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Pregnancy Update {weeks 37+}

Pregnancy Update {weeks 37+}

Well, shalom friends.

I think it’s safe to say that this will be the last Pregnancy Update I do before I switch over to doing baby updates!! At least, I really really hope this is the last pregnancy update I will have to do before the baby comes. I keep wishing and hoping that this baby will be early, but the first two weren’t so why would this one be any different? I’m not counting on it. Here’s the latest and greatest.

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Have you guys seen the previews for the movie called the Shallows?

It’s about a girl who gets attacked by a shark and then stuck on a rock.

I saw this preview 4 times over the course of 1 1/2 days and peed my pants just about every time.

And that was just the previews.

I’m a jumpy person and totally ok with it. I also hate sharks. And spiders and snakes. But especially those sharks. Scary movies? Not my thing.

Have I ever mentioned that I go to the movies for the {obnoxiously overpriced} snacks and NOT the movie? I don’t remember the name of the last movie Gordon and I saw, but I do remember we got a medium popcorn with extra butter and a diet coke 🙂

Ah, memories.

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Why yes I just typed out that title.

“Super Mom Stir Fry”.

Who am I right now?

Just Mom. Not to be confused with Super Mom, although I like to lead you to believe that I am. In all reality, most days are filled with kids not wanting to do fill in the blank and me just trying to hold it together ’til bedtime. You may recall this Motherhood post.


Dinnertime may just be the worse part of the day. It used to by my favorite, but with no hubby home to help with the madness, I am back and forth between cooking and holding a cranky baby all the while fending off older children who are trying to snatch anything they can find in the pantry.

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Hola Friends! This week, I’m still in the process of unpacking and handling 3 kids with no husband, SO! Cranky Eddie is in this video. I know a lot of you loved seeing him last week, probably because he was all smiley, but this week…..notsomuch.

So, this week for Beauty Tuesday, I’m talking all about what I’ve been doing for losing that baby weight. I mean, I’m not doing a TON, and of course I could be doing more, but for now at this point in my mothering career, slow and steady is all I can handle. I’ve noticed that I feel good about my appearance when I exercise, even if it’s just for a few minutes. It makes a world of difference for my attitude, so I’m making this a priority these days.

Here are the basics of what I’m trying to do to reach my goals. I talked about these in the video, but here’s the rundown:

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Hi Friends!

I’m finally FINALLY getting around to posting some of my photos from our trip to Hawaii! We had such a great time, especially in Maui. Since I literally took 1000+ photos, I’ve been having a hard time narrowing them down! But here are a few that I took for the first 5 days we were on this family trip.

A little background: We left Portland on a Saturday afternoon and arrived in Maui at our hotel around 6, which is 9pm our time. After a few google searches, we decided to stay at the Sheraton Maui. After I initially posted our first Hawaiian Instagram photos, I didn’t realize how many of you have stayed at this Sheraton and gave this property glowing reviews! Like, I got emails and comments galore! So, we were thrilled to be staying in such a beautiful place, and it really was so beautiful! My kids were in heaven, as you will see.

These photos are mostly of what we did in Maui {swim, swim and swim some more}. I’ll be doing another post with a lot more food with our eating guide 🙂

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Happy Friday, friends!!

I’m confident the universe is out to get me.

My husband leaves and things just fall apart. I blame the Army, but the reality is my bad luck strikes exactly right in sync with my husband’s military trainings.

My car is acting CRAZY. The battery keeps dying and random dashboard lights keep popping up like it’s Christmas. I took it to Jiffy Lube to get a new battery and they looked at my like I was crazy. “Your battery is fine.” they said. “Your alternator looks good” they said. After a few diagnostic tests, and $0 later, they sent me on my way.

Going to Jiffy lube with 3 hungry kids for an hour is really fun, by the way. You should try it sometime.

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My love of food and cooking has always been with me, but didn’t really blossom until I went away to college and had to cook for myself. At first, I’d eat out a lot {hello freshman 15 25} but then I started copying my Mom’s recipes to have copies in my recipe box so those semesters away, I could make good food. Crepes was at the top of this list.

When I made them for the first time in my Sophomore year for myself {and by default for my roommates too} one of my roommates and best friends, Amy, insisted these were the best crepes she had ever had. She was the one who deemed these better than Paris crepes because she had just spent a semester studying abroad in Europe.

Surely she has been mistaken I thought. There is no possible way these could be better than the crepes you get is Paris. It’s PARIS.

But then I went to Paris last Fall and tried them for myself and by golly, I think she was right.

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Finally getting back to my Beauty Tuesday routine and it feels so good! I had to film this with the baby because he was being a little fussy and wouldn’t be put down {we were close to nap time!} so, enjoy my little nugget making his video debut!

Anyways, this week we are talking about scents and my favorite perfumes! If you have any perfumes that you are loving and want me to try, please please please let me know! I love finding new and delicious smells 🙂

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Edward at 4 Months

Edward at 4 Months

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 11.20.38 PM
Hey, friends! I thought I’d publish an update on the old baby-sugar before he turns 5 months! Yikes. Between Hawaii and moving, this mama is BEHIND! I promise I’ll get my act together and post more recipes this week! But in the mean time, this little guy has stolen my heart…AGAIN. Read on:


Eddie is still loving his nursing time and he still eats every 3-4 hours and seems ravenous. Hello, growth spurt. Our pediatrician said he was on the small side, weight and height-wise, but Gordon and I are not huge people, so we’re not too concerned. Blake was a little bigger at 4 months, so maybe this boy will be shorter than his brother? Who knows. But he loves to eat and stares longingly at us when we eat and tries with all his might to grab my fork. With my first two, I started giving them rice cereal at 4 months, but now the recommendation has changed to 6 months. I sort of think it’s stupid, but don’t want to throw that advice out completely, so at 5 months I’ll start with rice cereal. He will be thrilled to get his own spoonful of cereal, I’m sure of it!

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