Maui Maui

Hi Friends!

I’m finally FINALLY getting around to posting some of my photos from our trip to Hawaii! We had such a great time, especially in Maui. Since I literally took 1000+ photos, I’ve been having a hard time narrowing them down! But here are a few that I took for the first 5 days we were on this family trip.

A little background: We left Portland on a Saturday afternoon and arrived in Maui at our hotel around 6, which is 9pm our time. After a few google searches, we decided to stay at the Sheraton Maui. After I initially posted our first Hawaiian Instagram photos, I didn’t realize how many of you have stayed at this Sheraton and gave this property glowing reviews! Like, I got emails and comments galore! So, we were thrilled to be staying in such a beautiful place, and it really was so beautiful! My kids were in heaven, as you will see.

These photos are mostly of what we did in Maui {swim, swim and swim some more}. I’ll be doing another post with a lot more food with our eating guide 🙂

The Redwoods! {and Double Peanut Granola Bites} The Redwoods! {and Double Peanut Granola Bites}

This post is sponsored by Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter.

This past weekend, my little family and I had the opportunity to travel down to California to visit the Redwood National Park. Sometimes we get the hankering to get the heck outta town and hit the road. Since we live in Oregon and have been to every National Park in this beautiful state, we decided to head even further south to the Redwoods. We have always wanted to take our children here and we finally had the opportunity to make it happen.

YOU GUYS. You hear about the Redwoods and you see pictures but holy cow, these trees are HUGE. Like, the park rangers totally weren’t kidding.

We arrived late Friday night, so we rested up and got a nice early start Saturday morning, thanks to my children’s internal clocks waking them up and therefore all of us up at 6am. Ew. So we grabbed a little breakfast and headed over to the visitor’s center to pick up all the maps they had {hello no cell service}. We set out with a very loose plan and hoped for the best. The best adventures and memories are made when there are no strict plans! As we found hikes and different trails to explore, the trees kept getting bigger and cooler! Take a look at these pictures I snapped.

And, as expected, the trees are bigger and more beautiful in person.

More Paris!! More Paris!!

You guys, with this pregnancy brain I have, I completely forgot I have a zillion more photos to share with you from when I was in Paris this past Fall! It took me a while to get through my 1000+ photos I took {yes, I literally took over one thousand pictures!} but I powered through and made it happen. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Portland Guide: Food Carts Portland Guide: Food Carts

I’m so excited to be sharing with you all another installment of my Portland Guides today! This time I took my whole family out on the town to get some of our favorite food cart foods! There will probably end up being 1 or 2 more of these videos because Portland is KNOWN for food carts and there are close to 1000 of them in our small little city.

For this video, I picked out some of our go-to spots because we know and love them well 🙂 As I’ll explain in my descriptions of each food cart, but fyi, each one is found as a part of a grouping or ‘pod’. If you google said pods, you’ll find them {and directions!} no problem.

Favorite Foods I Ate in Paris Favorite Foods I Ate in Paris

When I went to Paris back in October with Amanda, Sommer and Stephanie, there were so many parts I loved about the city! I’ve been wanting to post all of my photos weeks ago, but was hesitant to do so, in light of what happened to that beloved city. So, this is me celebrating everything wonderful about Paris. I think its about time I shared these photos and everything I loved while visiting.

This first post is all about the amazing food I ate there! {Typical for me…I think of my stomach first 🙂 } I’ll also be talking about my favorite stops and where I stayed, so keep your eyes peeled for those posts.

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