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Here is what you need to know about Lauren’s Latest:

In six years of blogging, Lauren’s refined recipe development and business development talents continue to carry her recipes onto millions of computer screens and mobile devices each month through social media outlets, her website, and her e-cookbook. Despite having no professional training in photography, cooking, or entrepreneurship, she has taught herself how to exceed expectations while doing what she loves. A truly unique element of Lauren’s Latest is the genuineness of the family and food. This has resulted in a captive audience as well as enduring relationships with partnering food and non-food brands alike who value the consistency and return-on-partnership that the Lauren’s Latest brand provides.

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Lauren’s Latest Mission Statement

We are committed to building relationships with our readers, fellow bloggers, and brands. Through building these relationships we hope to extend our reach to a larger audience and create new and exciting opportunities for ourselves and our readers.


Lauren’s Latest Values

Family – Lauren’s Latest is centered on our family. Our recipes nurture our family not only physically, but they enhance our family’s mental, emotional, and spiritual happiness. Our recipes and blog endeavors are intended to give readers delicious ways of creating food in their homes so they can create happiness in their individual and family lives.

Honesty – Honesty is a basic principle we teach our children, and it is a basic principle upon which Lauren’s Latest operates. We will not endorse a product that we are not willing to use, ourselves. Lauren’s original recipes are her own creations, and any shared or promoted recipes are given proper credit.

Partnership – We value opportunities to work with brands and products, and recognize the efforts that have gotten them to where they are today. We use partnerships to create win-win-win results for Lauren’s Latest, our partners, and our audience.

Patient Persistence – Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Lauren’s Latest. Lauren’s Latest is successful because its founder, Lauren, had goals that she didn’t know how to reach. However, through self-teaching, trial and error, and a never-quit attitude, Lauren’s Latest has become a beautiful, successful, and resourceful business.

Through living our values, Lauren’s Latest went from a hobby and a dream job to a career and a family business. Lauren’s Latest creates extraordinary food using ordinary ingredients; inspiring and encouraging her audience to do the same.

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