Homemade Mini Hamburger Buns {or Slider Rolls}

Mini Hamburger Buns Final 1TGIF TGIF TGIF!!!!!! Ahhhh! It’s about time the weekend got here! My week seemed to drag on forever! BUT, glad I made it through!

Anyways, when we first moved to Portland, I was mostly super excited about all the shopping I could do! Malls, grocery stores, gas….everything within 3 miles or less. Basically Trader Joes and Target = mecca. Those stores seriously make me as happy as a clam. {PS- are clams really happy? I mean, they get eaten ALL the time….just sayin’} Last week I went to Trader Joes to pick up some mini hamburger buns and to my shock and horror they didn’t have them nor had they heard of them!

*insert gasp here*

My initial instinct was to be extremely rude and say “What do you mean you don’t have them? I know for a fact that Trader Joes sells them because Jenny made some sliders with them years ago!!”

But instead I said “Ok, thanks anyways.”

I’m such a nice person. I hate it.

Ok, not really.

So I came home and made my own. {Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Trader Joes….}

Making your own isn’t difficult in the least…it’s just time consuming. Just like any other bread product, you knead it, let it rise, shape it, let it rise again and bake. 2-ish hours. Easy work, but annoying because you have to wait. Worth the wait though, because you’ll know every ingredient you put into these and they will be fresh and warm and moist and delicious and fabulous and tasty little devils! Stay tuned for Monday to see what I fill mine with! 🙂

Here’s how you make them-

Slider buns 1Start out with half a cup of warm water.

slider buns 2To that, pour in some yeast

slider buns 3and honey. Honey seems to work better than straight up sugar, in my opinion. If you don’t have honey, then use what you got!

slider buns 4Stir everything together to dissolve the honey and moisten the yeast. Leave that alone for a few minutes.

slider buns 5Meanwhile, grab a hunk of butter

slider buns 6and melt it down.

slider buns 8To the hot butter, pour in 1/2 cup cold milk to make everything warm instead of hot. You never want to add something hot to yeast. Extreme heat = death…quite literally.

slider buns 9Plop in an egg too and whisk that around to break it up.

slider buns 7Now back to the yeast which should be looking rather foamy and fluffy. That means your yeast is working! So, pour this yeasty liquid into the bowl of a stand mixer with the milk, melted butter and egg.

slider buns 10Measure out some salt,

slider buns 11and pour in 2 cups of flour. I finally bought more flour!! Woo-hoo! After using the last of mine on this recipe, and then not even adding any to this recipe….it was about time I got some. {PS- Hi Bob! My daughter asks to go to your red mill ALL the time! We love your stuff!}

slider buns 12On the bag of this flour it said “superb for bread baking” and I would have to agree! Some of the best flour out there.

slider buns 13So, this is what the dough looks like after that 2 cups of flour was incorporated. Still too sticky, so add in more and keep mixing.

slider buns 14This is after another 1 cup of flour. The dough is smoothing out but still a bit too sticky. So, I added in 1/3 cup more and kneaded it in the machine for 5 minutes. You want the dough to be slightly tacky, but strong enough to hold it’s shape and smooth after kneading.

slider buns 15Grease the bowl and the dough, cover and let rise 1 hour.

slider buns 16It should be doubled by then!

slider buns 17After the hour, punch down the dough and form into your mini buns.

slider buns 18Brush with a little egg

slider buns 19and sprinkle on some sesame seeds.

slider buns 20Aren’t they cute? Now, mine didn’t quite double in size again before I baked, but feel free to let yours rise more.

Mini Hamburger Buns Final 2After 15 minutes in the oven, they were all ready! Warm, fresh and soft!!

Truth be told, I had a few plain before I ever thought to stuff them. I cannot resist fresh bread out of the oven. Make sure you check back on Monday for part II of this recipe along with an amazing giveaway! Have a great weekend!


