This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

This past week was Brooke and Blake’s first week of camp! Those two have a love-hate relationship with this day camp I signed them up for. Some days they love it, some days they hate it! I make them go regardless because its good for them. Plus I’M THE MOM. 

They get to swim, play sports, work on arts and crafts and do other things that I can’t think of. And I get to stay home with Eddie and work! Except the nanny still comes and has one kid to watch instead of 3! It’s pretty great 🙂

Eddie realized that he fits through the ladder on the bunk bed and gets stuck there every once in a while. We know he is stuck because he just screams and screams. 

Eddie can also run!! Well, sort of. He tries really hard, but it mostly looks like a shuffle.

This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

Hello again, friends! I’ve tried to sit down and write this post quite a few times, but my mom brain is getting the better of me, as is my attention span. Hello, FRIENDS bloopers. But I will power through and give this a whirl.

Here’s what happened this week:

I love making goals for myself and trying to accomplish them. Earlier in the week, I had a few conference calls that put a few things into motion that would allow me to take small steps towards greater, much larger goals for myself. I’m so excited about all that stuff! Of course its a little daunting because its a TON of work to put in and make the effort, but I’m excited nonetheless. 

Also, my nanny gets an A++ this week for just showing up and being here. My kids are getting the hang of her and she is getting used to them and their personalities. It’s grand! And I really love that I get uninterrupted time to myself but still plenty of time with the kids. I’ve been with them 24/7, nonstop since school ended in Idaho at the beginning of June. Mama is ready for Brooke and Blake to head back to school! 

Family Photos in Central Park Family Photos in Central Park

So excited to be sharing our family photos from when we were in Central Park a few weeks ago! The lovely and talented Kylie Whiting took all of these gorgeous images and we are so happy we have memories documented from when we first moved to the city. I’m glad we have these smiles on file because 2017 hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine. It’s been a hard year for all of us (and it’s only August!) This is proof that there are good days amidst the bad/hard/tiring/frustrating/lonely ones. Seasons change as we grow and we’re mostly excited to see what this big city has in store for us.

Whenever we end up leaving New York City, we are going to take more photos to compare and to see how much we’ve grown and inevitably gotten older.

Eddie of course stole the show and we had sweat dripping off of us by the end of this session, but by golly these photos were worth it!

This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

We did a *leetle* traveling with our littles!!

Here’s what happened this week:

The beginning of the week was pretty uneventful. I live for uneventful!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were great days of me crossing off items on my to-do list. I have so much work that has gone unnoticed over the last few months that I am so happy to clear my mind and my psyche!

My nanny has been so helpful and just having time to myself to get it all done has been super helpful. Most of the time, I can work WITH kids, but it takes me three times as long to get anything accomplished. I’m so grateful to Melanie!! (Her name is Melanie.)

Same old same old. Lots of laundry, lots of cleaning. Mom responsibilities. Ya know.

On Thursday morning we left New York and drove to DC (only 3 hours!!) and have been here exploring and eating and exploring some more!

Of course there will be a more specific post on the details of our trip coming up this week, but for the time being let me tell you the highlights:

Home Boy is 32! Home Boy is 32!

My husband had a birthday a few days ago and I didn’t post really anything about it, besides a few things on Instagram. Well, today I thought I’d share a few photos from years past. There are lots of you that are newer readers and don’t really know the history or background on us, so this will catch you up real quick 🙂

We’ve known each other nearly 14 years (holy moly) and met in college. We were just friendly acquaintances for about 3 years before the lightbulb clicked that I was the most glorious girl on planet earth for him. We started dating in March ’07, got engaged 10 years ago yesterday (!!!) and were married by November. Never ever have I regretted that decision.

Our lives over the past 10 years have had a lot of ups and downs, but generally we’ve been getting better and better with age and three kids later he is still in the hot husband club, regardless of losing his hair. 😉

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my favorite person.

Happy birthday, Gordon! I’m so glad you were born.

This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

So much good happened this week! We are staying busy for sure…story of our lives!

Here’s what happened this week:

I HIRED A NANNY! She’s only part time (18 hours/week) but it is so wonderful! I can sit down quietly at my desk, close the door and work. I love writing everything out in big long to-do lists and then crossing everything off. Its the best. I still sometimes work into the night because no husband, but that’s ok! I feel my sanity slowly returning.

I took my kids to Chelsea Market this week to see the different food stores and options and get some yummy doughnuts. I did not have enough hands to hold my kids high enough to see the doughnuts being made at the Doughnuttery. More details below on that. I must must must go back to Chelsea Market on my own to browse and take it all in. Plus Anthropologie is there! I love looking at all their stuff. 

