Easy Taco Casserole Recipe Easy Taco Casserole Recipe

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I’ve been meaning to post this recipe for a couple days now, but things keep getting in the way!! And by things I mean children. Mine, specifically.

I love them to pieces, but it’s really hard for me to form sentences on a page when they’re all REALLY good at:

Alfredo Stuffed Shells Alfredo Stuffed Shells

I know lots of you already have kids back in school and I’m only a teeny bit jealous. Ok, a lot jealous. But, I know come September 7th (my kids first day at their new school….does that seem a little late to you?) we’ll all be in the same boat, struggling to get dinner on the table, trying to feed these starving kids. My kids are in a constant state of starvation. Allegedly. OR so they say.

So, here is a great option to add into your dinner rotation that is filled with lots of protein and veggies galore while is still being so amazingly butterific!! How is that possible you ask? Homemade alfredo sauce. If you’ve never made homemade alfredo sauce before, giiiiirl get on it! It is one of the simplest things to make and is approximately 1400 times better than store bought. I figure the stuffed shell filling is so healthy that I can afford to be a little more generous with my homemade buttery alfredo 😉