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This Week at the Brennan’s

This Week at the Brennan’s

We did a *leetle* traveling with our littles!!

Here’s what happened this week:

The beginning of the week was pretty uneventful. I live for uneventful!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were great days of me crossing off items on my to-do list. I have so much work that has gone unnoticed over the last few months that I am so happy to clear my mind and my psyche!

My nanny has been so helpful and just having time to myself to get it all done has been super helpful. Most of the time, I can work WITH kids, but it takes me three times as long to get anything accomplished. I’m so grateful to Melanie!! (Her name is Melanie.)

Same old same old. Lots of laundry, lots of cleaning. Mom responsibilities. Ya know.

On Thursday morning we left New York and drove to DC (only 3 hours!!) and have been here exploring and eating and exploring some more!

Of course there will be a more specific post on the details of our trip coming up this week, but for the time being let me tell you the highlights:

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This past week was Brooke and Blake’s first week of camp! Those two have a love-hate relationship with this day camp I signed them up for. Some days they love it, some days they hate it! I make them go regardless because its good for them. Plus I’M THE MOM. 

They get to swim, play sports, work on arts and crafts and do other things that I can’t think of. And I get to stay home with Eddie and work! Except the nanny still comes and has one kid to watch instead of 3! It’s pretty great 🙂

Eddie realized that he fits through the ladder on the bunk bed and gets stuck there every once in a while. We know he is stuck because he just screams and screams. 

Eddie can also run!! Well, sort of. He tries really hard, but it mostly looks like a shuffle.

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Well, we are gaining ground this summer. I am taking the reins and finding my way around the city juuuuust fine thanks to google and google maps. Every week, we try to explore one or two parts of NYC that we haven’t visited yet or think would be really fun. (Our bucket list is right here if you’d like to see!) It’s turned out to be a great method for us. Laundry and house cleaning is at the beginning of the week. The nanny comes mid-week and our trips fall closer to the end of the week when we need a little pick me up, just before Daddy comes home for the weekend.

Traveling to new places is really fun, but it wreaks havoc on our dinner routine. Being out and about has its perks but trying to nourish 3 kids and myself and my husband who is here and then not here and then here again while we’re doing it is slightly tricky. So, I’ve had to think of dinner recipes that will store well, travel well and please every palate regardless of when we’re eating. Usually when we’re home (and even when we’re not) my kids are never eating at the same time. I know I’m usually the one eating LAST because my kids need drinks, napkins, seconds, food not touching other food on their plates, more drinks, their shirt put back on (??) and more. Plus, my husband currently works crazy hours in a city three hours away so when he’s home, we know he wants everything homemade….hence the storing well part of these new dinner recipes.

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Finally getting around to sharing our photos from our trip to DC! It was a bit of a whirlwind, but we were so happy to have a change of scenery, get out of the city for a time and feel like we had a bit more space. Plus we got to see a lot more Gordon, which is never a bad thing 😉 I drove my kids down Thursday morning and we hung around until Monday. In that time, we saw a few sites downtown, checked out Georgetown, ate some very good food, swam nearly everyday at the hotel pool and visited the spot where Gordon and I got married, nearly 10 years ago!! Holy.moly.

Here are the photos we took! As usual, you can find my banter and commentary throughout these photos and our links, recommendations and details of where we visited at the bottom of this post.

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