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Pumpkin Cream Pie

Pumpkin Cream Pie

I was doing some calendaring with my husband last night trying to plan our week and I cannot believe how soon this next baby will be joining out family! Thanksgiving, Brooke’s Nutcracker performances, Christmas, my birthday, New Years, BABY!

That’s the order and we couldn’t be more excited. Slash nervous. But mostly excited!!

Still can’t agree on a name, but I think we’re down to about 5 solid boy names that we’re choosing between. Progress? Sort of. We’re slowly getting there. I’ve got 10 weeks of busy holidays and preparation to get through before I really REALLY need to worry. But hopefully we’ll figure it out before then.
In other news….PIE!

Did I mention I was on a pie kick? Well, I can’t seem to get it out of my system, so here’s another pie recipe. This time pumpkin cream pie! I am in love with easy and fast no-bake pies.

Who am I kidding though? I love all pie.

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IMPORTANT!!! {sort of}–> how many of you lovely readers would be interested in a Lauren’s Latest meet up? I always get stopped when I’m out and about with my kiddos and thought that this might be a good way to meet many of you wonderful readers 🙂 Let me know so I can plan in advance! Also: I will be traveling this year, so I can plan them for other places too! Lets meet!!


I’m trying to eat 47% more healthy than I was right after I had my baby to limit my jelly belly situation. This basically means that I have two pieces of pie instead of three and a half and I throw in the occasional low carb meal into our dinner rotation. Though, are short ribs considered to be “healthy” even though they are quite indulgent?

Don’t answer that.

UGH. FOOD. You’re such a pain in my side love handles.

When I wrote this post about losing the baby weight, I was super gung-ho about it but things are fading fast and I’m losing steam. This typically happens when I’m sick and tired.

Sick = coughing, sore throat, nasal drip, etc. etc.

Tired = I have three kids and one is an infant.

It’s a vicious combination, really.

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These two older kiddos of mine are quite the characters. Between the silliness they’ve inherited from their Dad and their incredible intellect from me {HA! not.}, we are pleasantly surprised by what they tell us every single day. So here lies the first of probably many Brooke and Blakeisms posts. Our children are the light of our lives and I suspect that this post will be one of the ones I cherish the most.

Enjoy! Have a great day!

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Remember the sick kiddos I was talking about in the lemon sour cream cookies post? Well, mama ain’t immune to the colds and fevers they have so I’m starting to get sick too. LUCKY ME. I’m trying to stave it away {zinc, echinacea, vitamin C, the usuals}, but my efforts are failing. Come on body! Don’t fail me now!

Most jobs get sick days, but lets be honest. This household doesn’t function if I don’t make it function, so there is no rest for the weary. Actually, correction: no rest for the weary mother. So that is where we lie. Business as usual ’round these parts which means Pizza Fridays! I started making pizza on Fridays a tradition because my kids kept having heart attacks every other day of the week when we weren’t having pizza. This way, I can just refer them to/blame the calendar when we’re not having pizza. Its made the complaints go way down and my overall sanity level go up about 14 points. Always a good thing.

This is the pizza I made a few weeks ago and I had no intention of sharing it on the blog. But then I tasted it and changed my mind. Brown butter alfredo on a pizza is the freakin’ bomb dot com. And suuuuper healthy incase you’re wondering. Not.

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Sick kids are the worst. Snotty noses and fevers galore over at my house. The girls {Brooke and I} are magically immune to this nonsense. The boys? Notsomuch.

Poor Blake started it all with his stuffy nose and spiking fevers. {I blame the kids at the gym daycare. Actually, I just blame the gym. And possibly the treadmill. And the teacher that teaches total body conditioning.}

Then the second day we were in California, this glorious virus made its way to my sweet baby. Cue all the curse words.

THEN Gordon decided to work out yesterday and suddenly can’t bend over, lift his arms to any degree, squat, sit, crouch, etc. etc. because of said work out. Obviously, he’s not sick like my sons, but he sure is acting like it. Watch the first 10 seconds of this as a reference to understand the scope of what I’m dealing with.

