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Sriracha Brown Sugar Garlic Shrimp

Sriracha Brown Sugar Garlic Shrimp **Disclaimer: I was compensated to create this recipe for Eat Shrimp and was generously provided the Q 1200 Portable Gas Grill mentioned below by Weber. All opinions expressed are completely my own, as usual My husband is still on his secluded beach vacation also known as “army training” which means all the food I’ve made these last 3 weeks has been shared amongst 1 less person. More for me! MORE FOR MEEEEEEEE! Usually, I’m good about my portion control, but ever since I hit the 16 week mark of pregnancy, it’s been like my brain has a direct link to my stomach saying “givemeallthefoodimmediately”. So I oblige and constantly have a happy tummy. It’s amazing how happy I am with a full stomach and brand new air conditioning pumping through my house. But, I digress. Today I’m sharing a sweet and spicy shrimp recipe that will blow your minds! Sriracha Brown Sugar Garlic Shrimp, you guys. It’s the most lovely, fast, flavorful appetizer or light dinner there ever was. And, you can customize the heat, sweet and garlic levels to your liking. It’s really a no-brainer kind of recipe that will actually make you addicted to these little red devils. Here’s how to make them:
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Hi Friends!

As some of you may or may not know, I HAD A BABY! He is glorious and squishy and adorable and wonderful and we are so so lucky to have him in our family. He hasn’t been here long, but we can’t imagine our lives without him! But along with baby comes that squishy tummy and thunder thighs that I am not a fan of….it happened to me with the first two pregnancies and lo and behold, here we are again.

I really don’t ever feel like myself unless I’m finding little pockets of time for meditating, eating moderately healthy and exercising regularly. And since I missed the whole new year’s resolution thing by {pregnancy} default, I was needing a little kick in the pants to get me going again. I know myself and if I don’t start now, then it’ll take me another 6 months to start! After I had Blake, I told myself “when I have the energy to exercise, then I’ll exercise” HA! That’s why it took me SO LONG to get back into shape after him because when does anyone have the energy to exercise? {I’m talking to all you Mom’s out there!!}

So, I’m trying a new approach this time to see if it can be helpful in getting a new routine down for healthy eating, exercising and meditating. I imagine I’ll be able to lose a good chunk of weight because I’m breastfeeding too, but I’m doing this to get a new routine down, hopefully gain a little energy from the small amounts of exercise I do and to be accountable for what I put into my mouth.

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Disclaimer: Hungry Jack has compensated me for creating this recipe. All opinions expressed are completely my own, as usual.  I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for lemon anything. I like chocolate fine and dandy, but I seriously LOVE lemon. Whenever I have a few lemons in my fridge, I incorporate them into just about everything! Lemon zest is particularly good in muffins, pancakes and now today I’m sharing with you a great lemon sour cream waffle! DO NOT be deceived and/or intimidated by this recipe. Yes, these look scrumptious but I assure you they are completely and totally do-able for anyone! My 6 year old could pull these off. I threw this fun Saturday breakfast together the weekend before I had my baby It was a fun little memory of having a family of four before our lives got turned upside down and I gave birth literally 5 days later. Here’s how to make them: Start by zesting two lemons. Flavor town, right here. Add the zest to your waffle batter that happens to be laced with sour cream and give it a good stir. Yum yum! I happened to use Hungry Jack’s Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix. Easy is the
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I attend Super Bowl parties for the food, not the football. I know there are football fans out there in the interwebs that read my blog {hello, friends!} that would be considered experts compared to my sports ‘expertise’ but I’ve got the food part covered.

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Dip? Check.

9 Layer Dip? Done.
Roasted Jalapeno Queso? Already in the crockpot.
Enchilada Stuffed Mushrooms? Ready to bake.
With the Super Bowl this weekend, I thought I would throw together a speedy appetizer that would blow your minds! Cream cheese logs are all the rage you guys…at least in my opinion. And I’ve been seeing them pop up on Pinterest all the time?! Not quite sure what that is about. Conspiracy? Sure.


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Hey guys!

I’m still in a bit of a babymoon slash walking-zombie-tired-daze since I had my sweet baby {eureka! he came out!!}, but wanted to post a quick and easy {and really really delicious} dinner recipe for you.

I’ve posted a lemon pasta recipe before with lots of veggies, but this time I made it more Blake friendly….read: less green things.

