Carrot Cake Pecan Cookies with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting from

I probably should have posted about these cookies right when I made them….because lets be honest. Looking at these photos makes me want to make them and eat them all over again.

They have a vegetable in them, so they’re totally healthy.

When I made them last week, they were part of my cheat meal. I ate one before lunch and then the last seventeen after. {I’m kidding, Mom. I don’t actually eat that many cookies.} I did have a few left that I was going to bring to the lovely gals at Caitlin Wilson Design, but then I started driving there and to my horror watched the cookies FALL OFF MY CAR.

Wait, you actually have to put the cookies INTO your car for them to make it there safely?

OHHHHHH YEAAAAAH. That’s the step I forgot.

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