This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

We started the week as normal one, taking Brooke to her volleyball practice, the boys going to the babysitters, Blake going to preschool, grocery shopping, etc. etc.

Anyways, mid-week we got an offer on our house! We signed our contract, the buyers signed the contract and we had our closing date. I was so excited I started selling extra furniture we won’t be needing in the city. I was so surprised how fast it all went!! You put mediocre pictures onto Facebook and the crowds come running.

So off the furniture went Friday night.

Saturday morning I cleaned the house completely (for the millionth time) and had the buyers do their final walk-through. Well, long story short, they terminated our contract and walked away. Our house went back on the market Saturday afternoon.

It was a huge shock to the system to feel like we’re making huge progress only to take a big step backwards again. Obviously our home WILL sell, we know it will, but it’s just a matter of when. I’m not super upset about it going back on the market, I’m more mad that I have to continue to keep it clean! (I hate cleaning and my children are tiny little monsters who destroy all.)

So that was a bummer.

This week at the Brennan’s This week at the Brennan’s

Another week in the books! I feel like I’m getting used to the crazy life I currently lead. I don’t really like it, but I only need to make it ’til June! I can do it, right? Technically its 46 days. Totally do-able, right? Riiiight?

Still feeling overwhelmed with the idea of selling the house, selling all our stuff in the house, packing the rest and moving in those 46 days, but I can do hard things. Half the time I don’t believe it, but if I keep saying to over and over again, then maybe I’ll believe it?


This Season of Motherhood Part III This Season of Motherhood Part III

Hello again, friends!

Since large and important things in my life have….shifted, I thought I would write another Season of Motherhood post because holy mother of pearl, I need to document this time in my life. It’s hard and difficult and stressful. And hard and difficult and stressful. Probably the most insane thing I’ve ever had to live through.

If you have read the post about us moving to NYC, then you will also know that my husband is at training for his job (meaning not home) and our home in Idaho is currently for sale:

This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

I really like taking a few minutes at the beginning of the week to recap what has happened and all that has yet to happen. It helps my brain function a little better. Sanity is always the name of the game. Hope you like these updates as much as I do!!

Here’s what went down this week

I started off the week feeling a little better for a day and then getting sick with a second cold on my way to Indulge Conference. Incase you are unaware, I not only run this blog, but I plan a conference for a bunch of other bloggers called Indulge every year. This year we went to Austin!

The MVP award goes to my sister-in-law who drove from Oregon to watch my three kids so I could attend. She rules.

ANYWAYS, besides me feeling completely awful and having to drug myself a ton, it was a great event! Very busy for me, but great!

This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

Another crazy week in the books!

I’m not sure I’ve ever felt more stressed or scatter-brained in all my life. If ever I were to have a mental breakdown at any point in my life, this would be it. Here’s the latest and greatest going on:

The sale of our house continues to roll on. Having to keep a house meticulously clean with three children so we can leave at the drop of a hat when potential buyers come to do a walk-through seriously BLOWS. I never knew I could be so on-edge when my baby is eating a soda cracker.

Spring Break for my kiddos was pretty fun and mostly uneventful. Brooke did amazing at her volleyball camp and had such a great time making new friends. She always gets so nervous leading up to it, thinking she is “so bad at volleyball”, but of course once she gets going, she realizes it’s fun and nothing to be worried about.

Eddie is getting two more teeth! And is also getting sick again…poor boy. I’ll probably take him back to the doctor, depending on how he fares over the next few days. His ears are what I’m mostly worried about. I think we’re heading towards tubes.


I’ve been posting here and there about our family, Gordon’s new job, a pending move and what has been happening….cryptically.

If you are a devoted reader (a lot of you are!!), then you will have picked up on these sentences here and there and made a comment or sent me a lovely, inquiring email. I’ve thought about if and when I would post about what is happening and finally decided today is the day! I did want to wait a little longer, but honestly, there’s no reason to drag this out. I KNOW I’m going to keep getting those emails 😉
So hold onto your hats, because here she blows:

A Trip to the Library A Trip to the Library
This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

This week was a pretty good one! Here’s what’s been going on at our place 🙂

This week:

We have been slowly packing things up and getting rid of things in preparation for our move in June. Gordon leaves in just a few hours for training for his new job (I just cannot escape the training curse!!) and the next time I see him, we will be moving into our new home on the East Coast! 87 days away….not that I’m counting or anything.

It feels a little unreal, but putting our house on the market tomorrow will probably make it all way more real! Ha! It’s a big and beautiful dream house we live in that we feel blessed to afford BUT we will be giving it up for something waaaaaaay smaller in a much busier city. We’re just setting our sights on a different dream.

Our children continue to thrive, mostly. Eddie has stopped grabbing at his ears and has started becoming a little more content (still hard to please…what else is new) but way better than before. So that’s great news.

Brooke on the other hand has been fading fast and continues to be quite the sick little girl. Wednesday afternoon, she started feeling tired with a very bad sore throat. Thursday morning, she woke up with a fever of 103! Over the last few days, it’s progressed into a bad cough and a consistently stuffy nose. On top of that, she’s pretty devastated that her Dad is leaving for 3 months. I’m right there with ya, Brooke!! I’m not sure she will be going to school very much this week.

Blake continues to bounce around and be his regular old silly self. We were going through all our toys in the playroom, packing some, getting rid of others. I made him a pile of all his toys and I told him to go through everything and pick out what he’d like to keep. He hardly kept anything!! I tried to persuade him to keep the small Batman figurine that goes with the Batmobile, but he refused. All that really will be coming with us are his hot wheels cars and large variety of construction vehicles that I don’t know the ‘proper’ names of.

This week at the Brennan’s This week at the Brennan’s

Gordon was able to go see his brother graduate from the Mayo clinic this week! He flew out to surprise him, so that was super fun for him.

Eddie is getting more and more cranky so I’m taking him to the doctor, probably tomorrow morning for a quick ear check. I think he might have another ear infection. At what point do little ones get tubes put in their ears? My little brother had tubes put into his ears. Is this a genetic thing? I have so many questions!

I thought of a brilliant idea for a streusel cake that I’m going to test…this gift of mine is evil sometimes.

I gained two pounds this week, probably from stress. And the big bag of jelly bellys I bought.
It was a sunny 60 degrees a couple of days this week and we were in heaven! Playing badminton and volleyball in the backyard and jumping on the trampoline! Eddie also loves crawling around in the grass. When we first moved in last spring, he couldn’t even crawl yet. Time is flying by!

Blake is getting really good at recognizing most letters in the alphabet and writing them out too! He also likes using a sharpie on things that you’re not supposed to use sharpies on. But generally, I’m impressed with him. He’s such a fun little guy to have around!

Eddie is getting really good at standing, not quite on his own, but leaning onto things to help him stand! It’s pretty hilarious to see him lean back onto the wall or the couch just so he can stand up and see the world! Ha! What a cutie 🙂

And finally, probably the biggest and most exciting thing that happened this week is Gordon got his official official job offer for his dream job so HOORAY and holy moly and wait a second, what does this MEAN?? Everything just got super-duper REAL! He partly can’t believe that this is actually happening and partly is super excited. He leaves for training one week from tomorrow! Yes, that’s soon.

This week at the Brennan’s This week at the Brennan’s

I’ve been so busy this week!! With Brooke getting baptized, my dad coming to town and all the in between madness of parenting and other work (read: food videos!) I’ve forgotten to post some of the recipes I have for you all! Well, never fear, friends. I gotcha covered this coming week 🙂

But in the mean time, here’s what has been going on this week!

If you can’t tell by that first photo, I somehow squeezed in the time to get my hair dyed blonde. I’m not sure if I like it. My hair had grown out so far with my natural brown that it was a big shock when the dye was rinsed out. Thoughts?

This week at the Brennan’s This week at the Brennan’s

Another week of 2017 under our belts!

Here’s what I want to remember about this week:

Gordon and I have been working on getting our little family together to do scripture time in the mornings. A wee devotional of sorts. Once our kids are all awake the first thing we do is gather in our room to read. Our first week has been a struggle for sure, but we did it!! Here’s to an easier second week. (Also, do you see how crazy Eddie’s hair is? To cut or not to cut. That is the question.)

