February Stitch Fix

Screen-Shot-2013-09-17-at-10.48.29-AM*This is not a sponsored post! I pay for these clothes on my own. However, this post does provide referral links for new sign ups which gives me a little credit to go towards my next box. 

It’s that time of the month again!!

No, not THAT time of the month. Oh you guys! 

Come take a peek at what I got this month 🙂photo-7First item: Kenzie Monza Dot Print Mixed Material Blouse in XS–$64. I love love loved this shirt! I really did, except it had a teeny tiny little loose thread that made a part of the design of the fabric look funny in the front. I didn’t notice it until I took the shirt off. SHUCKS. So I sent it back. photo-8Next item: 41Hawthorn Anise Striped Vest in XS- $78. I liked this vest a lot more than I thought I would, but I just got a very similar vest last month, so I sent it back. Womp womp. photo-9Item numero trois: Tart Cicely Mixed-Striped Long Sleeve Top in XS- $68. Loved this shirt because…….wait for it……photo-10Two different striped patterns! Isn’t it soooooo cooooool? I loved the front being different from the back, plus is was a really soft fabric that fit be well. SOLD!photo-114th article: Papermoon Remmie Multi-Color Chevron Print Maxi Skirt in M–$58. I’m not sure if somewhere along the lines they missed the fact that I requested ONLY tops and accessories, but they dropped the ball on that. And this was way too long so I sent it back. photo-12Last box item: Kensie Jeans Johnny Skinny Jeans in size 6- $88. These were awful and didn’t fit me correctly at all. Sent this sucker back. {PS-I know my socks are rad. You don’t have to tell me.}

So this month’s box would have been a 2/5 win except for that tiny thread on the first shirt that was making me uneasy. Lame. So I only kept the one stripy shirt. For this next month, I actually changed my profile and requested AGAIN to only receive tops and accessories. Lets see what happens…..

If you’d like to sign up for Stitch Fix styling service, check it out here.

And if you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, check this first post I wrote here.

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  1. I was just about to comment on FB to let you know I was going to list you for my referral! Thanks for the detail too!

  2. The stripes are awesome! I really love that skirt too.

  3. P.S. I totally do love those yellow socks!

  4. I love that first top! I will have to remember to ask if I could snag that up when I schedule my next fix

  5. I have the top you kept! It’s super comfy too. I have been doing stitch fix for a year now, and at first had such great luck…. but then they slowly went down hill! I took two months off, but then had a bunch of referrals. So another fix is due to arrive tomorrow. Fingers are crossed!

  6. I actually love the skirt!!! But I’m a maxi-skirt junkie. They are the yoga pants of the skirt world.

  7. That first shirt is SO cute. I’m so sad for you that you had to send it back. Love seeing what you get each month. 🙂

  8. Love that brown striped shirt! So adorable. The top shirt is really cute too – too bad it was messed up.

  9. I’m kinda annoyed for you… You got the same vest as last month but in a different color and you got 2 bottoms when you specifically asked for none. I would write a complaint and refuse your styling fee or something – 3/5 of your items were no good simply because someone was lazy on the job. 🙁



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