I don’t have any pictures of Brooke to share, but she got a hair cut this week! It’s right to her chin, just where she likes it. That girl HATES getting knots in her hair and can’t seem to brush them out sufficiently enough…so I brush them out for her with all the detangled in New York City and still she hates it. I tried to convince her to keep it long, but she wanted it short, so bye bye long hair.

She also has a very loose front top tooth. Any day now! 

Eddie at 18 months Eddie at 18 months

This boy is exactly 18 months TODAY!!  I can’t believe that a year and a half ago, I was in the hospital with him.


This boy continues to amaze me! He will eat and love everything my other kids hate. Tomatoes, for instance, is one of his favorites. Pasta, rice, cucumbers, carrots, cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, pizza, waffles, bananas, peaches are some of his favorites. He also does not like cheese crackers of any kind. Brooke and Blake LOVE goldfish crackers, but Eddie just throws them and wants nothing to do with them. Also, ice cream isn’t his favorite either. I think it’s too cold?

He’s a little more adventurous too. If I put something new in front of him, he will always try it. He also LOVES to dip. Anything to dip into anything is his JAM. Fries into ketchup. Pretzels into hummus. Crackers into egg salad. You name it, he will dip it!

He is still on the small side, but I think thats more related to genetics and not because of his hearty appetite. 😉

A Fish out of Water A Fish out of Water

When Gordon and I were first married, I told him I’d love to live in New York City.

“Why?” he asked puzzled.

“Because it would be so fun! But only if we were millionaires.” 

Well, we finally got our opportunity to move and we took it. (Still not millionaires but working on it 😉 )

After we moved into the city, I was so excited. What an adventure! So much to see and do! A lot of people were excited and jealous for us and we definitely did get some sarcastic “GOOD LUCK” comments. But truth be told, the excitement has mostly worn off and the reality is hitting me that I still don’t have a husband around to help, my tiny apartment still needs someone to clean it, I still have work to do and my kids still like to argue….a lot! I know there are good things happening all around me too, like Eddie transitioning into his new big boy bed so smoothly, but sometimes when you’re stuck in a rut, its extra hard to see the good. 

This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

What a week what a week! We were busy with my side of the family and then traveling….again. We’re certainly staying busy this summer.

Here’s what happened this week:

We started out the week in Canada with my family. Last Sunday, we drove home from camping and enjoyed sleeping in actual beds, though I had a sweet set up in my tent with just Eddie and my way better than an air mattress sleeping choice 😉 

Once we all tended to our bug bites and battle scars, we mostly just pool hopped! I wish I could have joined Brooke on a few of the many occasions she swam, but I was typically home with both boys so she could do her own thing with her cousins in the deep end.

Oh, and that brings me to another thing! Brooke was totally swimming around in the deep end with no life jacket or anything! Usually, she would never attempt anything like this even though she KNOWS how to swim…she just usually has a few hiccups between transitioning between treading water and actual swimming. But my sister was like “I thought she could swim just fine BECAUSE SHE WAS SWIMMING JUST FINE” once the group got home. So, apparently, Brooke can swim just fine in the deep end. Go Brooke! 

This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s
Staying Sane During the Summer Staying Sane During the Summer

“Stay Sane” has been the motto of 2017. I’ve been a lone parent since the beginning of March and since then I’ve sold my house, sold my items in my house, packed what was left, driven across the country and settled in a new apartment….with no husband and three kids (who don’t sleep).

This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

Another week in the books! This week was much better than last week 🙂

Here’s what happened this week:

Gordon left Sunday again, as usual, and we kicked off the week making a list of things we/I wanted to do. So, at the top of my list was walking the Brooklyn Bridge to ride the carousel finally! (We tried to do this a few weeks ago, but the carousel was closed! NOOO!!) Since the movers finally delivered our stuff, we were able to take the double stroller and Brooke and Blake kept taking turns walking and sitting. It was a sweaty workout for me! My kids were troopers and did amazing! It was a long afternoon on the bridge and then hanging around in Brooklyn.

So, we were able to ride the carousel three times! The first time, Eddie was giving all the horses side eye, but by the last go around, he was pretty happy about it! Brooke and Blake wanted to keep riding, but I convinced them to get off and get some lemonade around the corner 🙂

That was one day this past week.

Another day, we stayed home and I did laundry and caught up on work and tried to unpack a few last boxes, though we are quickly running out of room. Our closet space is good, but I packed too much stuff! So, we’re trying to come up with creative ways to make use of our tall ceilings. I need to find some suspended shelving that I can put into our 11 foot closets.