This week at the Brennan’s This week at the Brennan’s

I almost called this post “Post Vacation Recovery” because that is what this weekend was. I’ve learned a few months ago from all of you lovely people that Vacations aren’t actually vacations; they are family trips. And family trips are a whole other different ball game than vacations (like going away on a trip where you can actually relax.)

We did a lot of laundry this week. Our house is still not in order. We’ve got clean clothes, but I don’t have time to fold them. Story of my life.

I took Eddie to the doctor this week because he was being so so terribly cranky. Turns out that poor boy has a double ear infection!! Poor little guy. But we got him good antibiotics and he’s slowly returning to his old self. (Still having trouble sleeping…’cause that is his thing…but we’re working through it all.)

Blake has also gotten some random bug on Friday. He’s just had a very high fever…and that’s it. No symptoms of anything else. Just a fever of 103. Random, but it made him tired and cranky too. We were grateful for lots of medicine this week!!

Gordie continues to wait for that job offer to come pouring in. He’s got a conditional job offer for his *dream job* and we have faith it will all work out, but dang Gina! We’ve been waiting since September! (But literally though. September.)

It’s GREAT to be Eight! It’s GREAT to be Eight!

My sweet little baby girl isn’t so little anymore!

I’m pulling out some OOOOLLLLDDDD pictures for this blog post so you can see just how incredibly cute this girl was and still is!!

Brooke Elizabeth turned 8 on the 8th of this month while we were at Disney World and had a wonderful day celebrating and giving her a little shopping spree (since we didn’t want to pack toys or any wrapped gifts to take with us to Orlando). Turned out to be *the best* thing for her!

This week at the Brennan’s This week at the Brennan’s

Hi friends!

This week, we were traveling again…this time to sunny Florida to play at Disney World and then go on a Disney Cruise! Tough life, I know.

We learned that Brooke loves roller coasters! I took her on Tower of Terror and she LOVED it. “My butt wasn’t even on the seat, Mom!”

We can live in tight quarters as long as we have a very loud noise machine! We downloaded a white noise app and it worked wonders for us!

Cruises are the bomb dot com. Especially for kids!

This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

I’m starting a new series on my blog called “This week at the Brennan’s”. Super original title, I know.

Basically, I want to start journaling so I can remember week to week the highlights of what happened. Of course, I document the fun trips we take and all the delicious recipes I make, but I want to start keeping track of the smaller, not so memorable memories. Feel free to read…or not! I love looking back to see just how big my kids have grown!!

Baby’s First Birthday! Baby’s First Birthday!

We celebrated Eddie’s first birthday this past weekend {on the 28th} and oh my heavens, it was a fun day! I can’t believe Edward is one. I mean, I can; It’s been a hard year; I’m not sure if it’s because he’s the third child or because he just came out not wanting to sleep {ever} or because we moved, or because I work a lot….or a combination of all the above. But man oh man, I’m sort of glad to be moving away from the baby stage and more towards the toddler stage. Of course I’ll miss those small pockets of time when I was cuddling a sleeping teeny tiny baby, or nursing said teeny tiny baby, but, I’m happy to look forward to the next year and see all the milestones he has yet to hit.

Even though you have been my hardest baby, Ed, you always bring a smile to my face with your funny faces, your happy demeanor, your hilarious impressions of daddy’s sounds, your willingness to eat anything and your addiction to me {even if you *still* don’t say ‘mama’ to my face}.

Here are some photos from our day celebrating with our sweet son. Be sure to scroll down to read about his 12 month baby update.

Edward at 11 months Edward at 11 months

Eddie Eddie Eddie!

This little boy is learning and growing so fast! Fun developments and adventurous eating happened these past few weeks! Can’t believe he’s almost ONE!! And please note that the photos with curly hair were taken after I got him up from a long and sweaty nap. That boy takes after his father in more than one way 😉 I LOVE THOSE CURLS!

Merry Christmas from the Brennans! Merry Christmas from the Brennans!
Eddie at 10 months Eddie at 10 months

This little nugget turned 10 months a few weeks ago {I’m a *leetle slow on this update…oops!} so here lies the latest and greatest.

Instant Pancake Mix & Cinnamon Roll Syrup Instant Pancake Mix & Cinnamon Roll Syrup
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