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Peanut Butter Energy Bites

Peanut Butter Energy Bites

I think it’s a little ironic that I’m posting a recipe for energy bites when I have anything BUT energy these days.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking that these would actually give me magical energy to make it through the day slash somehow make my baby sleep longer than 3 hour stretches. Either way, I ain’t gots the energy to compete in my Dietbet. And this no processed sugar goal I made for myself is nearly killing me! Truth be told, I have given in a few times this week, but I blame that on lack of husband’s presence and lack of sleep.

I’m starting to understand why last time I had a baby I told myself “I’ll work out when I have the energy”.

Things are coming full circle for Lauren.


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Let’s Chat!

Let’s Chat!

Hola friends!

I am back again this week with another video, this time talking about pregnancy related allergies {whaaaat?} the book Me Before You and the best pork jerky in all the world! I know, totally random.

Incase you missed last week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0AAqBywHEo

Or the week before: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLhPv8IAQWg

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Oahu Part II

Oahu Part II

Here are the last of my Hawaii photos! You guys have no idea how hard it is for me to sit down and edit all of these photos and then decide between the thousands which ones I’m actually going to share! You’ll probably see some very very similar photos. That’s because I didn’t want to choose between them all so I didn’t! HA! These were taken on the last few days of us being in Oahu. We went to the North Shore and Pearl Harbor! It was pretty awesome and we seriously wished we had more time to enjoy. Maybe next time….without the kids. {But don’t tell them!}

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My kids are taking swimming lessons. If you follow me on snapchat [email protected]} then you will know that my kids take swimming lessons. They go everyday for 2 weeks, Monday to Friday. I really really like this schedule because then my kids don’t forget what they’ve learned nearly as easily. {Unfortunately, they are my children and forgetting everything is kinda-sorta just built into their brains….sorry kids!}

Anyways, Brooke LOVES swimming lessons and she is doing phenomenally well. I was a little worried because in times past, it took her quite a long time to move to the next level. A bunch of rowdy kids in one class makes it so hard. But this time, she is just flying right through! When she’s not swimming, she’s talking about swimming and she begs and begs us to take her to the pool or the water park so she can practice. It’s like something just clicked and her body caught up with everything in her brain that she’s learned about swimming. We are so happy and proud for Brooke because we see {and she sees!} her progress.

Blake on the other hand has zero desire to learn how to swim. It’s ridiculously hilarious. He is in the beginner class and his sweet teacher has to try and convince him to participate. He’s happiest sitting on the stairs {with only his ankles in the water!!} watching everything happen around him. He is literally oblivious to the fact that he is in a class that requires participation. And listening.

I know he is only 3, but I was hoping he’d be a little more…excited. Oh well?

He will allow the teacher to hold him, and get him wet up to his shoulders, but that’s about it. She asks him to blow bubbles in the water and he looks at her like “no way, lady.” He’ll do it all the time at home in his bath, but at swimming lessons? Never.

So, basically, we aren’t getting very far in a hurry.

It’s grand.

I’m so glad we spent $45 on this.

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The Pizza Friday tradition rages on.

I wasn’t going to post this recipe…as it seems with most recipes I put on Instagram.

But then I put this picture on Instagram last Friday after I made it for our Pizza Friday and everyone wanted the recipe.

I thought BBQ Chicken Pizza’s were pretty common-place {?!} but apparently not.

So, this is my *loose* recipe for BBQ Chicken pizza. I guessed at the amounts because I make this so frequently that I don’t measure. Plus, like I mentioned above, I wasn’t planning on sharing this recipe. We like a lot of toppings and that is seriously what makes this pizza so amazing.

What makes my BBQ Chicken Pizza so special:

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Let’s Chat!

Let’s Chat!

Oh hey you guys, what’s up?

I’ve wrangled my husband into one of these Let’s Chat videos because…well…it’s always more fun to have someone to talk to 🙂

More details you might want from the video:

His Favorite Home Cooked Meal: Bang Bang Chicken which is a knock off recipe from The Cheesecake Factory.

My Favorite Home Cooked Meal: Steak Skewers {from this marinade post} but honestly, my favorite dinner is always changing because I keep developing more recipes!

His Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookies!

My favorite dessert: Anything LEMON!! This was the last lemony dessert I died over.

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O’ahu, Hawaii

O’ahu, Hawaii

I can’t believe it’s taken me THIS long to edit all these photos from our Hawaiian vacation! I published the first half of our trip to Maui here a few weeks ago, but for whatever reason couldn’t get around to editing the rest of my 1200 photos!

So, these pictures are from the first few days on O’ahu. We were lucky enough to stay at The Four Seasons Resort O’ahu at Ko’Olina. Our suite was so so gorgeous and we felt completely at home there. Our children especially slept really well {except for Eddie who was a little all over the place with his sleep schedule} and loved every part of the hotel…so much so that they were complaining when we had day trips planned to other parts of the island! Ha!

I have nothing but good things to say about The Four Seasons and we really do try to stay at that hotel whenever we’re traveling. Like to Las Vegas. Or Seattle. After showing my kids these photos, they are ready to go back again!

As usual, if you want all the details of this post, scroll to my list at the bottom.

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Taco Sloppy Joes

Taco Sloppy Joes

I have a love-hate relationship with messy dinners.

I love that:

>they are really easy to throw together

>they are completely non-fussy

>my kids go crazy for them and

>generally they are really hard to screw up.

I hate that:

>they’re messy.

My table, my floors, my chairs, sometimes my walls, my kids’ clothes and my kids. All dirty in a matter of minutes.

So everyday around 5pm, it’s a battle between happy kids, dirty everything or cranky kids, clean everything.

Can you guess what I usually choose? If I gave you a tour of my house, you’d know exactly which camp I’d fall. Actually, scratch that. You don’t need a tour. Just walk in my front door. You’ll see. We are the messy house dinner people. Yippee?

Tacos are a messy dinner. Spaghetti is a messy dinner. Anything involving rice or quinoa tends to be a messy dinner. Soup also falls into this category as does {you guessed it!} Sloppy Joes!

I’ve kind of just accepted the fact that I need to do dishes and wipe down the table, the chairs and the floor after every meal.

At the end of the day, I’d rather clean up after the delicious dinner than fight my kids all the way through the meal over something they don’t want to eat.

If I’m being completely honest, at the end of the day, I’d rather eat chocolate and watch Friends and pay someone to clean up dinner but, alas, Mama gotta save for our next vacation. A girl can dream.

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