This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

This week has been a bit of a rude awakening.

Here’s what happened this week:

Gordon went to work! Well, technically more training for this serious job of his (which is not in town). He left last Sunday and got home very late Friday night. We spent the weekend together and then he left again last night to get back to it. So, I was left with still no stuff in our apartment and 3 kids to keep busy for the week.

I keep trying to find new things to do here because it’s NEW YORK CITY, but honestly, I am perfectly happy alternating days going to the grocery store, the park, and the splash pad. We are simple folk.

We went to the splash pad twice this past week; the first time was busy, the second time was claustrophobic busy. My kids hardly made it to an hour before ditching and just wanting to go home. But, turns out Eddie LOVES getting sprayed in the face with water and won’t back down from the big kid sprinklers that were there. That made for a fun time for me. I saw all the other moms and nannies on their phones in the shade and just sighed as I got pelted with sprinklers.

I don’t like grocery shopping here with all three kids. The two stores that I’ve been to have very narrow aisles which are not simple to navigate with three kids and a stroller. The checkout ladies look at me like I’m a spectacle (which I totally am.) I don’t blame them. I’m the mom with three kids in New York City. Who else has three kids here? No one.

My life was a circus before we even got here. Now? OH BOY.

This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

Here’s what happened this week

We drove all day Monday from my parents’ place to NYC and arrived around 6:30 to our new apartment. Gordon driving in NYC is ridiculous. The lines on the road are general guidelines and honking is mandatory. Good news! You don’t need a reason to honk your horn. I’m confident 94% of the honks are just meant for red lights or at people waiting at red lights. People are stupid, basically. And I’m glad we made it though alive.

We have been trying to get settled as best we can with none of our personal belongings with us and I’m trying really hard to not jump on a plane to California to my movers’ headquarters with pitchforks and torches. GIVE ME MY STUFFFFFFFF! Technically they said the last day for our stuff to arrive is this Friday, though when I was signing the paperwork, they told me different dates. #rage

Once I actually get my stuff, the better business bureau is going to get an earful 😉 If you have any other ways to get these movers to hurry the heck up, let me know! 

This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

I’m typing this post out as we drive our kids down to New York City to our new apartment!! Here goes nothing 🙂

This week was so so fun!! I love my family.

Here’s what happened this week:

The beginning of the week picked up where I left off last week, with my husband and I running around New York City, trying our best to put our apartment together without our stuff from the moving company. That darn moving company is going to be the death of me. But, regardless, I was able to find a bunch of furniture for our apartment that is getting delivered this coming week, triple bunk bed included!! Things are going to get interesting. Haha!!

I was also able to go out to a few restaurants and go out to dinner effortlessly with my husband a few times. (More details below.) We probably won’t be able to do that for a while. I also met three lovely old ladies from Jersey City at Junior’s and they proceeded to tell me why it was extremely important to see Bette Midler in Hello Dolly. Haha!! It was certainly a fun conversation.

I saw Lion King on my own while Gord went into the office one afternoon. I was more mesmerized by the costumes than the actual story. The elephants and giraffes were amazing!

On Thursday, we flew back to Ottawa to pick up our kids!! Our flight was delayed about an hour and we were anxious to see them, especially Gordon. Brooke and Blake gladly fell into our arms…Eddie was another story. He was definitely happy to give me a few cuddles, but was nervous and hesitant to want anything to do with Gordon. But that lasted only a few hours. After a few hugs, kisses, tickles and wrestling matches, they were back to normal. Life is so much better with a Daddy!

Because I’m in NYC… Because I’m in NYC…

Hey friends!

Because I’m in New York City (finally here!!) and because I’m with my husband (hallelujah) and because I’m feeling generous and because I bought a table, chairs, a triple bunk bed, a mattress, rug, some hampers, a gym membership and new dishes all just yesterday, I thought why not get a few more things for my online friends?

So, because I love you, and because you all have been so supportive of my family, I’m giving away

FIVE (5) $500 gift cards to Target or Amazon

I’ve given both of these retailers lots of business over the last few days, so why not a little more?

Here’s how to enter:

This week at the Brennan’s This week at the Brennan’s

We MOVED IN this week!!

It looks like our move is official. We live in New York City now. Weeeeeeired. Two days in, and we are loving it!! Mind you, we don’t have our kids with us and the movers haven’t showed up with our stuff yet soooooo, that might have something to do with it. Haha!!

Earlier in the week, we saw my in-laws in Missouri, picked up my little sister in Chicago, drove past Toronto and right into Ottawa, all the while eating copious amounts of Timbits (once we crossed the border). For those of you not familiar with Timbits, they are donut holes from Tim Hortons.

