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Beauty Tuesday Week 4–Nordstrom Personal Stylist

Beauty Tuesday Week 4–Nordstrom Personal Stylist

YOU GUYS! I did something so fun this week for Beauty Tuesday 🙂 I went to Nordstrom and got styled! It’s an absolutely FREE service that gave me one on one time with the stylist of my choice. I got so many good ideas on cute outfits, what would work well on my post-pregnant-now-nursing-body type and tried on several outfits as well. I told her I wanted to get out of my rut of not feeling cute and she was ON IT.

You can watch the video to get the whole story and more details, but I’ll try to type out all the info I can think of.

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Backyard BBQ

Backyard BBQ

A few weeks ago, my friend Jessica helped me throw a BBQ in our backyard for some friends to help celebrate Blake’s birthday slash help load our first U-haul of stuff to take to our new house in Boise! These are some of the photos from that day 🙂 Oh what fun it is to have talented friends to make your work look cuter than it actually is! {Thanks, Jess! What am I going to do without you?}

It was an overcast day {oh, Portland} and rain threatened to ruin our evening, but alas, we stayed dry.

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Since we’re moving in the very near future and going to Hawaii in the…more nearer future {?!}, my life is insanity. Meaning, it’s filled with suitcases and boxes and a cranky baby that doesn’t nap.

It’s like a dream come true. So, not a whole lot of stuff to report…or stuff that you’d want to know about. I would tell you, bur it would be a total buzz kill.

In other news, do you all want to come to my house and pack a few boxes or hold a baby that may or may not scream in your face? That would be GRAND. 😉

Anyways, my love of honey mustard rages on. I used to hate it. Now I love it. Whole story here. Try to contain your excitement while you read.

Now, perhaps I have taken this h.m. thing too seriously, but YOU GUYS–>these sandwiches are legit. They should run for president. They are soft, sweet, a little spicy from the mustard and oh so cheesy too! It’s my new favorite thing to make for lunch and my least favorite thing to work off at the gym. SO easy and SO yummy!

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Pull Apart Pizza

Pull Apart Pizza

YOU GUYS. I’ve created a monster: Pizza night Fridays.

It’s a tradition that started out of annoyance. Me being the annoyed, my kids being the annoyers. “What’s for dinner? Can we have pizza? Puh-leeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeee??????” Of course NO was the answer every single time because I test freaking recipes for a living, so generally its new stuff they try but with familiar flavors that I’m 84% sure they will eat. So, I thought I’d raise the bar and get a little smarter than my kids and make a pizza tradition for Friday nights forever more.

ANYWAYS. Can you guess what they ask me now?

“What day is it?

“It’s not Friday today?”

“When’s Friday?”

“Can we have Pizza today, even though it’s Tuesday?”

“Why can’t today just be Friday?”

“No, Mom, I just want cheese pizza. Not chicken”

Children who ask endless questions who ignore my responses are…how shall I put this…my nemesis?! The merry-go-round of questioning, particularly with my 3 year old son, is straight up ridiculous. HE HAS NO CONCEPT OF TIME. ALL HE WANTS IS PIZZA.
So, to sum up, Pizza Fridays: still reluctantly happen, but I am now bitter the whole week leading up to it because I have this conversation 5/6 remaining days that are not Friday.

I bring this whole situation up because I promised two kiddos stellar pizza on a Friday and ‘normal’ pizza wouldn’t do.

What can I make using pizza ingredients, besides an actual pizza? Pull apart pizza! Also known as the lazy Mom’s pizza. Maybe also quite possibly known as bubble pizza? I don’t fully know what bubble pizza is and I’m too tired to google it but, whatever you call it, you just cut the pizza dough into pieces instead of rolling it all out and top it like a normal pizza and bake. It’s SO much faster to make this way and super fun to eat.

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Hi Friends 🙂

I’ve been feeling under the weather {again…UGH!} so I haven’t been super diligent about getting ready and feeling awesome about my car and makeup situation. BUT! I have been paying more attention to my skin care.
Here are the products mentioned in the video:

Lavender Oil from Doterra; really helpful for stress and it just smells nice 🙂

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleanser from Amazon…currently under $10 when you have Amazon Prime! It’s seriously awesome.

