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Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders

Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders

I was going through some photos on one of my memory cards yesterday and I came across a bunch of pictures of recipes I created back in Idaho before we moved! Whaaaat? HOW did I forget I have some extra recipes just waiting to be shared?

If you ask my kids, especially Brooke, they will all tell you their mother is forgetful. It’s no secret. When Daddy isn’t home, Mommy gets to pick up the slack and her plate is overflowing…hence the forgetfulness. Actually, who am I kidding? I was forgetful before he left. I assume its an overworked-youngish-mother-of-three thing?! Anyone else “suffering”?

I’ve heard the term mommy brain several times, but I think there’s something to it. Plus I just googled this news article saying science proves its a real thing! So, I’m self-diagnosing.

By the way, does anyone else go onto Web MD with a cough and come away with the fear of God in your heart? At least once a month I navigate away from their website thinking I have cancer, diabetes and a heart murmur.  So there’s that.

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When Gordon and I were first married, I told him I’d love to live in New York City.

“Why?” he asked puzzled.

“Because it would be so fun! But only if we were millionaires.” 

Well, we finally got our opportunity to move and we took it. (Still not millionaires but working on it 😉 )

After we moved into the city, I was so excited. What an adventure! So much to see and do! A lot of people were excited and jealous for us and we definitely did get some sarcastic “GOOD LUCK” comments. But truth be told, the excitement has mostly worn off and the reality is hitting me that I still don’t have a husband around to help, my tiny apartment still needs someone to clean it, I still have work to do and my kids still like to argue….a lot! I know there are good things happening all around me too, like Eddie transitioning into his new big boy bed so smoothly, but sometimes when you’re stuck in a rut, its extra hard to see the good. 

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What a week what a week! We were busy with my side of the family and then traveling….again. We’re certainly staying busy this summer.

Here’s what happened this week:

We started out the week in Canada with my family. Last Sunday, we drove home from camping and enjoyed sleeping in actual beds, though I had a sweet set up in my tent with just Eddie and my way better than an air mattress sleeping choice 😉 

Once we all tended to our bug bites and battle scars, we mostly just pool hopped! I wish I could have joined Brooke on a few of the many occasions she swam, but I was typically home with both boys so she could do her own thing with her cousins in the deep end.

Oh, and that brings me to another thing! Brooke was totally swimming around in the deep end with no life jacket or anything! Usually, she would never attempt anything like this even though she KNOWS how to swim…she just usually has a few hiccups between transitioning between treading water and actual swimming. But my sister was like “I thought she could swim just fine BECAUSE SHE WAS SWIMMING JUST FINE” once the group got home. So, apparently, Brooke can swim just fine in the deep end. Go Brooke! 

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Let’s start our Friday off with a bang, shall we?

Way back in June I went to the DMV to switch my Idaho license for an Oregon one….since I live in Oregon. So, off I went and to my surprise, shock and horror I had to take a written test. The lady at the counter said “don’t worry it’s easy”. Do you see where this is going? YEAH. I failed that sucker. By one lousy question.

The lady at the counter then said “you should of skipped all the questions you didn’t know! You should have used the skip button!”

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