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Remember that ecookbook I’ve been harassing you all about? YEAH…it’s DONE and ready for browsing!


This cookbook has been a few months in the making and you’ve probably seen my instagram photosfacebook updates and tweets about it. It’s been quite the long process, but I was happy to do it because {1} I love what I do {2} I listen to my readers and {3} it’s nice to have all these everyday recipes in one place–not just for you but for me too!

IMG_0224Why did I write Everyday Ingredients Extraordinary Meals?

On my blog, I usually post all the random crazy recipes that pop into my head. Do I ever post the simple, everyday recipes I use on a weekly basis? Sometimes, but not usually. So, why did I decide to put all these recipes into a cookbook? Because I’ve been getting more and more emails from you wonderful people asking for them! I also loved the idea of self publishing my own recipes because I could control everything about it from start to finish, making the book completely and authentically MINE. {But of course with the help of Heidi!}

My whole goal with this ecookbook was to give you a taste of what I cook for my family all the time–basically a bunch of new recipes you can’t find on my blog. You’ll recognize a few {like my Cinnabons} but besides that, everything is pretty much brand new just for you!

IMG_0019Inside Everyday Ingredients Extraordinary Meals, you will find:

>My Baking Basics–what I have on hand all the time to create delicious food

>My Pantry Essentials–all the common ingredients I have in my kitchen that I use over and over again

>My Favorite Spices–the most common spices I find myself running out of constantly

>10 of my Family’s Favorite recipes like

  • my husband’s favorite cinnamon french toast {pictured above}
  • my basic biscuit recipe and
  • an amazing lemon cream tart

>10 recipes that are Quick Weeknight Eats, such as

  • broccoli cheese soup
  • fake out fettuccine alfredo
  • berry crisp {cover photo}

>10 recipes that are perfect Weekend Wonders, like

  • my simple and delicious pancake recipe
  • swiss steak with mashed potatoes {pictured above}
  • easy brownies

>and the 4 most common recipes I make again and again that I always have whipped up and ready to go.


“Everyday Ingredients Extraordinary Food” is available as a downloadable PDF. It is formatted to read beautifully on your computer, iPad or iPhone. Once your payment has been processed, your ecookbook will be delivered to you via a secured email link to download on your computer or mobile device.


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To view on your iPad, click the download link above. Once PDF has downloaded and opened on your iPad, tap the screen and a black bar will appear along the top of your screen. Select the tab “Open in iBooks” and the PDF will save to your iBooks library for future viewing. Questions or problems, contact me here.

Are you interested in a Kindle edition? Let me know!

Hard copies of “Everyday Ingredients Extraordinary Food” are now available for purchase HERE. Each book is 83 pages in full color and softly bound. AND, my printer will ship them anywhere in the world. How cool is that?

Again, click here to order your HARD COPY of my cookbook.


A few lovely comments from readers:

“Best pizza dough we’ve tried yet…and I’ve been on a search trying many to find the perfect homemade pizza dough. Thanks so much for the great recipe. It’s a keeper!”

-Lara, on my Fail-Proof Pizza Dough

“Just made a batch of these cinnamon rolls! They taste just like cinnabons!! Great job figuring out all the ingredients!! Definitely a special day kind of cinnamon rolls :)”

-Chloe, on my Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

“WE LOVED this recipe! And I was so happy it was so good, because I was feeding my family for the 4th of July so we had quite a few people! Thanks for sharing this, it was really really good! We’ll be having this again!”

-Lindsay, on my Pulled Pork


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