Homemade Mini Hamburger Buns

Yield: 18 approximately


  • 1/2 cup warm water
  • 2 1/4 teaspoons quick rise active dry yeast
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 2 eggs, divided
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 3 1/3 cups unbleached all purpose flour
  • 3 tablespoons sesame seeds


  1. Stir warm water with yeast and honey. Set aside to proof. Place butter into microwave safe bowl and cook on high until completely melted. Pour milk and 1 egg into butter and stir together to incorporate. Pour into stand mixer. Yeast mixture should be foamy. Pour into stand mixer bowl. Sprinkle salt and 2 cups of flour overtop and knead until flour has been incorporated. With mixer on low, add in remaining flour. Finished dough should be smooth, but still slightly sticky. Grease dough and bowl; cover and let rise 1 hour or until doubled in size. Punch down dough and form into 18 small dough balls the size of golf balls. Place on parchment paper lined or silicone baking mat covered baking sheet. Let dough rise another 30- 60 minutes. In a small bowl, beat remaining egg with 2 tablespoons water. Brush tops of buns and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake at 350 degree for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown. Use as desired.

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  1. The honey in these. Oh, my, I love them already!

  2. Could you make these as regular size hamburger buns? Would the baking time be any different?

  3. Sounds delicious! I can completely understand long weeks!! drill weekends=a 12 day “week”= a LONG week!

  4. You are the queen of mini-everything!

  5. Here in Toronto there are few grocery stores that sell slider buns. Frustrating to say the least! I love your idea – just make your own! These look awesome!

  6. These look luverly. I can’t wait to see what you are going to put in them!

  7. Love these! So cute! 🙂

  8. These look perfect – totally worth the wait! And interesting piece of trivia I recently learned…the full expression is “happy as a clam at high tide”, because at high tide they AREN’T getting eaten! Pull that one out at your next party 😉

  9. I pinned these on Pinterest and they got pinned a lot of times and quickly too! They look amazing. I think I would eat some hot out of the oven just plain too! Can’t wait to see what you stuff the little bun babies with on Monday. 😀

  10. You are one talented baker, lady! The dough looks perfect and the rolls are adorable! I like the added touch of the sesame seeds. I love Bob’s Red Mill flours and have some of their whole wheat pastry flour at home…I may try your recipe using that!

  11. I always wondered about the “happy clams” statement too. I mean, where did that even come from?

    As for the TJ incident, I can’t believe they didn’t have hamburger bun! That place is amazing but sometimes they run out of their most important stuff and it’s the most frustrating thing ever! Like they’re always running out of my favorite flavor of Fage. And then one time, they were out of butter. BUTTER! Some person bought a couple of cases earlier in the day. Weird, right?

    Anyway, these burger buns look adorable! I’m sure they tasted great without anything in them. Freshly baked bread is the absolute best.

  12. These are way too adorable!! I’m trying to think of a reason to have a party so I can make these…

  13. Oh yay!! So glad I saw these. I’m planning my daughter’s 3rd birthday party and I think these would be perfect!

  14. Just made these…they’re great. I had to add about a 1/4 c additional flour because the humidity level in my house was pretty high making the dough stickier than normal. I made a few regular size buns and some slider buns. Enjoying myself a boca burger on a bun as I type. Thanks for a great recipe!!

  15. Hi…loving the mini-buns. Have you tried freezing them with the hambuger? My boys love a paricular brand of store bought mini-hambugers but I am intersted in making them at home myself.

    • Nope never tried it….if you end up doing this, report back and let us know how it went!

  16. thanks u so much Lauren! I had to help my mom find
    out were u get the sliders hamburger buns and then I
    found this website, thank u, they taste so good!

  17. wow these were SO good! I made them for our Superbowl party tonight with pulled pork sandwiches and they were absolutely PERFECT!!!! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  18. I hand mixed these (I am without a mixer or bread maker)and these still came out great! Also just used cheap generic flour…I am sure using proper bread flour will make these even better!

  19. Thanks for a great recipe! Worked perfectly on the first try, didn’t need to make any adjustments, and the buns were yummy.

  20. I made these for Thai turkey sliders today (Father’s Day) and they were PERFECT. Love that I can make with my kitchen aid mixer. Thank you!

  21. Hi i am wondering how and when to store these? Thanks! Im crossing my fingers they taste as good as they look! (They are in the oven!)

  22. I love this!!!! I live in Sweden and none of the North American stuff I love is easily available! Do you think the dough could be frozen before baking? 🙂



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