Mexican Corn Salad Hot Dogs Mexican Corn Salad Hot Dogs

We are still loving New York City! We haven’t run out of things to do. I realize we have only been here about two weeks, but I take it as a good sign. Our movers still haven’t shown up with our stuff (insert all the angry emojis here…) so I’ve been forced to get creative with our dinners. Cooking without cookware isn’t easy. BUT! After a quick search on the NYC parks website, I was able to find all the parks in the city with free grills to use 🙂

So, last week we headed out on the most gorgeous summer day and cooked up some yummy hot dogs with a fresh corn salad to top. These are some of the photos I took throughout the evening. I love that wherever we go in this glorious city, the water is never too far away.

Southwest Guacamole Hummus Southwest Guacamole Hummus

This post was sponsored by USA Pulses & Pulse Canada

Two recipes in one week? WHAAATTT? My life must be not getting calmer and organized…or something like that. Ha! 

Yes, its been a while since I’ve posted more than one recipe in any given week because of this crazy move, but I am feeling up for the task! As long as there is no cooking required, I’m good.

Still no pots and pans or any word from our movers…that I’d like to murder in the night. But, I digress.

Anyways, PULSES!! Do you know what pulses are? Pulses are the delicious, protein-packed, sustainable foods known as dry peas, chickpeas, lentils and beans. They are the part of the legume family but the term ‘pulse’ only refers to the dried seed. 

You learn something new everyday, right?

Firework Dessert Dip Firework Dessert Dip
This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

Here’s what happened this week

We drove all day Monday from my parents’ place to NYC and arrived around 6:30 to our new apartment. Gordon driving in NYC is ridiculous. The lines on the road are general guidelines and honking is mandatory. Good news! You don’t need a reason to honk your horn. I’m confident 94% of the honks are just meant for red lights or at people waiting at red lights. People are stupid, basically. And I’m glad we made it though alive.

We have been trying to get settled as best we can with none of our personal belongings with us and I’m trying really hard to not jump on a plane to California to my movers’ headquarters with pitchforks and torches. GIVE ME MY STUFFFFFFFF! Technically they said the last day for our stuff to arrive is this Friday, though when I was signing the paperwork, they told me different dates. #rage

Once I actually get my stuff, the better business bureau is going to get an earful 😉 If you have any other ways to get these movers to hurry the heck up, let me know! 

Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty

Oh haaaay Lady Liberty!

Earlier in the week, we went to see the Statue of Liberty! My kids have been wanting to do this for a while (Blake mostly wanted to just go on a boat, Brooke was excited to explore the island.) So off we went to feast our eyes on this green copper beauty.

It was quite busy when we went and there were a lot of international visitors that I wasn’t expecting (how I forget that New York is *always* filled with tourists, I’ll never know…) but we were able to easily make our way around the pathway to view the front of the statue and then back to where we began again. 

Eddie loved NOT being in his stroller, so once we let him loose, he was walking all over and making friends with strangers. Again, more asian people came up to us and in their broken english commented on his curly hair and big blue eyes. Haha! Yes, he’s adorable 😉

Anyways, these are some of the photos we snapped from that visit. More details and links are at the bottom of the post.

The Best Zucchini Brownies The Best Zucchini Brownies
Parliament Hill Parliament Hill

Over the weekend before we drove to NYC, we were hanging out with my cute family and decided to take Gordon to see the Parliament Buildings (and eat ribs at Ribfest) in Downtown Ottawa. There were a lot of Vegan protesters on Parliament Hill (who were very…how should I put this…passionate about Ribfest), so I didn’t get as many photos of the actual Parliament Buildings as I’d like, but there are lots of Eddie 🙂 My younger sister took the older two on a different adventure, so that’s why they are practically non-existent in these photos.

This Week at the Brennan’s This Week at the Brennan’s

I’m typing this post out as we drive our kids down to New York City to our new apartment!! Here goes nothing 🙂

This week was so so fun!! I love my family.

Here’s what happened this week:

The beginning of the week picked up where I left off last week, with my husband and I running around New York City, trying our best to put our apartment together without our stuff from the moving company. That darn moving company is going to be the death of me. But, regardless, I was able to find a bunch of furniture for our apartment that is getting delivered this coming week, triple bunk bed included!! Things are going to get interesting. Haha!!

I was also able to go out to a few restaurants and go out to dinner effortlessly with my husband a few times. (More details below.) We probably won’t be able to do that for a while. I also met three lovely old ladies from Jersey City at Junior’s and they proceeded to tell me why it was extremely important to see Bette Midler in Hello Dolly. Haha!! It was certainly a fun conversation.

I saw Lion King on my own while Gord went into the office one afternoon. I was more mesmerized by the costumes than the actual story. The elephants and giraffes were amazing!

On Thursday, we flew back to Ottawa to pick up our kids!! Our flight was delayed about an hour and we were anxious to see them, especially Gordon. Brooke and Blake gladly fell into our arms…Eddie was another story. He was definitely happy to give me a few cuddles, but was nervous and hesitant to want anything to do with Gordon. But that lasted only a few hours. After a few hugs, kisses, tickles and wrestling matches, they were back to normal. Life is so much better with a Daddy!

Lemon Cream Puffs Lemon Cream Puffs

We have finally made it all together again as a family!!

Yesterday, Gordon and I flew from NYC back to Ottawa to get our kids from Grandma and Grandpa’s house and oh, what a great reunion that was! Brooke and Blake were thrilled to have us back and wouldn’t let go of us at the airport, especially Daddy (of course). It took Eddie a few hours to warm up to him. But now, we are all used to each other and Gordon has wrestled and read and joked and wrestled again all three of our monkeys and we are in heaven!

Of course, reality will hit us HARD once we are back in the city and settled in our new place and Gordon starts the second phase of his training but for now, we are loving life together as a family again. Oh, how I love my husband. Things are so much better when he is around. *Sigh*