A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to attend a Disney Event in Orlando because I became a Disney Social Media Mom this year. WHAAAAAAAT?

Anyways, these are the photos from that trip. We were able to spend a few days at Disney World and then go on a Disney Cruise to Castaway Cay! It was amazing to escape the freezing cold winter weather and warm up in sunny Florida. Plus that humidity worked wonders on Eddie’s hair! That kid just kills me with cuteness. Read through our experiences or just scroll to the bottom for my recommendations, as usual 🙂

This week at the Brennan’s This week at the Brennan’s

I’ve been so busy this week!! With Brooke getting baptized, my dad coming to town and all the in between madness of parenting and other work (read: food videos!) I’ve forgotten to post some of the recipes I have for you all! Well, never fear, friends. I gotcha covered this coming week 🙂

But in the mean time, here’s what has been going on this week!

If you can’t tell by that first photo, I somehow squeezed in the time to get my hair dyed blonde. I’m not sure if I like it. My hair had grown out so far with my natural brown that it was a big shock when the dye was rinsed out. Thoughts?

Superfood Kale Salad Superfood Kale Salad

A few nights ago, Brooke couldn’t sleep. Allegedly.

She always comes up with excuses at bed time. It’s usually a different excuse everyday and sometimes a combination of them all:

she has a headache
she has a cough
she has a “really bad” sore throat
she’s not tired
she doesn’t want to go to bed
she didn’t get to watch enough TV that day
her bed isn’t comfortable
her blanket is annoying
her blankets aren’t warm enough
her blankets are too hot
her pillows aren’t comfortable
her pillows are too hot
her pillows are itchy
her stomach is itchy (or any other body part)
she can’t hold still
she forgot to do her homework
she doesn’t want to go to school tomorrow
she’s too excited to sleep
she’s thirsty
she’s hungry
we forgot to give her vitamins in the morning
…and the list goes on.

Honestly that girl will talk about ANYTHING to get us into conversation to avoid heading to bed. I’ve gotten so used to it that I usually reply with a “that’s too bad….go to bed.”

Of course she doesn’t like that response, but giiiirl, I love you so much that I put you to bed at 8!

This week at the Brennan’s This week at the Brennan’s

Another week of 2017 under our belts!

Here’s what I want to remember about this week:

Gordon and I have been working on getting our little family together to do scripture time in the mornings. A wee devotional of sorts. Once our kids are all awake the first thing we do is gather in our room to read. Our first week has been a struggle for sure, but we did it!! Here’s to an easier second week. (Also, do you see how crazy Eddie’s hair is? To cut or not to cut. That is the question.)

Actually Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies Actually Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am in love with these cookies.

After googling and searching and researching and testing (yum!) I’ve figured out the perfect combination of ingredients and baking methods to get super soft and chewy cookies.

I hate making and eating crispy cookies. I think they should be illegal, plus, who wants to eat those? What a waste of calories.

ANYWAYS, after a lot of trial and error, here is what I’ve discovered whilst creating super soft cookies:

Double Chocolate Silk Cream Pie {a.k.a. the pie that got me married!} Double Chocolate Silk Cream Pie {a.k.a. the pie that got me married!}
Pepperoni Ranch Chip Dip Pepperoni Ranch Chip Dip

Pepperoni Ranch Chip Dip…where do I even begin? This stuff is of the gods. I mean, you won’t win bikini contests eating this stuff but you certainly will make a lot of people happy. (Do any of you even have time for bikini contests? I’m over here like “YES, got a shower in today!”) Scroll down to get the video tutorial and printable recipe! Or keep reading:

I’m becoming a little obsessed with this song. Tori Kelly’s voice is amazing. When I was younger, I thought “I could be a famous singer…and go on Oprah!” My sweet mom was like “Oh yeah? Ok!”

She did not crush the dream for the 3 1/2 days I had it.

I had this unwavering confidence that I could become whatever I wanted. I still sort of think that way, but have become more of a realist with age.

I stay in key when I sing and can hold my own in a choir, but will never be Tori Kelly, nor do I want to be. Realist.

This week at the Brennan’s This week at the Brennan’s

I almost called this post “Post Vacation Recovery” because that is what this weekend was. I’ve learned a few months ago from all of you lovely people that Vacations aren’t actually vacations; they are family trips. And family trips are a whole other different ball game than vacations (like going away on a trip where you can actually relax.)

We did a lot of laundry this week. Our house is still not in order. We’ve got clean clothes, but I don’t have time to fold them. Story of my life.

I took Eddie to the doctor this week because he was being so so terribly cranky. Turns out that poor boy has a double ear infection!! Poor little guy. But we got him good antibiotics and he’s slowly returning to his old self. (Still having trouble sleeping…’cause that is his thing…but we’re working through it all.)

Blake has also gotten some random bug on Friday. He’s just had a very high fever…and that’s it. No symptoms of anything else. Just a fever of 103. Random, but it made him tired and cranky too. We were grateful for lots of medicine this week!!

Gordie continues to wait for that job offer to come pouring in. He’s got a conditional job offer for his *dream job* and we have faith it will all work out, but dang Gina! We’ve been waiting since September! (But literally though. September.)

Apple Cheddar Chicken Salad Apple Cheddar Chicken Salad

Finally a salad recipe!!

After going to Disney World and eating everything in sight, it’s about time I got my act together and put something green in my mouth (besides lime sour patch kids).
There were a good two months where I was doing really well with my eating habits…sort of. In December, I got a bad cold then the stomach flu and then another bad cold which brought be 3 pounds below my goal weight. Then January came and so did my well-meaning resolutions. I was doing so well!

Now we’re half way through February and I’ve lost the will to cook/exercise/drink water/go to bed early/anything else on my ‘get healthier’ to do list.

Anyone else in the same boat as me? Someone out there better raise their virtual hand.

I don’t know if it’s the winter weather, my sick baby, my lack of sleep or my love of bread that has me in this funk.

Did I mention Eddie has a double ear infection? I took him to the doctor a few days ago and turns out he wasn’t being cranky because he hates me. That little guy was literally miserable. Poor baby 🙁

So, my body/eating habits are obviously not my current priority. Eddie-man is. And trying to catch up on my sleep. And eating this donut bread. (It’s addicting. Don’t make it.)

I’m not going to get on the scale again until another stomach bug hits.