Parliament Hill

Over the weekend before we drove to NYC, we were hanging out with my cute family and decided to take Gordon to see the Parliament Buildings (and eat ribs at Ribfest) in Downtown Ottawa. There were a lot of Vegan protesters on Parliament Hill (who were very…how should I put this…passionate about Ribfest), so I didn’t get as many photos of the actual Parliament Buildings as I’d like, but there are lots of Eddie 🙂 My younger sister took the older two on a different adventure, so that’s why they are practically non-existent in these photos.

Anyways, here are some of the pictures from our visit. We had a great time and love that we are East Coasters now and will be able to see my family a lot more often.

Eddie!! That boy loves his Daddy!

Even the gates on the grounds of Parliament are ornate. Holy moly!

To the right of the Bell Tower is this pretty building. I don’t remember what is in here, but I liked how this photo turned out.

If you walk around back of the Parliament Buildings, you get a great view of the Ottawa River and into Quebec (the French province of Canada.)

Always chasing this boy down! And yes, I own more clothes other than this dress, but they are all with those darn movers who haven’t showed up yet. I have 3 outfits that aren’t workout outfits, basically.

Do you see what I mean? Beautiful view from the back of the Parliament Buildings.

Again for you folks wanting to know all about my dress, this is a Baseball T-shirt Dress that is the most gloriously comfortable thing in the world.

Two minutes after this photo was taken, a group of lovely old Asian women surrounded Eddie because they had never seen such a boy with that kind of hair before…or at least I think that’s what they said between snapping photos in their broken english…

I think this is the Library at the back of Parliament.

My little (very hip and popular) little sister, Aunty Chelsea. My children worship the ground she walks on. Same with Uncle Matt (my brother).

Cutest picture everrrrr!!!

Short people problems.

Oh look, Brooke’s back! And do you notice her little bit of pink hair poking through at the back of her pony tail? I let her get semi permanent pink hair on the bottom 2 inches of her lovely mane. I am the coolest mom. (And sorry Mom for dying your shower curtain and bath math pink! Oops!)

Anyone know how to remove the majority of this hair dye out of her hair to keep preventing the pink from staining all.the.things??

Literally the best picture I got of Blake the entire weekend. Four year olds. Yeesh.

Baby wrangling is basically all that motherhood is for me these days. This boy is too curious!

Helpful Links

Again, the dress that I always seem to be wearing can be found here. I promise I own more clothes.

Eddie’s onesie can be found at the Gap, though I couldn’t find it online anymore. BUT!! Super similar here and here. And his cute little Birkenstock shoes are from here.





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  1. What gorgeous architecture!! A family friend has a teaching job in Japan. They get stopped all the time by people looking at his son’s blonde hair!! So lovely little Eddie isn’t alone 🙂

  2. Eddie is so cute! The buildings there are beautiful. Canada looks to be just lovely!

  3. Thanks for posting great shots of our hometown!

  4. Can I be nosy and ask you what size you got for that dress (their sizing info on their website didn’t help me too much)… also, did it shrink much after washing?