This week at the Brennan’s This week at the Brennan’s

Here we go again with another week under my belt!

Here’s what happened this week:

My kids are starting to sneak into my bed at all hours of the night and I don’t notice because (1) I’m asleep and (2) I have a king-sized bed and they enter at the opposite side. Once Gordon gets back, those kids of mine are going to be sorely disappointed. Plus, my husband is way better about sending kids back to bed. Me? Notsomuch. I’m too tired to care.
I had

Brooke scored the winning points for her team’s last volleyball game and it was the most precious and awesome thing ever!! My heart is so happy watching her play, succeed, and enjoy her own accomplishments. Her teammates were jumping up and down and giving high fives to her. It was seriously so precious 🙂 WAY TO GO BROOKE!

Yesterday at Dinner, Blake out of nowhere said “thanks for cooking dinner, mom’ with zero coaxing or bribing from me. It was literally out of nowhere. So I said “you’re welcome” and Brooke tried to one-up him and said “thanks for being awesome and cooking great food and being the best mom ever.” Well played, children. Well played.

Brooke also wanted me to open my Mother’s Day present early because I’m not going to be in town this weekend to celebrate. She gave me a framed picture of herself with a card that said she loves me so so so so so so so so much. That’s eight so’s, incase you’re one to count.

I’m starting to clear stuff out of my house and drop it off to Goodwill. It’s sort of weird to think we’ll only be bringing, like, 20 boxes of items to New York. I’ve sold most of our furniture already and some larger kitchen equipment. Now, I’m working room by room and packing, throwing out or donating everything. I even sold one of our two cars too! Things are getting real. In a month, I’ll be arriving at my parents house and Gordon will be finishing his training! NUTS.

Graham Streusel Coffee Cake Graham Streusel Coffee Cake

I’ve made it though another week!!!!! Yes, that sentence does need five exclamation point.

I’ve been a little radio silent these past few days because my children can’t get enough of their mother (read: they won’t leave me alone) and I can’t seem to stay awake long enough to write a cohesive sentence or edit a picture once they are all in bed. This solo parenting business is rough.

I thought I’d get smart and hire a babysitter to watch my kids so I could work in my office yesterday….I should have known better! Blake was banging on the doors with all sorts of questions (Does this monster truck come in blue? Did you get it from Target? Can I get a fire truck toy in New York City? Will we have a house in New York City? Are we living in Canada or New York? Can I have a yogurt?”) and Eddie would hear the sound of my voice and start whaling from across the house. So, that went on for a good 4 hours and I accomplished….nearly nothing. Well, I edited these photos in those 4 hours. That counts for something? I was hoping to post this recipe yesterday afternoon and obviously, that never happened. Sunday it is!

Monster Truck Cake Monster Truck Cake

Since I posted all about Blake’s birthday party, I’ve been getting lots of questions and emails about how I made this cake!! I was surprised because for me, this is nothing special. Super easy cake without fancy structural tricks. The glorious thing about having a boy is boy birthday cakes can look messy and you can totally get away with it!! I didn’t need any special piping bags or equipment for this cake, which I LOVE.

You can still make a lovely, delicious, nice looking finished product without having to spend money on things you’ll use once. My methods mean you don’t have to try too terribly hard to get fun finished results 🙂

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Happy Birthday Blake! Happy Birthday Blake!

On Saturday, we had a little party for Blake because he turned FOUR!!

Ever since we had his party, he’s been announcing to anyone who’ll listen “I’m not THREE, I’m FOUR!”

Brooke was feeling under the weather, so we uninvited those people we had originally invited to our small get together. (Sorry guys!!)

Here are some of the photos I snapped from our fun and sugar-filled afternoon 🙂

This week at the Brennan’s This week at the Brennan’s

I’ve lived to see another week. Thank goodness this week is over!!

Here’s what happened this week:

So, about 12 hours after I posted last weeks’ update, we got another offer on our house and we TOOK IT! Heck yes we did!! My husband kept telling me “I don’t think we’ll have to wait another month for another offer” and sure enough, he was right!!

We are closing on the same date as before with our first offer and have already had our inspection. Now t’s just a waiting game to close. Fingers crossed everything goes off without a hitch. Those lucky buyers are getting one gorgeous house.

Thank you for all your well wishes on that last post! You are always so supportive and loving and wonderful! Our readers are the best in the world.

Also this week, Eddie had some sort of virus that gave him a really high fever!! Monday and Tuesday he was so miserable. He was waking up so frequently at night and would just wimper and cry. Tuesday night, around 3 am, his fever was at 105! I have never seen anyone have a fever so high. I was really scared he was going to have a seizure, so immediately I gave him more medicine and had him in a lukewarm bath. Just by doing that, 20 minutes later, he went down to 101. Then I got him back into pajamaas, rocked him with a cool washcloth on his head, gave him a bottle and he went right back to sleep. By the time Wednesday morning rolled around, he was back to him normal self. Crazy fluke devil virus.

Brown Butter Alfredo Baked Ravioli Brown Butter Alfredo Baked Ravioli

My days are getting all mixed up! Between the move and the box packing and the cleaning and the sick kids (yes, my kids are sick again because the universe likes to play cruel jokes on me) and the waking up 6 times in the night because of the sick kids, I thought I was posting this recipe on Friday because that’s usually when I post new recipes. BUT, here we are on Saturday morning.

Just when I think I have my life together, surprise!! I definitely do not.

Also, yesterday I was so tired/out of it/delirious that I forgot to buy tape to wrap Blake’s birthday presents. It was written on my list and I still forgot. So I sat down to wrap them last night and could not find scotch tape I didn’t buy anywhere. Thankfully, I have two huge rolls of packing tape that worked great 😉

So the gifts got wrapped and he’ll never be able to open them. Score.

Simple Chili Simple Chili
This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

We started the week as normal one, taking Brooke to her volleyball practice, the boys going to the babysitters, Blake going to preschool, grocery shopping, etc. etc.

Anyways, mid-week we got an offer on our house! We signed our contract, the buyers signed the contract and we had our closing date. I was so excited I started selling extra furniture we won’t be needing in the city. I was so surprised how fast it all went!! You put mediocre pictures onto Facebook and the crowds come running.

So off the furniture went Friday night.

Saturday morning I cleaned the house completely (for the millionth time) and had the buyers do their final walk-through. Well, long story short, they terminated our contract and walked away. Our house went back on the market Saturday afternoon.

It was a huge shock to the system to feel like we’re making huge progress only to take a big step backwards again. Obviously our home WILL sell, we know it will, but it’s just a matter of when. I’m not super upset about it going back on the market, I’m more mad that I have to continue to keep it clean! (I hate cleaning and my children are tiny little monsters who destroy all.)

So that was a bummer.

1-Hour Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls 1-Hour Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls