Healthier Egg Salad Healthier Egg Salad

Oh egg salad, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

You guys, happy belated Easter! How many of you have already made your egg salad sandwiches and I’m late to the party?

Well, in typical Lauren fashion, I am a wee bit late on posting this recipe, but who’s to say we can’t enjoy egg salad year round? Not this girl. I love salads of every kind, egg variety included.

Normally, I use up all my colored, hard boiled Easter eggs, regular mayo and a variety of finely diced vegetables in the egg salad I make the week after Easter. This year has been no exception, except I changed my recipe up a bit:

Monster Wedge Salad Monster Wedge Salad
Packing Healthy Lunches for Back to School Packing Healthy Lunches for Back to School

Brooke started back at school a few weeks ago and Blake just started preschool this week and we are LOVING life! To say I love having a schedule would be an understatement. My kids and I love predictability, so having things stay the same day in and day out keeps our home running smoothly.

Part of that predictability is what can be expected for lunch. I pack Brooke’s lunch everyday and she knows exactly what she’ll be getting on the daily. Blake gets a very similar version at home before he heads off to afternoon preschool.

Here is what I pack:

Steakhouse Salad Steakhouse Salad

This morning I was doing a little spring cleaning on my website.

Oh this old thing?

Yes. I was cleaning up files and deleting things to my little heart’s content when I came across this little gem of a recipe that I made LAST YEAR and never published. I could have sworn I published it, but clearly I was wrong-o.

So let me tell you the story behind this recipe.

It is a copy-cat recipe of a salad I had at a Portland Steakhouse that I took my husband to for his 30th birthday {yes he just turned 31,why do you ask?} I needed a diversion to get him out of the house because I was planning a big surprise party for him with all our friends. {See video here. Another photo here. It was a good day.} I figured a 4 course dinner would be long enough to get my kids settled with the sitter and all our friends hidden at our house. Whilst at this dinner, I had the most amazing steak salad {and lobster mashed potatoes and chocolate cake, but I digress.}

This salad had all the ingredients I love to include in a salad. From the heirloom tomatoes to the crispy fried onions, I fell in love. So, I recreated it at home with much success.
The only thing I would do differently these days is load on the blue cheese and cook my meat a little longer. {I was a wild child last year, craving that rare steak and all.}

If you need a tutorial on cooking the perfect steak, click here. I got you covered. It’s actually one of my most popular posts.

Feel free to use that tutorial to cook your steak or use some you already have grilled on this salad. We like to grill lots of steak just so we can have lots of leftovers. We’re all about the protein these days.

Ham & Cheese Honey Mustard Pretzel Melts Ham & Cheese Honey Mustard Pretzel Melts

Since we’re moving in the very near future and going to Hawaii in the…more nearer future {?!}, my life is insanity. Meaning, it’s filled with suitcases and boxes and a cranky baby that doesn’t nap.

It’s like a dream come true. So, not a whole lot of stuff to report…or stuff that you’d want to know about. I would tell you, bur it would be a total buzz kill.

In other news, do you all want to come to my house and pack a few boxes or hold a baby that may or may not scream in your face? That would be GRAND. 😉

Anyways, my love of honey mustard rages on. I used to hate it. Now I love it. Whole story here. Try to contain your excitement while you read.

Now, perhaps I have taken this h.m. thing too seriously, but YOU GUYS–>these sandwiches are legit. They should run for president. They are soft, sweet, a little spicy from the mustard and oh so cheesy too! It’s my new favorite thing to make for lunch and my least favorite thing to work off at the gym. SO easy and SO yummy!

That Good Salad That Good Salad

Hey everyone! Gord and I are still enjoying our mini road trip slash work trip this week. We head back home to our kiddos tomorrow and couldn’t be more excited to see them. They are exhausting little rascals, but boy do they steal your heart.


This salad recipe is something I copied from my Mom’s recipe box about 12 years ago when I was heading to college. I think she got the recipe from a lady from our church?! Maybe. I don’t really remember. BUT–> it’s called “That Good Salad” because that is what everyone says when they try it. I’ve made this a handful of times and can completely attest that that is 100% true. The bowl gets cleaned and people ask me for the recipe.

Taco Cobb Salad Taco Cobb Salad

So, my Dietbet is going well….ish.

I’ve been doing great at not eating processed sugar {no sweets thus far!}, getting all my water in and doing my best eating whole, nutritionally sound foods. I’ve been struggling with getting my walks in because Portland is a rainy dark hole and my baby has been cursing me and hasn’t been sleeping well, thus making me a tired monster mother. But, slowly I’m making progress. I still have my large and in charge jelly belly, but whatever. I’m sure I’ll have a stronger opinion about it when I’m well rested and can expend the energy to use actually use my brain.

But in the meantime, I’m making relatively healthy dinners {read: lots of veggies} with the occasional Dorito thrown into the mix to keep me on track. I gave up the processed sugar, but no one said anything about four{teen thousand} Doritos. I figure a whole bag of chips on their own…not the best choice, but throw a couple on a salad? Better. It’s obviously not THEBEST choice, but I don’t care. {<--sleep deprivation:: has me not caring about a lot of things these days.} But seriously, Doritos on a taco salad? If you haven't tried it, you must. It's one of my favorite things to eat everrrrrrrr. See here and here for proof. What can I say? I have a thing for neon orange chips and I don't care who knows it.

BLT Chopped Salad with Basil Green Goddess Dressing BLT Chopped Salad with Basil Green Goddess Dressing

There’s a new craving I’ve been having these last few weeks. Nothing wonky or totally nuts or anything…just for salad! How convenient considering I’ve gained a lot of weight this pregnancy lots of people are looking for new and healthy recipes for their new years resolutions {…not that bacon and blue cheese are healthy options, but there’s KALE!}

I’m in the very last stages of this pregnancy {2 weeks left!!!} and besides feeling nauseous from time to time, I crave NOTHING. Bowls of plain cheerios with unsweetened almond milk are where it’s at these days. That and toast. And maybe a grapefruit.

I’m a simple gal, really.

Except for this last week when all I wanted was salad. I made this Falafel Salad Bowl and devoured that in no time and then used every veggie in my fridge to dip into this homemade ranch and then I made this little gem of a lunch: BLT Chopped Salad with Basil Greek Goddess Dressing. Bacon in anything is basically a slam dunk in my book, but this dressing……YOU GUYS! Just hook me up to the IV and walk away. The creamy-garlicky-basily situation happening with all the chopped goodies in the salad were making me never want to eat anything but this salad for the rest of time. If I were to marry a salad, this would be the lucky winner.

If loving salad is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I cannot put into words how much I crave this salad now and how freaking good it is besides just saying I CRAVE THIS SALAD and IT’S SO FREAKING GOOD.

Falafel Salad Bowls Falafel Salad Bowls

For a while now I’ve been a little obsessed with falafel.

I think it started when I was in my first trimester sick as a dog. Nothing could be stomached. Except maybe a few sips of orange juice and an egg white mcmuffin. And then out of the blue a falafel salad from Euro House.

With pregnancy, I’ve come to not ask questions about my weird cravings.

Anyways, I love a good falafel, especially when wrapped in fresh, warm, homemade pita {specifically from Euro House}.

This is beginning to sound like a sponsored post. I assure you the owners of Euro House have no clue who I am.

The point is, me and falafel, falafel and me, have a short lived history that is proving to be not so good for my ever expanding caboose. Some would blame pregnancy, some would blame the obscene amounts of Greek Food I consume. Either way, the winds are a changing.

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