Philosophy Resurface- The Microdelivery Dual Phase Peel…great for a weekly or bi-weekly skin refresher! I really like this product.

What products do you use when you’re feeling under the weather slash don’t have the energy to go all out on your hair and makeup?

Have a great day!

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We’re Moving!

We’re Moving!

That’s right, you crazy kids! Come summer, the Brennan Family will be MOVING to….wait for it….Boise, Idaho!

We’ve had to explain our reasons behind this move to lots of people who don’t understand the whys so hopefully this will give you a little insight as to WHY we are heading to Idaho of all places.
Why are you moving?

We have quite a few reasons why we felt this was the right decision for our family. The main reason was actually because of this wee little blog that has blossomed and grown into our full time jobs! Paying for this blog in a state that is really unkind {tax-wise} to small businesses was our biggest reason. We’ve done everything we could to maximize our deductions personally and for a small business with the help of our accountant. Though that has helped, this last tax season really was the last straw to break the camel’s back. Comparing how much we pay in Oregon to the four other states we were thinking of moving to, it was literally painful to do a few quick calculations to see how much money we could have saved if we lived there instead of here. We’re talking thousands, people. Do you know how many outfits I could buy with that?

Another big reason to move was to get all the sweat equity out of our small 1400 square foot home that we’ve put into it over the last 3+ years of living here. With the housing market going CRAZY in Portland, we’d be foolish not to. Crunching a few numbers and selling our house meant that we could pay off ALL of our debts, get my husband a newer car {he was driving a janky, rusty old honda!} and have more money in the bank for retirement and stock up our emergency fund. Another pragmatic reason to leave.
I suppose another reason could be it just felt right. We love Oregon and it kills us to leave some of our wonderful friends that we’ve made here, but we felt it was time to move on, get a bigger home {one that we wouldn’t have to move out of for a long long time} and make the switch now, before Brooke got older, into those higher school grades.

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Once upon a time in a land far far away, I used to hate honey mustard.
A little bit of a strange thing to hate, but whatever. Please love me anyways.

Then once upon a girls’ trip to Florida, I was stuck in the Atlanta airport for hours and hours so I ordered a salad with Italian dressing. Say it with me: ITALIAN DRESSING.

So I got my salad {which happened to come with the tastiest mini croissants in the world} and walked all the way back to my gate to thoroughly enjoy my salad with, you guessed it, Italian dressing.

Well, to my shock and horror, I was given honey mustard dressing.

Surely you saw that coming.

ANYWAYS, I was too lazy tired to go back to the restaurant to exchange it for what I wanted so I ate my salad plain. Literally dry lettuce. With probably a little chicken thrown in there too. Eventually this got to be too much to handle so I gave in out of desperation and tried the honey mustard dressing.

You guys. It was good. REALLY GOOD. I was completely caught off guard.

Sweet honey mustard, where have you been all my life? Right in front of my face.

If you’re checking dates with that blog post, this whole event happened *nearly* a year ago. So, for 29 long years I’ve lived without this. I am kinda super sad about it, but at the same time so happy.

So, the moral of the story is desperation pays off.

And yes, I’m honey-mustarding all the things.

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If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that Blake turned 3 recently!! What a sweetie pie that boy is {usually…ha!} We will be doing a post all about his birthday soon, but I wanted to share this amazing amazing frosting recipe for his cake. {Scroll down to see his cake!}

YOU GUYS. Have you ever had sour cream in frosting before? It is NUTS. So so good. It adds a lovely tang and creaminess you just can’t get with any other dairy product. Plus this frosting paired with my Perfect Chocolate Cake recipe? Pure heaven.

Of course this frosting would be good on just about anything, but that’s a different story for another time.

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Hello hello again!

This week we are talking about beauty products I splurge on and ones I don’t. I never realized that I’m totally ok with spending more money on certain things versus other things.

What is worth the splurge to you? What could you care less about? Leave me a comment below 🙂

Have a beautiful Tuesday, friends.

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