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Eight Years Blogging!

Eight Years Blogging!

Hey all,

I wanted to pop in here with a quick pre-Thanksgiving post to tell you all THANK YOU!!

In October, I celebrated my 8th anniversary of Lauren’s Latest! Isn’t that so crazy?!

In these past eight years, I:

had two more babies

put my husband through grad school

moved seven times across three different states and

somehow managed to post 1300+ recipes amongst the

insanity that is my life.

Whether you’re new to Lauren’s Latest or have been around since the beginning, thank you for being wonderful and positive and supportive of me and my family. We read every comment, every email, every Instagram message and appreciate it all.

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Another fun and busy week in the books!

Here’s what happened this week:

I finished all my editing and word documents for my Christmas Digital Magazine that will be ready for your eyeballs December 1! This will be a downloadable file that you would store on your computer, phone or tablet and is available for anyone living anywhere to purchase and download immediately! I’ve been working on this project since August, testing recipes and such so to get to November and have it done…I’m so thrilled with how it has turned out. 17 all new recipes that will never get posted to the blog are included with lots of cute family photos too 🙂 

Earlier in the week, I was able to attend Brooke’s 3rd grade culture celebration/ “publishing party” where they shared their new books they’ve written. Brooke did so well, and her book was hilarious as per usual, but of course I’m biased. I also had Brooke and Blake’s parent teacher conferences this past Thursday and both kids are doing well. Brooke just flies right through every grade, getting amazing reviews from every teacher. Blake’s was a little different. Apparently, he gets frustrated when he is asked to cut along certain lines or cut out paper shapes, yet when asked “what is your favorite activity at school” he says “cutting”. How’s that for confusing? So he has a little homework to practice his cutting. Haha! 

I have Blake a hair cut on Tuesday (I think it was Tuesday) and it took about 30 minutes because he kept squirming and screaming. Pretty sure the neighbors think I’m a terrible mother, based on how frequently that boy screams at the top of his lungs. When neighbors see us coming or going, they get out of our way. Haha! Probably a smart move on their part.

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Earlier this week, I was looking at a calendar and couldn’t believe my eyes. Thanksgiving is next week, ya’ll. As in this next Thursday. How time continually stands still yet goes at lightning speed is beyond me. Anyways, I’m not confident I’m making turkey and stuffing this year and through my confusion and angst, I started compiling lists to help me figure out a menu. It didn’t help and I’m still indecisive about the whole thing. But, I thought that these lists could be helpful to you! Are you looking for a new pie recipe? A new side dish? I’ve got you covered!!

And as usual, if you are going to be making one of my recipes, be sure to comment, or share online and tag me 🙂 I love seeing my little recipes pop up here and there.

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If you are a follower of mine on Instagram, you saw that yesterday Gordon and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. Holla! Can you even believe that? TEN years. Holy moly. In those ten years, we did a TON of stuff like move a bunch of times, graduate with our bachelors degrees, have three kids, buy and sell two houses, put my husband through grad school and start this wee little blog of mine. If you wanted to, you can go back and read through my archives all about our lives from the time this blog started when we had one very little Brookie cookie up until now.

So, I thought I’d write a quick post about the things I’ve learned in marriage, since I’m like an expert now. Ten years means expert, right? I thought so 😉

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