Baja Fish Taco Bar

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I was compensated to create this recipe for the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association. Any opinions expressed in this post are completely my own.

Hi friends! I have a yummy and simple dinner idea for you today, brought to you from the fridge and freezer sections of your grocery store. I know last year I posted my Easiest Fish Tacos recipe and lots of you went crazy over it because I used plain old fish sticks. Groundbreaking, right?

I hate frying food {especially fish} because the smell lingers in my house for literally days. I can’t stand it! So, this is my easy shortcut that takes no time at all.

PLUS! How many of you love to customize your own tacos?  I know the people in my family do! Usually for taco night, I just lay all the toppings out on the table and let everyone take care of their own plates. This fish taco recipe is no different. I just lay all the ingredients out and let my husband and kids do their own thing. It’s probably one of the least stressful dinners I serve because it takes less than 30 minutes to throw together and I know everyone {even my 17 month old!} will lick their plates clean.

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever we include our kids in the process of making dinner, they are more likely to eat their dinner AND talk at the dinner table. (Even Blake will babble away!) I’ve come to figure out little ways to include the two of them almost every night in the process to create more family time and make it more of a ‘quality’ meal. Whether its making their own tacos, setting the table or tearing lettuce, I get them involved. My style of cooking doesn’t change, but the way I go about including my family members does. And what do you know…it makes a big difference. (Scroll down to find out why your idea of a quality meal will get you a $100 Visa gift card!)

Here’s how I put these tacos all together:


Start by making the baja avocado sauce: place some sour cream, garlic, salt, pepper, avocado and taco seasoning into a blender.


Blend it up until smooth, taste and adjust seasonings as you see fit. That’s it! Easy Peasy. Pour this into a bowl or a squeeze bottle and set aside.


The other thing important for this recipe and really the last step is to bake up some fish sticks. I bought the VandeKamp’s extra crunchy kind, but you can use whichever kind you’d like.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.31.02 PM

Basically, once the fish sticks are baked and the sauce is done, it’s just a matter of laying all your ingredients out and letting everyone build their own tacos come dinner time. I laid out a variety of tortillas, some shredded red cabbage, cilantro, avocado slices, sour cream, greek yogurt and pre shredded Mexican blend cheese. My daughter ate two whole tacos on her own with a few extra fish sticks after…it was awesome!

Taco bars….who knew?

baja fish tacos 1

This is my super simple shortcut to make fish sticks into an amazing dinner. Who knew frozen fish sticks could be so….gourmet? So super fast and delightfully delicious! If you’re interested in more kid-and-school-friendly recipes, be sure to check out the Easy Home Meals/NFRA Website!

Have a great day, friends!


Baja Fish Tacos

This is my super simple shortcut to make fish sticks into gourmet baja fish tacos! If you need a fast dinner on the table in under 30 minutes, create a taco bar with all the toppings and let everyone build their own!

Yield: 4 servings

Prep Time:

Cook Time:

Total Time:


  • 1 23-oz. box VandeKamp's Crunchy Fish Sticks
  • for the baja sauce:
  • 1 cup Daisy light sour cream
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 small clove garlic, grated
  • 2 tablespoons taco seasoning
  • salt & pepper, to taste
  • taco ingredients:
  • corn or flour tortillas
  • shredded cabbage
  • cilantro
  • sour cream
  • greek yogurt
  • shredded cheese
  • any other desired toppings


  1. Cook fish sticks according to package directions.
  2. While fish sticks are baking, place all ingredients for baja sauce into a blender and whir until combined and sauce is smooth, 20-30 seconds. Pour into a bowl or squeeze bottle.
  3. Place taco ingredients and toppings into bowls and onto a table with the baja sauce and hot fish sticks. Let everyone serve themselves and enjoy!


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  1. Love a meal that does more than fill you up. Nourishing the body and soul and building more than a strong body.

  2. A quality meal to me is one with whole and natural ingredients that fills you up, provides you with essential vitamins and nutrients and that of course, tastes great.

  3. Anything to get the kids away from hot dogs and mac’n’cheese . . . .

  4. A home cooked meal served around the table with my husband and children.

  5. A quality meal should contain a good serving of vegetables and also a protein and whole wheat or grains.

  6. These look great! I’m a sucker for tacos, and we have so much fresh fish in Seattle, that I’ll have to try baking up my own. That baja sauce looks incredible!

  7. These sound amazing! Love the idea of a taco bar and getting the whole family involved!

  8. A quality meal, to me, means that my whole family eats a meal together that everyone can eat (gluten free and all!) complete with homemade sides. Usually that only happens on birthdays and holidays!

  9. To me, quality meal is made up of quality, wholesome ingredients. It is both nourishing and satiating 🙂

  10. A quality meal to me means being able to use fresh ingredients to make a dish!

  11. A quality meal, to me, is one made with fresh, delicious ingredients, and one that requires a little more preparation than the everyday meal. And it’s even better when enjoyed with loved ones!

  12. To me, a quality meal is one that my husband and I have made together. We meal plan, make shopping lists together and then make dinner together. It is one of my favorite parts of the day!!

  13. A quality meal in our house would be “clean” whole food that is based on veggies with a small side of meat. The Baja Tacos sound perfect!!!

  14. My definition of a quality meal would be a healthy meal. Something that probably includes a fish protein and isn’t fried or full of preservatives.

  15. Quality meal for me means fresh ingredients and great flavor!

  16. Quality meal means everyone having the meal was satisfied and liked it, aside from having clean/fresh items.

  17. A quality meal is taking the time to prep and cook your own meal and sitting down to enjoy it with family and friends.

  18. A quality meal is taking time to find and make wholesome delicious meals made with natural ingredients and free of preservatives and GMOs (as much as possible). It also is a well balanced meal that provides essential vitamins and nutrients.

  19. a quality meal means a combination of simple, fresh, wholesome foods to create a plate that includes protein, good carbs, veggies, and a fruit. It also must include a lot of love in the preparation!!!!!

  20. A balanced meal 🙂

  21. A quality meal is one that the entire family will eat, including my two little picky eaters!

  22. One that satisfies all the palates and the health requirements of our household.

  23. A quality family meal is a healthy, tasty meal that our whole family sits at the table together to eat.

  24. Healthy, fun, fresh meals instead of processed box and jar foods.

  25. Quality food is fresh, minimally processed, and tastes good.

  26. I love fish tacos and these looks absolutely amazing! Can’t wait to give them a try.

  27. A quality meal to me can be simple but has to have the freshest ingredients 🙂

  28. A quality meal to me is nutritional and delicious.

  29. Healthy, whole food ingredients. No artificial stuff.

  30. I can’t wait to try those fish tacos. Especially the sauce, sounds delish!

  31. A quality meal to me means using fresh seasonal ingredients and combining them to make a great salad.

  32. A quality meal is tasty, made with good ingredients, and with at least some regard for nutrition.

  33. Anything with my family happy and around the dinner table

  34. Good recipe with fresh ingredients served to happy people.

  35. Looks Scrumptious! How do you notify winners in your Giveaways? By email, I hope, Thx for the chance!

  36. A quality meal is one that everyone enjoys. Period.

  37. A good balance of protein, fat and carbs that keeps me satisfied.

  38. A quality meal to me is something that is well balanced with lots of variety and plenty of fresh fruit or vegetables. I also prefer to have locally grown, that is a part of quality to me.


  39. To me, a quality meal is good, wholesome food eaten at the table where we talk about our day.

  40. A quality meal for me is all homemade, or at least with as few chemicals as possible; and also that it was worth the time it took to make!