Food Blogging Forum Nashville *Recap*

IMG_0688 Man oh man, what a great time I had in Nashville! I had a blast and a half, got practically no sleep and soaked in everything that I was taught! Or at least tried! A bonus of this whole trip was being able to meet these bloggers in person and now be able to call them friends!

It was a little overwhelming at first to be in a room with 89 other bloggers {some very well known and others not so much…like me!} but I got used to it real quickly and tried to be as happy and outgoing as I could. There was a lot of stuff packed into this 36 hours, but here are the highlights:

I arrived in Nashville Friday afternoon at about 5:40 and the first party started at 6! Talk about cutting it close! Luckily, Carly came to my rescue and picked me up at the airport in her sweet ride! {THANK YOU!:)}
IMG_0689Then off we went to the party! I loved meeting Jenny…she is so sweet! I sort of feel like her apprentice. I’m trying to walk in her shoes and follow her blogging example! Does that sound strange? Oh well. She has given me so much advice for so long. My favorite piece of advice? If you love what you do, people will take notice. I have found this to be SO true! And, just fyi, I still LOVE what I do…thankfully!

We also got to watch Arnold Myint from Top Chef do a few cooking demos. He was so nice and hilarious, but no one was really responding to his jokes/no one could really hear him so I didn’t want to be the only one laughing. *awkward*

Then the next day the classes began. Of course I didn’t take any photos of that….

But, I did take photos during lunch! Figures…typical of a food blogger, right? Lol!

The Food Blogging Forum arranged to have 3 food trucks come and cook some tasty meals for us! This one in particular was one of my favorites! This guy was funny! He didn’t want me to take any photos, but, I snapped one anyways!


I loved the shrimp and grits from this truck! They were amazing! Honestly, THE best grits I’ve ever tasted.


Then there was this truck! Another favorite for sure! IMG_3313

Ok, ok….it was my favorite because they had Japanese ice cream! I don’t think they called it ice cream though…since it’s Japanese and all. But it was SO TASTY! Caramel and chocolate with chunks of chocolate covered pretzels. YUM! If you are in Nashville, hunt these trucks down!

These two ladies are wonderful! Brandi and Susan are a few of the bloggers I got to know. LOVE THEM! IMG_0691This is Carly, Bev and Jaclyn. I could talk to these ladies forever and NEVER get bored. They are seriously so fun! We had a great little pow wow over lunch.

IMG_3334Then we had more classes and I didn’t take pictures.

Except, lets just pretend I did…

But then!! That night a few of us went over to the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Nashville for a little Burger fun {thanks to Susan}! We got to taste test 6 different burgers. It was a gut busting adventure to say the least. This is Carly, Christina, Bev and Jessica. Pretty sure Jessica and I were separated at birth! This girl is HI.LAR.I.OUS!
IMG_0700If this doesn’t tell you we’re bloggers, I don’t know what will! A picture of the table of ladies all on our phones–> tweeting, updating our status’ and instagramming away!


There’s Amanda, Susan, Chris, Paula, Brandi and Cassie. I’ve been following Paula for a while now and was so happy to finally meet her! She is so sweet! IMG_0694

After the Hard Rock Burger extravaganza, I headed back to the hotel. We got so much swag from our great sponsors! This was my suitcase post-food blogging forum! I had to leave a few things out because they wouldn’t fit! And, after I took this photo, I couldn’t get my suitcase closed. Oops…

IMG_0702Then finally Sunday morning I got up early to catch my flight home back to Oregon! Overall, I had a WONDERFUL time! I loved everything about my trip. The food, the conference, the people! Everything! Thank you all for being so welcoming!

And of course a HUGE THANK YOU goes to Lindsay Olives who sent me to this conference! You guys are awesome! Thank you for supporting the food blogging community!



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  1. I was following it all on twitter/instagram and it looked like so much fun! It makes me wish that I didn’t live a whole continent away!

  2. I still can’t believe it’s over!! It was so much fun meeting you and being able to hang out in person 🙂

  3. Great recap, Lauren! It was great meeting you, and I’m thrilled you were able to come to the RockHer Nashville party!

  4. So fun!! All of you guys are adorable. I definitely need to get a smart phone before I go to one of those. I’d be the girl with her face in the bread basket while everyone is texting and tweeting.

  5. What a fabulous list of bloggers!! Following pioneer woman and steamy kitchen.. Might add a bunch more!



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