Jacksonville & Medford, OR {part II}

Bybee Historic Inn While we were in Jacksonville and Medford, we stayed at the cutest Bed and Breakfast called Bybee Historic Inn. When we pulled up, I thought it was the most darling place to stay. Once we got inside, we got the warmest welcome too 🙂 These ladies who run this certainly know how to make you feel like family 🙂

Bybee Historic Inn 2 We had fun exploring the grounds before we headed out for dinner. I thought this little area was cute!

porters For dinner, we headed to a restaurant in Medford called Porters. This place was once a train station! When you walk around the restaurant, you can see the gorgeous details in the radiators, the floors and the moldings. I like architecture sometimes.

Porters 4 We got seated in a booth and the cool thing is there were curtains you could close for privacy! Totally like on a train. This little one was a little unruly.

Porters 3 She eventually got sick of coloring and moved onto doing my hair. Funny girl!

photo copy 3 I didn’t think to take any pictures of our meal because I was starving, but this empty plate says it all! I had the beef tips and peppercorn gravy with a baked potato and green beans. It was so beyond incredible! I was soooooo full.

photo copy But, somehow they convinced us to get dessert, {hmm…funny how that happens!} so we all ate some cobbler. The top of this was like a cross between a snickerdoodle cookie and a biscuit. I pretty much just picked that off the fruit! LOL!

Bybee Historic Inn 1 The next morning, we were treated to breakfast on the porch at the B&B. Again, we were starving, so not a whole lot of photos here, but we were treated to the most divine havarti baked eggs! I’m working on perfecting the recipe. Seriously. We also had some roasted potatoes and these peach and ginger scones with hazelnut cream! Totally gourmet and incredibly divine!!

Bybee Historic Inn 3 We also maybe may have eaten a few of these gorgeous waffles too.

funny girl 1 This little one loved all the edible flowers on all her food!!

funny girl 2 Ahh yes. Most of the time we were pretending this was a tea party. Fancy daddy.

funny girl She is a ham 94% of the time. She also loved those waffles.

photo After we finished breakfast, we stopped by Harry and David’s to pick up a few snacks for the road and some lunch. We ended up getting sandwiches, salads, apples, asian pears {which are yummy}

photo copy 2 and a million pounds of fudge. Of course.

After our little shopping adventure, we found a picnic table between Lillie Belle Farms and Rogue Creamery to eat. We stopped by each place to sample chocolates, cheeses and other yummy goodness before continuing onto our next stop.

butte creek mill 3 Before leaving Medford, we made one last stop at Butte Creek Mill, the only active water generated flour mill west of the Mississippi. We got a tour of the whole facility and got to see that water power in action! It was so cool to watch!

butte creek mill The water system that makes everything work is in the basement and then upstairs on the main level is where all the flours and grains would be ground, weighed and packaged.

butte creek mill 2 Everything is done pretty much by hand, even filtering out the germ from the rest of the flour.

pensive As you can see, my little baker was quite interested. All very cool stuff!

After this, we hit the road again and headed to our next stop…our favorite place of the trip! And incase you missed our last stop, here it is:

Our Travel Oregon Trip

Grant’s Pass {Part I}

*Thank you Travel Oregon for sending us on this adventure!


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  1. What a fun trip you had. Medford and Jacksonville are so wonderful. I love it down there. I cant wait to read about your next stop. Great post.


  2. Your daughter is so cute! Looks like you had fun 🙂 love the pics!