My parent’s place has been and continues to be a sweet relief of a vacation. You never know how much you miss your family until you get home and you’re like “oh yeah, I really like these people!!” We had a few fun days with them before I left to come to NYC and get our apartment together. Brooke, Blake and Eddie are still at grandma and grandpa’s house loving life while Gordon and I are here in the city trying to find a couch, a table, a teeny tiny desk, a triple bunk bed and other things I’ve most likely forgotten about.

Did you catch that last sentence? I’m back together with my husband and it feels so good. Oh yeah, Gordon!! I have a husband and he is wonderful. After leaving in early March for more trainings and then finally completing them this last week, I am so relieved for him but mostly for me! The hard part is over 🙂 Now we can just get used to being in the city together.

This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

You have no idea how happy and relieved I am to have this week behind me!

Here’s what happened this week:

This was the last week of school for my kiddos and the last week of us living in our home in Boise (more details on our house below). So, this basically means MADNESS.

The movers had already come, so I was finishing up packing, cleaning and selling everything. I absolutely could not have done this without the help of my friends and neighbors. A lot of people kept saying “I don’t know how you’re doing it all alone!” but I’d reply with “I’m not alone! You’re here helping me!!” SO many people came to my rescue. There were so many times when I needed something and someone would text me or show up at my house. I’m so grateful for them all! I know Gordon is especially grateful too 🙂

A few nights this week, I had to call the babysitter over so I could run out and get some last minute errands done. Like, dropping boxes off at my friend’s house to store for us, or running to Texas Roadhouse to get a gift card for Brooke’s teacher…things like that that I couldn’t fit into my schedule of blogging, packing, mothering, picking up/dropping off 3 kids, etc. etc..

Anyways, the point is, I got a lot of help from wonderful people and I got out the door, everything packed, hitting the road right on time on Friday afternoon.

We drove to Salt Lake City, Utah on Friday night. Saturday, we made it Cheyenne, WY. Yesterday we made it to my in-laws in Jameson, Missouri. (My long-time readers will probably be confused as to why they are in Missouri when you all know they’re from Oregon!! They have a beautiful home in Hood River, but are serving a mission for our church. More here.) We will stay here a few days to rest and recover and then next week we will continue east!!

This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s
This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

I’m just going to preface this post by saying this was a bad week. Like, if I could murder the calendar, I would. And by calendar, I mean humans.

Here’s What happened this week:

I touched down in SLC from JFK with the news in my inbox that we got the apartment we applied for! We paid the nice people, signed their 24 page document and are planning on starting our lease June 1, even though we won’t be there until mid-month. So hooray for that! I’m starting to overthink our decision to get this apartment and am having second thoughts…but we have no other options. So here goes nothing.

I got back from NYC to some sick kiddos. Blake had thrown up while I was gone and Eddie had started up with this nasty stomach bug and was nearly through by the time I rolled into town. I have good friends to clean up my kid’s puke. Just throwing that out there. So, instead of leaving Monday night with a sick baby, my friend let us stay one more night (bless) and we left early Tuesday morning. I thought I was in the clear of this stomach bug, but Wednesday night/early Thursday morning I woke up and started hurling.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I HATE THROWING UP. I’d rather have a week long cold than the stomach flu.

ANYWAYS, some really kind people came to my aid and helped me out so so much by taking my boys, taking Brooke to the bus stop, taking Blake to preschool, bringing over dinner, picking Brooke up from school, etc. etc. I could not sit up without throwing up, so there was no way I could parent effectively.

Brooke had her last volleyball game Thursday night and she DID NOT want to go with anyone else but me, so I tried my hardest and by around 4pm was able to sit up without having the need to lose my cookies. Nauseous, yes. But none of the pukey pukes. By the time 7pm rolled around, I had a sprite and some soda crackers in me and off we went. I tell ya, that was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Keep to myself, be all up in the hand sanitizer and keep it pulled together.

By Friday, I felt so-so. I could walk around and stuff, but please don’t make me eat anything! I stuck with toast and tea for most of the day.

Friday is also when the movers called and said they would be a few days late picking up my stuff. HALLELUJAH! Because with all the traveling and vomiting I had been doing, I haven’t packed a whole lot of boxes. So that is a very good thing.

VERY EARLY Saturday morning, Eddie started waking up sporadically with a high fever and runny nose. He is not happy about it and neither am I because today I felt my throat starting to get scratchy and my nose runny. I’m not busy or stressed as it is, lets add on another cold.

