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French Toast Pigs in a Blanket

French Toast Pigs in a Blanket

Weekday mornings at my house are madness. Getting the little people dressed and fed, diapers changed, lunches made, oldest to the bus stop etc. etc. is not my favorite thing in the world.
Those little people of mine certainly like to forget how to put pants on. *sigh*

I was reading a blog post the other day on a fancier breakfast item {read: waffles} and the author stated that she always likes to make a big breakfast for her family, like waffles, every morning. Sounds wonderful, but that would never and could never happen at my house. We are a cold-cereal-minute-oatmeal-and-maybe-cream-of-wheat-if-I’m-feeling-fancy kind of family. I suppose I went through a pancake phase, but that was 1 1/2 years and one less kid ago. Times have changed!

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“Stay Sane” has been the motto of 2017. I’ve been a lone parent since the beginning of March and since then I’ve sold my house, sold my items in my house, packed what was left, driven across the country and settled in a new apartment….with no husband and three kids (who don’t sleep).

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Another week in the books! This week was much better than last week 🙂

Here’s what happened this week:

Gordon left Sunday again, as usual, and we kicked off the week making a list of things we/I wanted to do. So, at the top of my list was walking the Brooklyn Bridge to ride the carousel finally! (We tried to do this a few weeks ago, but the carousel was closed! NOOO!!) Since the movers finally delivered our stuff, we were able to take the double stroller and Brooke and Blake kept taking turns walking and sitting. It was a sweaty workout for me! My kids were troopers and did amazing! It was a long afternoon on the bridge and then hanging around in Brooklyn.

So, we were able to ride the carousel three times! The first time, Eddie was giving all the horses side eye, but by the last go around, he was pretty happy about it! Brooke and Blake wanted to keep riding, but I convinced them to get off and get some lemonade around the corner 🙂

That was one day this past week.

Another day, we stayed home and I did laundry and caught up on work and tried to unpack a few last boxes, though we are quickly running out of room. Our closet space is good, but I packed too much stuff! So, we’re trying to come up with creative ways to make use of our tall ceilings. I need to find some suspended shelving that I can put into our 11 foot closets.

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