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This Week at the Brennan’s

This Week at the Brennan’s

I really like taking a few minutes at the beginning of the week to recap what has happened and all that has yet to happen. It helps my brain function a little better. Sanity is always the name of the game. Hope you like these updates as much as I do!!

Here’s what went down this week

I started off the week feeling a little better for a day and then getting sick with a second cold on my way to Indulge Conference. Incase you are unaware, I not only run this blog, but I plan a conference for a bunch of other bloggers called Indulge every year. This year we went to Austin!

The MVP award goes to my sister-in-law who drove from Oregon to watch my three kids so I could attend. She rules.

ANYWAYS, besides me feeling completely awful and having to drug myself a ton, it was a great event! Very busy for me, but great!

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We started the week as normal one, taking Brooke to her volleyball practice, the boys going to the babysitters, Blake going to preschool, grocery shopping, etc. etc.

Anyways, mid-week we got an offer on our house! We signed our contract, the buyers signed the contract and we had our closing date. I was so excited I started selling extra furniture we won’t be needing in the city. I was so surprised how fast it all went!! You put mediocre pictures onto Facebook and the crowds come running.

So off the furniture went Friday night.

Saturday morning I cleaned the house completely (for the millionth time) and had the buyers do their final walk-through. Well, long story short, they terminated our contract and walked away. Our house went back on the market Saturday afternoon.

It was a huge shock to the system to feel like we’re making huge progress only to take a big step backwards again. Obviously our home WILL sell, we know it will, but it’s just a matter of when. I’m not super upset about it going back on the market, I’m more mad that I have to continue to keep it clean! (I hate cleaning and my children are tiny little monsters who destroy all.)

So that was a bummer.

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Oh egg salad, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

You guys, happy belated Easter! How many of you have already made your egg salad sandwiches and I’m late to the party?

Well, in typical Lauren fashion, I am a wee bit late on posting this recipe, but who’s to say we can’t enjoy egg salad year round? Not this girl. I love salads of every kind, egg variety included.

Normally, I use up all my colored, hard boiled Easter eggs, regular mayo and a variety of finely diced vegetables in the egg salad I make the week after Easter. This year has been no exception, except I changed my recipe up a bit:

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Another week in the books! I feel like I’m getting used to the crazy life I currently lead. I don’t really like it, but I only need to make it ’til June! I can do it, right? Technically its 46 days. Totally do-able, right? Riiiight?

Still feeling overwhelmed with the idea of selling the house, selling all our stuff in the house, packing the rest and moving in those 46 days, but I can do hard things. Half the time I don’t believe it, but if I keep saying to over and over again, then maybe I’ll believe it?


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