bake them in the oven, scoop out the pulp and mash.

  3. I’ve never heard of this kind of fudge before. It looks delicious!

  4. Wow! This has got to be the most creative use of sweet potatoes I have ever seen. Great post!

  5. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of sweet potatoes but the fact that you used them to make this fudge is pretty awesome.

  6. i made this last night checking it in the fridge just now it is as soft as can be. it never set up i followed the recipe exactly what did i do wrong?

    • Sometimes the water content in the sweet potato doesn’t allow for the fudge to set up. I say put that batch in the freezer! Next time around if it seems too soft, add in more powdered sugar.

  7. I have been looking for a sweet potato recipe for a while now, and was so happy to find this one. thanks for sharing this recipe.