Lemon Basil Spaghetti Lemon Basil Spaghetti

Hey guys!

I’m still in a bit of a babymoon slash walking-zombie-tired-daze since I had my sweet baby {eureka! he came out!!}, but wanted to post a quick and easy {and really really delicious} dinner recipe for you.

I’ve posted a lemon pasta recipe before with lots of veggies, but this time I made it more Blake friendly….read: less green things.

I also didn’t have everything I needed on hand for that recipe, so this one is a bit of a stretch/variation. It’s not too lemony, creamy with not a lot of calories {thanks to some evaporated milk} and ready in about 20 minutes. Winning!

Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas with Sour Cream Green Chile Sauce Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas with Sour Cream Green Chile Sauce

Sooooo, no baby yet {but to be fair my due date isn’t for another 5 days} SO we truck along, conquer the day and forge ahead.

This time with ENCHILADAS! Yum :)

I am slowly turning into the queen of homemade-super-fast-easy-dinners-that-my-kids-will-actually-eat-because-ain’t-nobody-got-time-for-slow-cooking-anything-or-spending-longer-than-15-minutes-in-the-kitchen.

Ahh, third trimester. We meet again.

My patience and exhaustion level for cooking, cleaning and dealing with cranky children who don’t want to eat their dinner is at an all time low {….or would that be high?} and lemme tell you, I am an absolute delight to be around. Ask my poor, sick husband who had to deal with his inconsolable, large, sobbing-for-no-good-reason wife last night.

That’s the hormone level I’m at folks. A REAL treat. Logically, I know I’m being literally ridiculous. Mentally and emotionally: things cannot be controlled.


Falafel Salad Bowls Falafel Salad Bowls

For a while now I’ve been a little obsessed with falafel.

I think it started when I was in my first trimester sick as a dog. Nothing could be stomached. Except maybe a few sips of orange juice and an egg white mcmuffin. And then out of the blue a falafel salad from Euro House.

With pregnancy, I’ve come to not ask questions about my weird cravings.

Anyways, I love a good falafel, especially when wrapped in fresh, warm, homemade pita {specifically from Euro House}.

This is beginning to sound like a sponsored post. I assure you the owners of Euro House have no clue who I am.

The point is, me and falafel, falafel and me, have a short lived history that is proving to be not so good for my ever expanding caboose. Some would blame pregnancy, some would blame the obscene amounts of Greek Food I consume. Either way, the winds are a changing.

Healthier Crockpot Sloppy Joes Healthier Crockpot Sloppy Joes

Well, I don’t know about you crazy kids, but I am THRILLED to have this winter break over and done with. It was a long and unfortunate holiday {read: cranky, whiny, exhausted kids….and large, pregnant, uncomfortable self} that I am thrilled to have survived.

Yeah yeah yeah, Christmas and New Years were awesome, blah blah blah, but I hate not having a routine and my kids seriously can’t handle it either.

Oh, and did I mention we had to pay for a brand new roof too? That was a fun little $%^#$%*@ unexpected expense.

You guys. Paying thousands of dollars for things I don’t use or see daily is like the worst kind of thing to HAVE to pay for. Obviously having a functional roof over our heads is a necessity, but buying one of everything at Nordstrom is so much more fun, riiiight? Or groceries.

I seriously contemplated just selling our house so we could have avoided the whole thing all together…because that’s the logical thing to do. But then my husband reminded me that just because the previous sellers of our house screwed us over with their “new roof” shpeal doesn’t mean we were going to do that to the next homebuyers of our house {….not that we’re selling right now anyways.}

Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Meatloaf Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Meatloaf

Well, I’m almost done my Christmas shopping!

I know we’re not even to Thanksgiving yet, but I gotta stay on top of these kinds of things or else before we know it, Christmas will come and go and I’ll have a third child in my arms. 47 days until Christmas, 74 days until Gord and I become outnumbers with them kiddos.

Tis the season!

And, just so were clear, ‘almost done my Christmas shopping’ means I have every Christmas gift on my amazon wish list. All I have to do is click ‘buy’. Buuuut, my daughter is changing her Christmas list daily, so I’m waiting until something sticks and she mentions it more than once. She did say she wanted an iPhone more than once, but lets be honest: that’s never going to happen.

“But I could text you Mommy!”

“I could watch Netflix in my room, Mommy!”

“I wouldn’t have to share the iPad with Blake, Mommy!”

This girl!!! I did not expect this level of persistence from my 6 year old.

Stovetop Tuna Noodle Casserole Stovetop Tuna Noodle Casserole

Tuna casserole!! Either you love it or hate it. My little family is on the love-it-like-crazy-I-will-fight-you-for-the-leftovers side.
My kids cleared their plates and then went in for seconds! And, that basically never happens.

Add a few Ruffles chips on top and suddenly it’s the best dinner ever.

I made this quick stove-top version the other day and by george I liked it even more than the kind you bake in the oven. It’s faster, easier, and uses pretty simple ingredients. I’m talkin’ about you, frozen vegetables.

Loaded Smashed Potatoes Loaded Smashed Potatoes

Hello, friends! Happy Friday :)

Today, I’m writing this post from my in-laws house. Brooke had yesterday and today off of school because of parent teacher conferences so we decided to get the heck out of town and visit Grandma and Grandpa Brennan.

As I type, my husband and his Dad are watching an Oregon football game and I am nearly dying inside because of boredom.

I just cannot for the life of me get into football. No matter how much I try, by the second quarter I usually end up online shopping browsing Pinterest for football food.

Do these smashed loaded potatoes qualify as football food? I’d like to think so. They’re like potato skins that aren’t hollowed out but still topped with all the yummy goodies you’d typically find within a potato skin.

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