I’ve been talking to my husband this entire week about how awful everything has been and basically today, I told him I’d leave him if he does any more trainings for any more jobs beyond this. This week has been the worst experience of my life. Literally the worst experience of my life. I want to scream and punch allthethings. But, that gets me nowhere because it doesn’t change the fact that (1) I’m getting sick (for the 17th time in the past 4 months….all the swear words) (2) I’m still behind on all things work and (3) I still have to pack up our house alone.


This week at the Brennan’s This week at the Brennan’s

My life rages on!

Here’s the craziness that ensued this week:

Earlier in the week, we had the appraisers come to our house help to complete the sale of our home. Of course I forgot they were coming and my house was a disaster. Um, what else is new?

My dear dear friend, Candice, offered to sell the majority of my crap stuff online for me so I didn’t have to. BLESS HER EVER LOVING HEART. She came over with a nice wad of cash and I almost kissed her. *Almost*

Thursday morning, I left with my kids for Utah and stayed with my good friend Amy. Then Friday I flew out of SLC and landed at JFK 2 hours later than anticipated. (Our flight was delayed because of the awful rainy weather.) Ew.


Sometime between 11:30pm when I got to the hotel and 8am when I woke up, my husband arrived to New York too! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–>I love that man immensely. OBSESSED.

This week at the Brennan’s This week at the Brennan’s

Here we go again with another week under my belt!

Here’s what happened this week:

My kids are starting to sneak into my bed at all hours of the night and I don’t notice because (1) I’m asleep and (2) I have a king-sized bed and they enter at the opposite side. Once Gordon gets back, those kids of mine are going to be sorely disappointed. Plus, my husband is way better about sending kids back to bed. Me? Notsomuch. I’m too tired to care.
I had

Brooke scored the winning points for her team’s last volleyball game and it was the most precious and awesome thing ever!! My heart is so happy watching her play, succeed, and enjoy her own accomplishments. Her teammates were jumping up and down and giving high fives to her. It was seriously so precious 🙂 WAY TO GO BROOKE!

Yesterday at Dinner, Blake out of nowhere said “thanks for cooking dinner, mom’ with zero coaxing or bribing from me. It was literally out of nowhere. So I said “you’re welcome” and Brooke tried to one-up him and said “thanks for being awesome and cooking great food and being the best mom ever.” Well played, children. Well played.

Brooke also wanted me to open my Mother’s Day present early because I’m not going to be in town this weekend to celebrate. She gave me a framed picture of herself with a card that said she loves me so so so so so so so so much. That’s eight so’s, incase you’re one to count.

I’m starting to clear stuff out of my house and drop it off to Goodwill. It’s sort of weird to think we’ll only be bringing, like, 20 boxes of items to New York. I’ve sold most of our furniture already and some larger kitchen equipment. Now, I’m working room by room and packing, throwing out or donating everything. I even sold one of our two cars too! Things are getting real. In a month, I’ll be arriving at my parents house and Gordon will be finishing his training! NUTS.

Happy Birthday Blake! Happy Birthday Blake!

On Saturday, we had a little party for Blake because he turned FOUR!!

Ever since we had his party, he’s been announcing to anyone who’ll listen “I’m not THREE, I’m FOUR!”

Brooke was feeling under the weather, so we uninvited those people we had originally invited to our small get together. (Sorry guys!!)

Here are some of the photos I snapped from our fun and sugar-filled afternoon 🙂

This week at the Brennan’s This week at the Brennan’s

I’ve lived to see another week. Thank goodness this week is over!!

Here’s what happened this week:

So, about 12 hours after I posted last weeks’ update, we got another offer on our house and we TOOK IT! Heck yes we did!! My husband kept telling me “I don’t think we’ll have to wait another month for another offer” and sure enough, he was right!!

We are closing on the same date as before with our first offer and have already had our inspection. Now t’s just a waiting game to close. Fingers crossed everything goes off without a hitch. Those lucky buyers are getting one gorgeous house.

Thank you for all your well wishes on that last post! You are always so supportive and loving and wonderful! Our readers are the best in the world.

Also this week, Eddie had some sort of virus that gave him a really high fever!! Monday and Tuesday he was so miserable. He was waking up so frequently at night and would just wimper and cry. Tuesday night, around 3 am, his fever was at 105! I have never seen anyone have a fever so high. I was really scared he was going to have a seizure, so immediately I gave him more medicine and had him in a lukewarm bath. Just by doing that, 20 minutes later, he went down to 101. Then I got him back into pajamaas, rocked him with a cool washcloth on his head, gave him a bottle and he went right back to sleep. By the time Wednesday morning rolled around, he was back to him normal self. Crazy fluke devil virus.