My complaints about the gym making my sons sick and my husband nearly useless may or may not have to do with my vendetta against exercise. But, I digress.

Anyways, my little boys are having trouble sleeping, Eddie still has trouble nursing from time to time because he can’t breathe and his fever, though not super high, is still there which means his little body is trying to fight off whatever this is and I get to stay on top of his medicines.

I feel like Blake has turned a corner and is definitely on the mend, but Ed is still in the thick of it.

Gordon? It’s not looking good.

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This post is sponsored by Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter.

This past weekend, my little family and I had the opportunity to travel down to California to visit the Redwood National Park. Sometimes we get the hankering to get the heck outta town and hit the road. Since we live in Oregon and have been to every National Park in this beautiful state, we decided to head even further south to the Redwoods. We have always wanted to take our children here and we finally had the opportunity to make it happen.

YOU GUYS. You hear about the Redwoods and you see pictures but holy cow, these trees are HUGE. Like, the park rangers totally weren’t kidding.

We arrived late Friday night, so we rested up and got a nice early start Saturday morning, thanks to my children’s internal clocks waking them up and therefore all of us up at 6am. Ew. So we grabbed a little breakfast and headed over to the visitor’s center to pick up all the maps they had {hello no cell service}. We set out with a very loose plan and hoped for the best. The best adventures and memories are made when there are no strict plans! As we found hikes and different trails to explore, the trees kept getting bigger and cooler! Take a look at these pictures I snapped.

And, as expected, the trees are bigger and more beautiful in person.

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Well, howdy friends! TGIF for sure. This has been a loooooong week. So many lose ends to take care of! So many recipes to test! So many calls to make! So many children to tend to! So little sleep to get! So many husbands to cook for! Waaaaaait. **Husband. NOT plural.

ANYWAYS, this business is my life right now so I’m not completely convinced I should even be writing a weight loss post because getting rid of the chub is quite the slow process the third time around and I am clearly no expert {and I love pie} but alas, here we are.

So, before you all jump down my throat, let it be known that I’m not doing anything drastic, crazy or insane that would mess up my milk supply. I worked hard at getting that beast up and running, so I refuse to do anything that would change it in any way. Also, it’s never too early in my opinion to start eating healthier and getting more active, not that I’ve been diligent about either one these past few weeks.

I was pretty dead to the world for the first 6 weeks after I had Eddie, but after that I’ve been trying to stay on top of my weight loss as best as a working, business running, recipe developing, stay at home mother of 3 can do.

Overall, I’m slowly getting back to where I once was. I’m hoping by July I’ll be at my goal weight.

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So, I don’t typically talk much about my husband on this blog of mine. I mean, sure I’ll talk about his biceps and overall large muscle situation or how dreamy his dimples are, but beyond that I think you’re pretty much left in the dark. {Except for maybe this birthday post from last year?!}

Well, guess what folks? It’s about time you were brought into the light because he is more than just a muscle man pretty face.

Fred Meyer is Honoring Heros this month and they asked me to honor him by making one of his favorite recipes.

Fiiiiiine. If I have to….

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Well, howdy good people. Happy Monday! Today, I’m sharing with you what my life looked like for the first two months of Eddie’s life. Right here in my bed with the baby right next to me in this Halo Bassinest Luxe Bassinet. When I was in my last trimester, I knew I wanted some sort of bassinet in my room right next to me because I never had one with Brooke or Blake; just a pack n’play across the room. {We’re super cheap fancy like that.} So after a quick internet search, I decided the Halo Bassinest Luxe Bassinet was the one I wanted to get. It’s basically HALO’s newest bassinet model with all the bells and whistles. I chose this bassinet because it was adjustable {could move up or down to match the height of my bed}, it swiveled out of the way, it kept my baby close to me, yet completely separate and safe, the side of if pushed down easily for simple access to baby, and it was 100% convenient for my needs. It also had pockets for diapers and wipes which was perfect for those middle of the night diaper changes. The lights, music and breastfeeding timer
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