I also didn’t have everything I needed on hand for that recipe, so this one is a bit of a stretch/variation. It’s not too lemony, creamy with not a lot of calories {thanks to some evaporated milk} and ready in about 20 minutes. Winning!

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Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to announce the birth of our third child, Eddie!

This sweet boy was born Thursday, January 28th at 4:26am. He was 7 pounds 13 ounces and 20 3/4 inches long with a 13 1/2 inch head. Labor and delivery was a breeze compared to my last two pregnancies and believe it or not, the same doctor who delivered Blake {who I ADORE} was on call to deliver Edward. And we even delivered him in the same room as Blake too!
Here are more details of how things went down; feel free to just scroll through to see the pictures :)

So, Tuesday and Wednesday I was having contractions on and off that weren’t really getting anywhere; just more of an annoyance reminding me that I was still pregnant. I had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday afternoon where I had my membranes stripped and then reassured that my baby would, in fact, come out soon. Tuesday night I started having contractions after my husband left to pick my Mom up from the airport. That was an interesting few hours! Nothing came of it, but it was fun trying to figure out who I could call just in case this baby decided to come early.

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Here I sit, like a ticking clock.

No baby yet. My body is allegedly prepared, my house is spick and span as clean as its going to get and my bag is packed, in the car all ready to go! I literally just need a baby :) My doctor was telling me that the odds are in my favor that I’ll be having this little dude by the weekend, but I’d rather just have him now, thanks. I’m sure my impatience isn’t helping the baby get here quicker by any means, but what else am I supposed to do? Bake?

Oh yes: BAKE!

And baking is what I’ve been doing….because I obviously refuse to give birth to a skinny baby. And my 6-month aversion to sweet things has slightly subsided. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m 94% sure it’s a sign that labor will begin in the next 24 hours, right? Riiiight?

Anyways, my husband is a chocoholic and typically if I’m going to make cookies, it’s chocolate chip. But when I call the shots slash when I get wicked cravings for things, husbands be damned. Snickerdoodle cookies it is. I love chocolate, but I love non-chocolate cookies more. It’s a problem?!

At some point during my sophomore year in college {when I gained a *leetle* more than the freshman 15} I found this recipe for Snickerdoodles. Mind you, this was 10-ish years ago so of course I have no idea where this recipe came from. My bad. But since I’ve been using it, I haven’t found a snickerdoodle cookie recipe I like more than this. I’m actually shocked that I haven’t posted this recipe before today. This honestly is a fool-proof recipe that you’ll continue to come back to again and again. Slightly crispy edges with big chewy centers, these cookies are the epitome of perfection.

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Baby’s Nursery

Baby’s Nursery
Finally, I have a finished nursery! Boy oh boy was this a long time coming. We had a wall to take down, a closet to expand, walls to paint and babies to grow, but by george we got there! Hallelujah. Here’s a quick peek into the baby’s nursery. I’ll try to explain where I got what, but a lot of this was already in our house from when Blake was a baby Emerson Crib in navy from Pottery Barn. We bought this last year or maybe even the year before when Blake was still in a crib. We ended up switching him to a big boy bed sooner than we had expected though, so we stored this little gem in our garage hoping that mayyyybe there would be another baby in our future. And lo and behold, we were blessed with another Read about that story here. Our crib sheets are just from Target. I really like the jersey sheets because they just seem so cozy! Best $9 I ever spent. Changing table is from Wayfair.com. I love this table because the top part is totally removable so I can use this as a regular dresser down the road. It’s not
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Sooooo, no baby yet {but to be fair my due date isn’t for another 5 days} SO we truck along, conquer the day and forge ahead.

This time with ENCHILADAS! Yum :)

I am slowly turning into the queen of homemade-super-fast-easy-dinners-that-my-kids-will-actually-eat-because-ain’t-nobody-got-time-for-slow-cooking-anything-or-spending-longer-than-15-minutes-in-the-kitchen.

Ahh, third trimester. We meet again.

My patience and exhaustion level for cooking, cleaning and dealing with cranky children who don’t want to eat their dinner is at an all time low {….or would that be high?} and lemme tell you, I am an absolute delight to be around. Ask my poor, sick husband who had to deal with his inconsolable, large, sobbing-for-no-good-reason wife last night.

That’s the hormone level I’m at folks. A REAL treat. Logically, I know I’m being literally ridiculous. Mentally and emotionally: things cannot be controlled.


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